Fastly Backup Gmail Emails using App Password

Here in this blog you will learn how to Backup Gmail Emails using App Password, even if Google disables the Less Secure Apps option in coming days.

Have you heard? Google has declared that Google Less Secure Apps going away on Google services from May 30th, 2022. No more third-party applications or devices that need you to log into your Google Account with only a username and password will be supported by Google.

Now you can understand, that you will no longer be capable to take backup of Gmail account data directly. Although we have suggested app passwords for some time now, there are still some clients who choose to make use of Less Secure Apps. Because it is somewhat less complicated.

Because this functionality is no longer being supported, all users are looking for a way to backup Gmail emails using the app passwords.

But they don’t know, how they will do it. don’t worry, in this write-up, we will show you the complete procedure to save Gmail emails using the app passwords using manual and professional techniques.

Reasons to Save Emails using App Password

“Hello there, recently, I just heard that Google’s option for using applications with less security won’t be available for much longer. So, I am unable to take any chances with my vital information. Also, I’d want to save my emails from Gmail on my hard drive for further security. I am conscious of the fact that I do it using the app password option in Gmail. But I’m not familiar with the procedure. I would appreciate it if you could walk me through the most secure ways to backup Gmail emails using the app password.”

“Hey, our IT firm workers send and receive emails using Gmail. We recently learned that Gmail won’t operate with third-party tools due to Google Less Secure Apps News. So, we’re moving Gmail to Outlook. We’re lost. It takes 10 to 11 days to accomplish manually. It’s too late. Please propose automatic Gmail backup without app password.”

Manual Methods to Backup Gmail Emails using App Password

First, we will generate the app password, after that, we will save the data. all the steps are given below:

Step 1: Enable 2-Step Verification

  1. Open a Gmail account on your machine.
  2. And then, press on your Gmail profile and choose the “Manage Your Google Account” option.
  3. Now select the “Security” option from the list.

    Add Mail Account option to Backup Gmail Emails using App Password

  4. After that, scroll down and press the 2-Step Verification option, and hit the “Get Started” button to backup Gmail emails using the app password.

    press on the 2-Step Verification

  5. Next, enter the password of your Gmail account.

    enter the password of your Gmail

  6. Verify yourself using your phone, and hit the “Continue” icon.

    Verify yourself using phone

  7. Now enter your mobile number and choose the “Send” icon, after receiving the code enter the code and hit the “Next” icon.

    enter the code

  8. Lastly, “Turned On” is the icon to enable the 2-Step Verification.

    enable the 2-Step Verification to Backup Gmail Emails using App Password

Step 2: Generate App Password to backup Gmail emails using the app password

  1. Now once again from the “Security” tab, select the “App Password” icon.
  2. Enter the password of your Gmail account and hit the “Next” icon.

    Enter the password of your Gmail to backup Gmail emails using app password

  3. After that, select the required data from the drop-down.

    select the required data to backup Gmail emails using app password

  4. And then, choose the required device from the appearing list.

    choose the required device

  5. Lastly, hit the generate icon and the password will appear on the screen.

    hit the generate icon to backup Gmail emails using app password

After generating the app password, now users can easily configure the Gmail account in any email client and application, users just have to add the Gmail account, and enter the app password rather than the Gmail account password. It will help you to get access to Gmail data directly into any email client.

Like users can export Gmail data to EML format and Convert Gmail emails to PDF file formats, etc.

Manual methods are free but it consumes a lot of time and wants technical knowledge, so don’t waste your time with the manual method, take the help of a third-party tool as we mentioned below to backup Gmail emails using the app password:

The Direct Solution to Save Gmail Account Emails

All in one BitRecover Gmail Email Backup Utility to Save complete data of Google mail account without any restrictions. So, users can take the backup of unlimited data of Gmail account. Also, the software has amazing and advanced features like users can save emails from all the Gmail folders including Inbox, Sent, Draft, Spam, Trash, and other customized folders. Not only this, the tool has the power to export complete data of the Gmail email clients. some of the amazing and advanced features are mentioned below:

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Why Professional Solutions Than Manual Methods?

  • Manual methods take time, while our software saves all the emails in just a few seconds.
  • Manual methods cannot save bulk data, while our tool can easily save multiple emails at one time in bulk, also the tool can save the selected data.
  • Also, manual methods require technical knowledge, while the software comes with a user-friendly interface, so there is no requirement for technical knowledge.
  • Manual ways don’t provide you with advanced filter options, and the software provides a high level of advanced filter options like file naming option to manage saved data and advanced filter to export specific data, via Date, To, From, and Subject.
  • The software allows users to save the emails into 30+ file formats and emails client including PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, PDF, HTML, DOC, CSV, vCard, Outlook, Thunderbird, Yahoo Mail, etc. While manual methods provide only 1 or 2 formats.

As you see, why BitRecover Gmail email backup solution is better than manual methods. now we will show you how it works.

How’s the Software Work?

  1. Install and run the tool on your machine.

    run the tool to backup Gmail using Thunderbird

  2. Now put the login details of the Gmail account and hit the “Login” icon.

    put the login details to Backup Gmail Emails using App Password

  3. Next, all the data will show on the software panel, choose the required data from the list.

    all the data will show

  4. After that, hit the “Select Saving Option” to select the saving option.

     select the saving option to Backup Gmail Emails using App Password

  5. Next, choose the required language option and browse the saving option.

    required language option

  6. In the end, choose the “Backup” Icon to start the process.

    Backup Icon to Backup Gmail Emails using App Password

Important Note: The software comes with the demo version for free to save 25 emails from each folder. If you want to take backup of unlimited emails and data then must purchase the pro version.

Time to Say Goodbye

Backup Gmail emails using an app password most searched query on the internet after the Google announce that the “Google Less Secure Apps” service not working. So here we described the ways to how backup Gmail emails using app passwords using manual and professional solutions. Users can download the solution for free and see how does the software works. hope you find the article helpful.