How to Export MBOX from Gmail and G Suite Accounts ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: October 23rd, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Are you a Gmail user and want to free up storage space in Gmail account? Are you looking for a manual way to export MBOX from Gmail with attachments? So, keep reading this blog. It will give you complete information to solve all your queries.

In this digital world, many users have Gmail accounts. We all know that Gmail gives many features to manage and maintain your email. But sometimes Gmail shows storage space error, they want to download Gmail folder with label. But they don’t know how to export email from Gmail as MBOX format.

Many users want to export MBOX from Gmail (Google Mail) cloud-based accounts to meet their personal and business needs. Users prefer to remove mailboxes from Gmail because Gmail stores its data on the cloud which can be accessed by providing account credentials.

Local MBOX (Mailbox) file can be easily open by using several email clients as well as free MBOX Viewer program.

Know About ~ How to Export Gmail Emails to EML in Bulk?

Our support department has recently received some queries for solving “how to export MBOX from Gmail” related queries. If you are one of them who want to export emails from Gmail accounts then you are reading a correct blog post. Before going to the main point, first, read users’ queries regarding the problem.

I am using Google’s Gmail email service for the past eight years and there are approx 20000 emails available in my Gmail account. I want to export mailbox from Google Mail to local computer for archiving them for future purposes. Please suggest me a freeware manual technique for solving my query.

– Cassandra, California

I am a business professional in a reputed Information Technology Company, here I am using Google’s G Suite email service for accessing my professional email accounts. Now my boss and senior level management are saying to create MBOX file from G Suite. I have search a solution for this on Google and I got a manual technique but it is not relevant to me because it is a lengthy and time-consuming method. I want a professional solution for solving “how to extract MBOX from G Suite” query. Please provide me instant solution.

– Gwendolyn, Phoenix

Create MBOX from Gmail or G Suite – Professional Technique

Download BitRecover Gmail Backup Software for PC from the authoritative product page and configure the setup on your Windows Machine. With this wizard you can easily move Gmail folder from one account to another account. The tool is come with free demo edition which assents to extract 25 emails each folder from Google accounts. This application has a separate option to store mailboxes in MBOX format inclusive of all email items and components.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

  1. Firstly, run suggested software and it will ask your Gmail account credentials. Please provide them. But minded your regular password will not work you need to generate Google app password and enable IMAP setting in Gmail account.Run software to export MBOX from Gmail
  2. Secondly, Select email folders from software panel, that you want to export from Gmail as MBOX format.chose Gmail folder
  3. Thirdly, choose MBOX as saving format and press Backup button to export MBOX from Gmail.MBOX as saving format
  4. The software give you advance option to backup Gmail email before deleting or storage space. Enable the advance setting and export your MBOX from Gmail by date range, from,. subject, To.filter option to export emails from Gmail to MBOX
  5. Feel free to choose your desired location to save output data. This task will be easily done in professional way.export MBOX from Gmail completely

Benefits of Professional Technique

  1. It is a fully automatic technique for saving a lot of time and efforts.
  2. It asks only Google Mail account credentials to create MBOX file from Gmail.
  3. Users can extract MBOX files from several cloud-based email services i.e. Yahoo Mail, Office 365, etc.
  4. Users can Export emails from Gmail as MBOX format to Thunderbird easily.
  5. Professional technique permits to export MBOX file from Gmail via selective date to date.
  6. It has multiple email filter options for extracting specific email messages i.e. by email address or by email subject.

Again User Concern

“Hello, I am trying to export some email form my Gmail account and archive them. I have been able to get a .mbox file but now I need to be able to look at the file. Any suggestions?”

Expert Solution – After using this tool, you get MBOX file. But the question is “How to view MBOX files?”. If you are using Thunderbird then import Gmail email into Thunderbird and another option is the free MBOX Viewer tool which I have already mentioned above.

Manual Way to Export MBOX from Gmail using Google Takeout

  1. Firstly, click on this URL and login to your Gmail account.
  2. Now select Download your data option and check the Deselect all option to continue.Deselect all
  3. Check Mail option and press Next step Mail to export MBOX from Gmail
  4. From the delivery method option, choose the “Send download link via email”.select delivery method
  5. Select Zip option as file type and archive size according to your need. After that click on Create archive option.Create archive to export emails from Gmail as MBOX
  6. An archive of your Mail data is currently being prepared, so please wait. You will receive a mail when archive will be ready.take time to create MBOX file
  7. After receiving an email, click on Download archive button as shown in the respective screenshot. Thereafter, extract the file and get data in mailbox (MBOX) format.Download archive
  8. Now enter your Google Mail email address, password and press Next button to continue.
  9. After that, your downloaded data in Zipped file. Extract Zip file to get resultant folder.

Benefits & Limitations of Manual Method

  • One of the best benefit of manual method is that it can be done free of cost but it a lengthy process.
  • Manual technique takes much time to create MBOX file from Gmail account and it requires few technical knowledge also.
  • It does not provide email filter options like pro technique for exporting emails by specific date to date or specific email address.
  • It allows to export emails from Gmail in only MBOX format while professional method comes with 25+ saving formats.
  • After the manual way you will get MBOX file, now you need to import MBOX file to Thunderbird, because Thunderbird is a free desktop based company.


A lot of technical and home based users want to export MBOX from Gmail / G Suite accounts because the MBOX file is compatible with several desktop based email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora Mail, SeaMonkey, etc. Many users want to archive MBOX files for future purpose. These files are saved on local computer while Google emails are stored on a cloud. You can use above mentioned steps for creating MBOX file from Gmail accounts, both are 100% verified technique.