Refund Policy

Know complete guidelines when users can claim for refund process

BitRecover is a well-known brand, and we have been active in the market for more than 15 years, providing services to a variety of industries around the world. In the segment of data utility and email migration software solutions, we are the market leader. We value customer satisfaction, so we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all our customers. The money-back guarantee is a full refund with no fees.

We have created this policy to enable you to return products to us in appropriate circumstances.

This policy shall apply to all our customers, irrespective of their geographical location.

This policy shall apply to all orders submitted through our website or our authorized resellers.

This document does not affect any statutory rights you may have as a consumer such as rights under the Consumer Contracts.

If you have no other legal right to return a product and receive a refund or exchange, then you will nonetheless be entitled to return a product to us and receive a refund in accordance with this policy if we receive the refund request within 30 days product purchase date. To take advantage of your rights under this policy, the following criteria should be met.

Remote Session: For resolving the technical issue we recommend our users to download remote tool TeamViewer and share the TeamViewer ID and password. We have trained professionals and we do not make any changes to your computer without your consent. Our support team will be only testing the software program over the remote session, and we do not copy/transfer any data through remote.

Sample File/Test Credentials: The files/credentials sent by you will not be revealed to anyone and it will be confidential and after sending the solution, the files sent by customers will be safely disposed of. We provide Non-Disclosure Agreement for file sharing if you require.

Refund is Not Possible For The Following Circumstances

Desired Feature is Available with Other Version of the Program

On our website, we offer a demo version of our software. Before buying the license, we advise users to download the demo version from our website and try it out. A demo version is a constrained version of the top-tier license that include all the software's features. Different software licenses may have different features which we have mentioned on Buy page of the product. If you purchase a basic version of the program and the necessary feature is offered in another license version, the refund policy is not applicable. In this situation, we assist you in upgrading the license by covering the cost difference.

Non Co-Operation with the Technical Support Team

It is important that you provide detailed information about the issue you are experiencing with the software program and let the support team solve the issue. If you are not willing to contact support team or share the issue you are facing or will not let the support team to resolve the issue, we will not be able to provide refund.

Delay in License Delivery

We deliver license electronically to your registered email address within 15 minutes of successful order placement. In case of PayPal payments, license delivery may take up to 1 hour. In case the license is not delivered to your registered email address, we would recommend you connect with us through live chat or email. Electronic license delivery may fail/delay in the following circumstances:

Performance of The Software Program

Our software program has dependency on many factors like system configuration, email server configuration, data file properties etc. Hence the speed/ performance vary system to system. In case of web-based email clients, email server may have bandwidth limit for data transfer and the software program may show error message or abort the transfer or may skip email transfer. Example: Google server has bandwidth limit on daily download/upload data.


Data Recovery

In case of data recovery software programs, possibility of data recovery cannot be committed. Users need to run the demo version of the program first and the software program will show case possible recoverable files with the size of the files. Once the desired files are located, users can purchase the license to save the files in computer storage. Refund is not possible in case the recovered files are corrupted.

Mac OS Version

We have listed our Mac OS software programs listed under domain and we have linked the software programs with this domain. This domain explains features or Windows version and there may be changes in features of Mac version. We recommend our users to connect with our support team or visit to know the details of Mac version of the software program.

How to Get Refund

Once you purchase our program post running the trial version and the licensed version failed to deliver as advertised, you can connect with our support team immediately through live chat or email explaining the issue with screen shots or sample files. Our technician will analyze and try to resolve the issue with your co-operation. If our team fail to resolve the issue, we will refund the entire amount within 7 working days.

Email Support – [email protected]

Online Chat – Live Chat

We believe in customer experience, and it is our responsibility to offer you excellent service even if our product does not meet your expectations.