How to Save Gmail Emails with Attachments to Desktop Easily?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 8th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

This tutorial will teach you step by step process to download Gmail emails with attachments. Here, we will be mentioning top techniques to save all Gmail emails with attachments to hard drive along with other crucial email components.

Nowadays Gmail users are facing new problems as Google is continuously trying to provide the best security and any-spam features. Did you hear the news i.e., Google less secure apps going away? This is a current new announcement via Google.

Nowadays, Gmail is a widely used email service and most of the users have their own Gmail account. Because this became a necessity for all users as Google requires a Gmail account if someone wants to use Google’s services. Therefore, users always want to be aware of its security and how to manage Gmail data for a lifetime.

Why Users Do Not Want to Lose Gmail Attachments?

  • A Gmail account may have user’s crucial attachments that users never want to be lost i.e., Bank Statements, No Dues Certificates, Invoices, Agreements, etc.
  • Professional users receive most of the Gmail emails including attachments i.e., Product Information, Working Process, Features, Transections, etc. Therefore, they prefer to download Gmail emails with attachments to hard drive.
  • Because of the digitalization, some common documents are sent in the form of attachments i.e., Marksheets, Syllabus, Homework, Gov Issued Documents, Bills, etc.
  • Some users prefer to store soft copies of their important documents as Gmail attachments that users don’t want to lose forever.

Users’ Query on Download Gmail Emails with Attachments

I am a senior content writer and working as a freelancer for several companies. Hence, this is my daily routine task to send and receive email messages having DOC attachments. Therefore, because of high amount of Gmail attachments my Gmail storage near to full. Now, I want to backup Gmail emails to external hard drive along with attachments for future use. Thereafter, I will delete Gmail emails in bulk. Please suggest me a professional method to get them safely from Gmail mailbox.

Expert Suggestion to Save Gmail Emails with Attachments

Download Gmail Backup Wizard by BitRecover which is capable enough for taking out all Gmail emails along with attachments. This is World’s #1 software which comes with various saving options. Users can choose any saving option according to choice while downloading them to hard drive.

The software comes with a free demo version which works same as professional edition. But it permits to save the first 25 emails from each Gmail folder including attachments. Just download the freeware version and know the working process of the software to download Gmail emails with attachments.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Moreover, this software even easy to operate because of its easiest user interface. In fact, it provides you different file formats for downloading. So, you can use this tool if you ever want to save emails in different formats other than PDF.

In the below section, we are providing you top 2 methods for resolving your query. Both the methods are tested before that will help you in this task. Using below methods, you can simply save emails and attached files to computer hard drive.

How to Download Gmail Emails with Attachments – Method #1

  1. Launch the above-mentioned tool, enter Gmail account login details (Google Apps password), and press Login.
    download gmail emails with attachments
  2. Select all or required Gmail folders from the software window accordingly from which you want to download
    select folders of gmail account
  3. Choose a saving option as per your need from 30+ options.
    saving options
  4. After that, confirm default destination path or change the destination folder as per your choice.
    download gmail emails with attachments
  5. Now, click on Backup button to start saving all Gmail emails with attachments to hard drive.
    start saving
  6. Thereafter, wait for successful completion of the task, and then tap OK.
    completed procedure
  7. Lastly, the software will automatically open the destination folder. Here, you can simply access those downloaded attached files of all Gmail emails.
    output data with attachments

Note That – Before using this software, you need to enable these settings in your Gmail account.

Enable IMAP

enable imap

Create Google Apps Password

#2 Method – Use Manual Technique 

  1. Login to your Gmail account from which you are planning to take out
  2. Then, from the folder, open a Gmail email that you want to download with attachments.
    open any gmail email
  3. Thereafter, click on More (Three Dot) button as shown in the respective screenshot.
    download gmail emails with attachments
  4. Choose the Download message option to save specific Gmail email including attachments.
    download message
Note That – Using this technique, users can export Gmail emails to EML file format one by one. Therefore, it is a time-consuming method to process the entire task for bulk emails. For example – if you want to export Gmail more than hundred of emails with attachments then you will need to repeat the same process.

How Software Is Better Than Manual Method?

  • The tool is capable to download Gmail emails with attachments in bulk mode. But manual method allows to save it one-by-one so it takes much time.
  • Software permits to convert Gmail account emails into multiple standard formats i.e., PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, PDF, DOC, XLS, etc. While manual technique saves in only EML file extension.
  • This mentioned automated application offers several advanced filter options to save specific emails from Gmail mailbox along with attachments i.e., between dates, by email addresses, by subject, etc. While there is no filter option available in the manual method.
  • The tool can download all attachments from Gmail account separately. But you need to follow different manual steps to download attachments separately.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – How to save Gmail emails with attachments to desktop in bulk?

A – Use above mentioned software to download Gmail emails with attachments in bulk mode. Step by step guide is given above to perform the steps.

Q 2 – Does your software assent to maintain all types of attachments during the process?

A – Yes, you can get all the attached files having all file extensions i.e., PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, PNG, GIF, and all.

Q 3 – Can I install your software on the latest Mac OS Computer?

A – Yes, the tool is compatible with all the latest Mac OS and Windows OS-based computers. So, you can easily download it and operate it for downloading.

End for You

We have discussed dual methods to download Gmail emails with attachments. So, if you are in confusion and want to know which technique will be suitable for you. Then, download the software to save Gmail emails with attachments to hard drive. Because it will benefit you for a bulk procedure. But if you want to save only a few then go with the manual method. As manually you can perform the task repeatedly for each email.