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BitRecover Google Workspace Backup Wizard

Backup Google Workspace email data with all items into 30+ email and document formats/ desktop clients and web-based email services. All-In-One G Suite Backup Software for Windows and Mac OS Customers to export Google Workspace email to PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, XPS, DOC, RTF, HTML, etc.

  • Enable I am Admin option to backup Google Workspace data of active user accounts without password.
  • Backup G Suite emails and contacts from administrative and associated user accounts locally.
  • The tool supports Delta backup for backing up only the data that has changed since the last backup.
  • Selective Google Workspace data backup by enabling additional filters by date, subject, and email addresses.
  • 10+ file naming options for renaming resultant emails in Subject, Date, and Sender Email combinations.
  • Facility to select specific folders from software panel for selective backup for Google Workspace account.
  • Automatically generates a log report that stores information about backed up G Suite data.

Why Backup Google Workspace Data?

Read Some Situations Where Google Workspace Backup Tool Is Essential

Unforeseen Accidents

Unforeseen Accidents

Accidental data deletion is a common occurrence and can have severe consequences if not addressed promptly. An employee might accidentally delete important Google Workspace emails or files, leading to data loss that affects business continuity. Hence, the Google Workspace data backup process helps to restore deleted emails.

Security Breaches

Security Breaches

In today's digital landscape, security breaches are a real threat. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to your Google Workspace accounts, compromise sensitive information, and wreak havoc on your business. Without Google Workspace backup solutions, recovering from such breaches can be a daunting task.

Service Outages

Service Outages

While Google Workspace is a reliable service, occasional outages can happen due to maintenance or technical glitches. These outages can result in temporary data inaccessibility, highlighting the need for a Google Workspace backup solution that ensures continuous access to your critical data.

Retention Policy

Retention Policy

This is mandatory to follow data retention policies for businesses. According to government guidelines, organizations need to store employee data after resignation for a specific time. This is advisable to backup Google Workspace email data so you can deactivate specific employee email accounts and save money.

Backup Google Workspace Email Account with All Items

Google Workspace Backup Software Preserves Following Information






To/ From
To/ From

30+ Saving Options

Backup G Suite Emails in 30+ Saving Options

BitRecover G Suite Backup Software stands out as an exceptional solution for creating precise backups of your Google Workspace inbox. This versatile tool goes beyond just the inbox, allowing you to backup G Suite data from various folders like Sent, Drafts, Spam, Trash, All Mail, and more into 30+ saving options:

  • Generic Formats: PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, XPS, RTF, DOC, CSV, OLM, ZIP, and Maildir.
  • Desktop Clients: Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Zimbra, and Thunderbird.
  • Web Based Email Services: Gmail,, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Office 365, Google Workspace, IBM Verse, Amazon Workmail, IceWarp, GoDaddy Office 365, and Exchange Server.
I am Admin

Enable I am Admin Option to Backup All Google Workspace Users

G Suite backup tool for admin allows to take backup of all Google workspace users' accounts without asking credentials for all users. If you enable the "I am Admin" option, then the software asks only for admin account credentials including:

  • Email Address: Your Google Workspace Admin account’s email address.
  • Service Account ID: First create a project in Google Cloud Console, then navigate to API & Services and choose the Credentials option. Thereafter, create a service account and Unique ID (Service Account ID).
  • Certificate File: Under GWS backup choose KEYS, then select Add Key >> Create new key and select P12 for creating a key for GWS backup. After that, enable API in Google Cloud Console and Add Scopes to download the P12 file.

Click Here to learn more about Google Workspace Backup Settings.

Filter options

G Suite Backup Software Provides Filter Setting

You can apply a specific Date Range to backup Google Workspace data during the G Suite backup process. The user only needs to provide a specific date range of "From" and "To" and the G Suite Backup tool will automatically archive all the G Suite emails in that interval. This Advanced mode option enables selective backup of G suite emails between specific date ranges.

This software provides various additional filters as mentioned below:

  • Date Range: Set a specific date range.
  • From: Enter the sender's email address.
  • To: Type the receiver's email address.
  • Subject: Fill email subject.
  • Exclude Folders: Exclude specific folders from G Suite backup.
  • Has Words: Backup GWS emails having a specific folder word.
  • Exclude Attachments: Take Google Workspace backup without attachments.
Naming Options

Multiple Naming Options to Rename Resultant Emails

The G Suite backup solution comes with various file naming conversion options so that users can easily arrange the backup of Google Workspace data messages and documents in the different styles as mentioned below:

  • Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy),
  • From + Subject + Date (yyyy-mm-dd),
  • From + Subject + Date (dd-mm-yyyy),
  • Date (dd-mm-yyyy) + From + Subject,
  • Date (yyyy-mm-dd hhmm),
  • and Auto Increment.

Why Choose Google Workspace Backup Tool?

Know Some Reasons for Opting for This Updated Software

Supports Delta Backup

An updated version of BitRecover Google Workspace Backup Wizard is compatible with delta backup (incremental backup). I am admin option should be enabled to use delta backup that allows to backup of only new GWS emails, received after the first backup.

Select User Accounts

After entering GWS Admin account credentials in specific fields, the software shows a pop-up window to backup user accounts with usernames and email addresses. Thereafter, the Google Workspace admin can check all or specific GWS user accounts for backup without a password.

Backup GWS Contacts

BitRecover G Suite Backup wizard is an excellent solution that is authenticated to export Google Workspace contacts in standard vCard or CSV formats accordingly. You need to enable the I am Admin option from the software panel to backup G Suite contacts.

Settings for Outlook

If you are taking Google Workspace backup for Outlook clients, then the software offers various advance settings. You can split PST files into 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, 25 GB, and 30 GB. You can also enable or disable the Separate PST per User option according to your needs.

Batch Mode Option

The tool offers a convenient Batch Mode option. This feature allows you to perform tasks in groups or batches, streamlining the GWS backup process and enhancing efficiency. With Batch Mode, you can manage multiple backup operations simultaneously and save valuable time.

Change Language

If you are downloading Google Workspace backup for a different language Outlook, then enable the Change Language option. Thereafter, the software will create resultant folders in selective languages i.e. English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italy, and Finnish.

G Suite Backup Tool Smart Features

Have a look at the peculiar features of backup G Suite Emails in bulk

Backup GWS Locally

Backup Google Workspace Email Data Locally

G Suite service outage may lead to data loss. Keeping a local copy of your mailbox data will help you to avoid data loss situations. With this tool, you can download the full domain with files, folders, emails, documents, etc. on a local PC. Also, it is one of the fastest software to migrate a G Suite account to a personal Google account.

Single and Multiple accounts

Backup Single and Multiple Accounts at Once

This software is capable to backup single and multiple GWS accounts. Individual User: Just provide the email credentials of individual user and migrate G Suite mailbox to Gmail, computer, desktop, etc. Multiple Domain Users: For this, you need to choose a CSV file that contains the user account data information like Email ID and App Password.

Email Items

Retain Email Items & Folder Structure

BitRecover Google Workspace software preserves folder structure without manipulating email information. It also maintains all the email properties i.e. Subject, From, To, Subject, Email Address, groups, attachments, active links, embedded images, etc. throughout the backup process of G Suite emails. After saving data locally, access it using associated applications.

No Limitation

No Account & Size Limitation

There is no number of accounts and data size limitation for backing up multiple Google Workspace accounts using the G Suite Backup Tool. It is also an important feature of the software to do hassle-free processes. It saves your valuable time and effort by avoiding the same process again and again. The tool asks Google Workspace account login details to perform the procedure.

Backup Selective Folders

Backup Selective Folders from G Suite Account

While archiving the G Suite backup tool, the users can check or uncheck email folders to backup Google Workspace data to their computer. You can choose any folder from your G Suite account, such as Inbox, sent items, personal folders, Labels & sub-labels, etc. to a desired file format. The selective folder option is helpful to avoid unnecessary backup.

Destination Path

Freedom to Choose Desired Destination Path

Users can save the resultant backup at any desired location. The reason is that the G Suite backup tool offers the facility to select a destination path by clicking on the Change button. If the user is not willing to choose the destination path, then, by default it will automatically save the G Suite backup data at the desktop storage location.

Live G Suite Backup Progress

See Live G Suite Backup Progress Report

Once you proceed to backup of G Suite data after configuring all the details. It shows a proper live conversion progressive report which includes information such as Username, User ID, Items converted, folder path, saving type, etc. With the help of this Google Apps backup data utility, you can easily check the progress of G Suite data downloading.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use Software Interface

BitRecover team launched a simple-to-use Graphical User Interface software as when you start the G Suite backup tool then its welcome screen provides the complete working guide of this software to use it simply. Technical as well as non-technical users can conveniently run this Backup Google Workspace tool.

Information Not Saved

Crucial Information Not Saved in Database

BitRecover Google Workspace Backup Wizard is a completely trustworthy solution that protects your data against data loss, virus attacks, and security gaps. To connect to this tool and retrieve your data, only need your account credentials. However, this does not imply that it saves your account details in our database. We're all aware that this is your private information.

Fully Automated

Fully Automated Software

This G Suite Backup software is fully automated software that asks only for account credentials. We all know Google's less secure apps stopped working, so now we must enable IMAP access and use the app password rather than the normal password for error free backup process. If you are using the I am Admin option, then create a unique ID and certificate file to use this utility.

Google Workspace Backup Tool Additional Features

Know Extra Features to Manage GWS Email Addresses and Attachments

Extract Email Addresses

Extract G Suite Email Addresses

Google Workspace Data Backup Tool has an isolated option to extract email addresses from Google Workspace email messages. The tool detects @ sign to find and export email addresses from email body and email header.

Extract Attachments

Extract G Suite Email Attachments

Sometimes users want extract email attachments from G Suite account. Hence, our developers recently added an option to download attachments locally in actual file extensions such as PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG, PPT, etc.

Delete Attachments

Delete G Suite Email Attachments

Attachments consume much space in Google Workspace accounts due to large size. Hence, users prefer to delete email attachments in G Suite account. This feature is useful to get extra quota space without upgrading plans.

How to Backup Google Workspace Emails?

Watch Online Video and Know Steps to Backup G Suite Emails

BitRecover Google Workspace Backup Wizard Specifications

Know the minimum system requirements to backup of G Suite emails

Software Download

File Size: 25.5 MB

Version: 8.0

Trial Limitations

The G Suite mailbox backup Tool comes with a free trial edition that acquiesces to take backup of maximum of 25 emails from every folder to available file format and email servers. The Demo version of the software is the most helpful to interpret the software before purchasing the license version.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008.
  • Mac OS – 14 Sonoma, 13 Ventura, 12 Monterey, 11 Big Sur, 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, etc.
  • GWS Plans – Google Workspace Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise

Electronic Delivery

Delivery of this product is fully automated. BitRecover will send you an email with download link and activation keys once payment is confirmed. Thereafter, you can easily activate this product for completing the operations.

G Suite Backup Software Free and Licensed Edition Comparison

Know the difference between free and pro Google Workspace Backup Tool


Trial Version

Full Version

Advance filter setting

Select destination path

Batch backup mode

Selective G Suite Backup

I am Admin option

Backup GWS contacts

Backup G Suite Emails Locally

25 Emails

All Items




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Google Workspace Backup Wizard FAQs

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

  1. Download and run Google Workspace Backup Wizard.
  2. Enter GWS account credentials and Login.
  3. Select required folders and saving option.
  4. Use additional filters and browse destination.
  5. Click Backup to backup G Suite email data.

This software provides the fastest speed to backup G Suite email account, but the time depends on database size, internet speed, GWS Cloud speed, and computer performance.

A G Suite Backup tool ensures that your valuable data is protected and easily recoverable in case of accidental deletion, data loss, or security breaches.

An app password is a unique password generated within your G Suite account that allows third-party applications, like G Suite backup tool, to access your account securely. It adds an extra layer of protection and avoids the need to share your main Google account password.

Yes, using an app password is much safer. It restricts the backup tools access to only the necessary functions, reducing the risk associated with sharing your primary account password.

Client Testimonials

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