How to Export G Suite Emails to PST with Attachments?

Mark Regan | February 1st, 2021 | How to


Struggling with a helpful solution to export G Suite emails to PST files? If yes, keep reading this guide to find out:-

Q1: Top 2 ways to export G Suite mailbox to PST.
Q2: The automatic and direct solution to export G Suite to PST.
Q3: Need for exporting Google workspace email to PST files.
Q4: Answered Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never export any G Suite Workspace email to a PST file and it’s your first time, we recommend using professional software.

G Suite is a professional email address provider and an all-in-one business communication and productivity hub. It has all the powerful tools like Google Docs, Google Photos, Google Meet, Sheets, Slide, and many more.

These services can make you day-to-day task the simplest, but it also consumes a lot of space in the application.

With Business Starter and G Suite Basic, each user can get 30 GB of Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos storage space. In many cases, this is not enough. Users need to find a way to export emails from the G Suite workspace.

Now, let’s walk into the scenarios where the user needs to export G Suite emails to PST files.

One reason for exporting G Suite emails into PST files is saving data from the cloud to a desktop for offline access.

There can be some other scenarios. We have picked some user queries posted by users on different forum sites to know users’ exact needs.

“We have a team of 10 employees using G Suite workspace for daily communication. Now, we want to forward some emails from G Suite to PST files for desktop access. How do I export G Suite mailboxes to PST files for clearing my G Suite Workspace?”

Exporting G Suite mailboxes to PST is a piece of the pie with a trusted solution. But, for a manual approach, you need technical knowledge and patience.

So, choose your solution wisely.

Explained:  Top 2 Ways to Export G Suite Emails to PST with Attachments.

In this section, the user will find the top three exporting mailboxes from Google Workspace to PST files. So, let’s dive in.

#Technique1: Export All Emails from G Suite to PST files without Outlook

The manual trick is somehow a challenging task. It is why to know about the one-stop trusted solution for exporting G Suite mailboxes to PST files.

BitRecover G Suite Backup Wizard is a potential solution to migrate emails, mailboxes, folders, and more from the G Suite account to PST directly. It has a simplified and user-friendly interface. Using this software, you can export selected folders from G Suite workspace to PST.

Moreover, you can sort G Suite emails using the filter option such as date, to, from, subject for the task.

Best of all, you don’t need any external installation, including Outlook to export G Suite mailboxes to PST files.

How to Export G Suite Emails to PST File Format ?

Follow the given framework of the steps to easily export G Suite workspace mailboxes to PST files along with attachments.

Download and open the software.

Download for Windows

Enter your G Suite Workspace or account credentials such as email address and password.

Note: Check Use Batch Mode, especially for the G Suite admin console. Upload a .csv file of multiple user profile credentials and click Login.

Now, the software runs your G Suite account and list all the folders and mailboxes.

Users can select multiple mailboxes at once to export G Suite to PST file. The Saving option list chooses PST as the desired option and goes to the change button to pick a location for results.

Users can also use the File Naming option to arrange the emails in an organized manner and press the Backup button.

The process of exporting G Suite emails to PST started. Users can see a live conversion report in the software interface. Once completed, you get a message and hit the Ok button.

Check the log. text to know all details of the task. Congratulations!

#Technique2:  Steps to Export G Suite Inbox to PST files

The below tutorial helps you know how can export Inbox from G Suite workspace account to PST files. This method has the limitation of switching Sent, Draft, or any other folder from G Suite to PST.

Requirements: Active Account on G Suite and MS Outlook email platforms.

  1. Open MS Outlook (and edition) and configure G Suite by adding email address and password.
  2. G Suite account setup. Now, wait for hours to sync G Suite Inbox emails in Outlook.
  3.  The synchronization is complete. Go to “File”> “Open and Export” and select “Import/Export.”
  4.  Select “Export to a file” from the “Import and Export Wizard” box, and then click “Next.”
  5.  Choose “Outlook Data File (.Pst)”, and then click “Next.”
  6.  Select the account or mailbox folder you want to export to PST format.
  7.  Choose the desired output folder, and then click the Finish button.

At last, go to the location selected to find your PST files having G Suite emails. Export G Suite inbox to PST process done.

Answered Frequently Asked Questions

What mailbox size is acceptable when exporting G Suite to PST file?

Ans. The software has no limitations in case of mailbox size and the number of emails. User can export G Suite mailbox to PST file of any size.

How can I export G Suite old emails to PST file?

Ans. The software has an in-built function of Filter. If you check this, you have four useful options to export old emails from G Suite workspace to PST file, and they are date, subject, to, and from.

Is there any demo version of the tool for testing purposes?

Ans. Yes, the software has a free trial edition. Users can download and set it up on their windows machine. It helps to export the first 25 emails from G Suite each folder to PST with attachments.

The Conclusion

If you want to export all emails from G Suite workspace account to PST file for any reason, trust professional software for the task.

Using the top two-trick mentioned in the above blog can help you accomplish the G Suite to PST export process without any difficulty.

That’s all for this guide. For more topics like this, keep visiting BitRecover.