How to Migrate Google Workspace to iCloud Mail and Drive?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you searching for a best method on the internet to migrate Google Workspace to iCloud Mail/ Drive? If your response is yes, then you have just landed on the right webpage that explains the top 3 techniques to migrate email from Google Workspace to iCloud/ iCloud+ accounts.

When users switch from Windows OS to Mac OS then they wish to migrate G Suite to iCloud Mail/ Drive. So, if you have decided to use iCloud Plus then continue reading this writeup and get detailed instructions to migrate from Google Workspace to iCloud.

Google Workspace vs iCloud Plus

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a collection of productivity, cloud computing, and collaboration applications. Business professionals use Google Workspace to access their business email addresses (custom email addresses) in the Google Gmail interface. Google Workspace contains several applications like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs Editor, Google Meet, etc. Working professionals can choose a relevant plan according to their requirements from Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

iCloud is a cloud-based service developed by Apple Inc. iCloud allows its users to sync data across devices. iCloud contains several applications like Mail, Contact, Calendar, Photos, Notes, Backup, etc. iCloud is built in available on Apple devices. iCloud provides 5 GB of free storage space to each user, users can also upgrade to iCloud+ to get additional features with 50 GB, 200 GB, and 2 TB cloud storage.

How to Migrate G Suite to iCloud Manually?

If you use a custom email domain with iCloud Mail, then iCloud has an inbuilt option to import emails from your Google Workspace account. You can use the mentioned top 2 manual techniques to migrate Google Workspace to iCloud Mail or iCloud Drive accordingly. The first method is suitable for migrating G Suite to iCloud Mail directly, while the second method is for iCloud Drive. Let’s look at them.

Method 1: Migrate Google Workspace to iCloud Mail

  1. Login to your iCloud account.
  2. Choose Account Settings option from iCloud.
  3. Select Manage from Custom Email Domain section.
  4. Select or enter GWS email address to import emails.
  5. Scroll down and choose the Import Mail button.
  6. Follow instructions and sign in to your Google Workspace account.
  7. The Google Workspace to iCloud import process is beginning.

Method 2: Migrate from Google Workspace to iCloud Drive

  1. Sign into your Google Workspace and open Takeout.
  2. Choose the Deselect All option to uncheck all items.
    Deselect all
  3. Then, select Mail to export and click Next Step.
    Select Mail
  4. Choose the Send download link via email as a Delivery method.
    Delivery method
  5. Next, select frequency, file type, and size accordingly.
    Choose file size
  6. After that, tap on the Create Export button to continue.
    Migrate G Suite to iCloud
  7. See Google is creating a copy of selective Google Workspace data.
  8. Last, you will receive an email with a download link.
  9. Log in to your iCloud or iCloud Plus account.
    Login to iCloud
  10. Next, select the iCloud Drive and Browse option.
    iCloud Drive
  11. Click the Upload button and choose downloaded GWS emails.
  12. Press Open to upload G Suite emails to iCloud.

Manual Method Limitations

The first manual method is recommended to migrate email from Google Workspace to iCloud Mail. However, it requires technical knowledge so non-technical users may face the problem. Also, it permits to migrate Google Workspace to Apple iCloud from one account at once. Only custom domain email users can import emails in iCloud from a GWS account.

The second method permits to migrate from G Suite to iCloud Drive. So, you cannot access your emails directly. You can use imported email data to restore it in several MBOX-supported programs like Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.

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Pro Way to Migrate Email from G Suite to iCloud

BitRecover Google Workspace Migration Tool is a perfect and fully automated solution to complete this migration process. The tool is specially designed to handle all migration project-related tasks. It asks only your GWS and iCloud Mail credentials to perform.

You can also use this software to backup Google Workspace emails in multiple standard formats such as PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, etc. Also, this is compatible with Windows and Mac OS and comes with a free trial version. Just download its freeware edition and check its functionality.

IMAP Settings for iCloud Mail

  • Email Address: Type your iCloud email address
  • Password: Enter your iCloud Mail password
  • IMAP Host:
  • IMAP port: 993

How to Migrate Google Workspace to iCloud Mail?

  1. Download and run the suggested software on your computer.
    Start software
  2. Enter your GWS email address and APP Password, and click Login.
    Account credentials
  3. Select all or specific Google Workspace folders for migration.
    Select folders
  4. Use advanced filters if required to migrate selective emails.
    Filter options
  5. Choose IMAP as a saving option from the available 30+ choices.
    Choose IMAP
  6. Fill out iCloud Mail IMAP credentials including Host Name and Port No.
    iCloud IMAP credentials
  7. Click the Backup button to migrate Google Workspace to iCloud Mail.
    Migrate Google Workspace to iCloud

Note: after completing the process to migrate G Suite to iCloud Mail, log in to your iCloud account and view imported emails in the actual folder structure.

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Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Q 1: How do I move my Google Workspace to iCloud Mail?

We have discussed both manual and automated ways to migrate Google Workspace to iCloud. You can use any technique according to your choice depending on the availability of resources.

Q 2: How can I create an App Password for my GWS account?

  1. Login to your Google account and choose Security.
  2. Ensure 2 step verification should be enabled.
  3. Choose App Password, and select App and Device.
  4. Click Generate to create 16 characters APP Password.

Click here and learn the steps of creating an App Password.

Q 3: Can I migrate emails from G Suite to iCloud Mail using Takeout?

No, Google Takeout permits to upload Google Workspace emails to iCloud Drive.


Above we have disclosed the top 3 methods to migrate Google Workspace to iCloud Mail and iCloud Drives. We have used iCloud’s inbuilt option, Google Takeout, and BitRecover Software to migrate G Suite to iCloud. We have also mentioned manual method limitations. Hence, now we can assume that anyone can easily resolve this problem.