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BitRecover Google Workspace Migration Wizard

All-In-One G Suite Migration Tool to migrate Google Workspace account data between web-based and desktop-based email applications. All Windows and Mac OS users can utilize this software to migrate G Suite email to Office 365,, Gmail, Yahoo, Zoho Mail, IBM Verse, Exchange Server, Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.

  • Migrate Google Workspace data to several cloud and desktop-based emails.
  • Supports delta migration to migrate only new G Suite data since last migration.
  • I am Admin option allows to migrate all Google Workspace users at once.
  • Updated Advance filters for selective for Google Workspace email migration.
  • Facility to extract and delete email attachments from Google Workspace.
  • Select all or necessary email folders during G Suite migration process.
  • Various file naming conventions to backup Google Workspace emails locally.

Why Migrate Google Workspace Account Data?

Learn When Google Workspace Email Migration Necessary

Downgrade GWS

Downgrade Google Workspace

Sometimes working professionals want to downgrade their GWS accounts to a free plan because they cannot afford Google Workspace anymore. This software has a separate option to migrate from Google Workspace to Gmail account with all associated data.

Switch from G Suite

Switch from Google G Suite

Several business administrators want to replace Google Workspace with other email services due to cost, features, support, availability, etc. But they don’t want to lose old emails from GWS. Hence, they prefer to migrate from G Suite to Zoho, SmarterMail, etc.

Different Mail Server Setup

Different Mail Server Setup

Various IT companies want to set up their own email server for sending and receiving email messages. When this task becomes necessary due to security reasons then users prefer to migrate G Suite account data to an on-premises server in the actual folder hierarchy.

Company Merger Situations

Company Merger Situations

When a company acquires another company to merge them for future operations. Then sometimes Google Workspace data migration becomes most essential. BitRecover Google Workspace Migration Tool successfully transfers data between all cloud and desktop-based email clients.

Migrate G Suite Account Data with Attributes

Google Workspace Migration Tool Maintains These Components






To/ From
To/ From

30+ Saving Options

30+ Choices to Migrate Google Workspace Data

The Google Workspace migration tool offers several saving options to its users. You can use this software to migrate G Suite emails to a wide range of email clients and email services. It has 30+ saving choices as mentioned below:

  • Standard Formats: EML, EMLX, PST, MSG, MBOX, OLM, PDF, XPS, DOC, HTML, MHT, RTF, CSV, ZIP, and Maildir.
  • Desktop Clients: Windows Live Mail, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Zimbra, and Apple Mail.
  • Cloud Emails:, Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Google Workspace, Rediffmail, IBM Verse, Amazon WorkMail, GoDaddy Office 365, IceWarp, IMAP Server, and Exchange Server.
filter option

Google Workspace Migration Tool Has Multiple Filters

During the G Suite migration process, you can apply a filter to transfer emails by using the date range, from, to, and subject. The tool automatically migrates data from G Suite to a selective destination that lies within a specified date range. It has various filters as mentioned below:

  • Date Range: Select start and end date to migrate G Suite emails between dates.
  • From/ To: Enter sender and receiver email IDs to transfer specific user emails.
  • Subject: Type a subject to migrate GWS emails with same subject.
  • Exclude Folders: Enter unnecessary folder names to exclude them for migration.
  • Has Words: Fill specific words to migrate G Suite emails containing these words.

What Is New in G Suite Migration Tool?

Updated Benefits to Migrate Google Workspace Account Data

G Suite Delta Migration

This Google Workspace Migrate Tool now supports delta migration which is also known as incremental migration. The admin option needs to be activated in order to use the delta migration. It migrate only new GWS emails that were received after the initial migration.

Enable I am Admin Option

Google Workspace Email Migration Tool lunched the new feature called "I am Admin" that allows admin of Google Workspace accounts to migrate g suite account at once. You need to enable the I am Admin option from the software panel to migrate g suite data.

Migrate GWS All Users

Migrate Google Workspace accounts of all users by using the "I am Admin" option. The Google Workspace admin can view data migration for all or individual GWS user accounts without the need for a password. This option is useful when you want to perform a bulk migration of multiple user accounts.

Settings for Outlook PST

When using Google Workspace data migration tool for Outlook clients the software provides several "advanced settings" you can easily adjusting the PST file size with options ranging from 2 GB to 30 GB. The Separate PST per User option can be customized to meet your requirements within the GWS migration for Outlook client’s software.

Google Workspace Migrate Tool Innovative Features

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of migrating Google Workspace Data

Migrate in bulk or individually

Migrate accounts in bulk or individually in a single click

It is possible to migrate one or more GWS accounts with this software. Individual users only need to provide their email credentials to migrate g suite account. You can quickly migrate the accounts of multiple domain users by using a CSV file that contains their app passwords and email addresses.

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Software Interface

Software interface is designed to be easy for users to navigate. When you open the Google Workspace Migrate tool the welcome screen provides a comprehensive guide on how to use the software. Both technical and non-technical users can easily use this Google Workspace Migration Tool.

Migrate GWS Account

Migrate Google Workspace Account Quickly

BitRecover G Suite migration software is the leading software that can migrate data from Google Workspace applications like attachments, emails, Drive etc. It can quickly migrate all files from cloud Google Apps for business, education, and admin accounts without disrupting data.

Monitor Live Progress

Monitor Live Progress of G Suite Migration

After configuring all the required details and commencing the migration process for your G Suite data a comprehensive live conversion progress report will be displayed. This report provides essential information like the username, user ID, items converted, folder path, and saving type.

local database

Migrate Google Workspace Email Data to a local database

Data loss is a possible outcome in the scenario of a G Suite service outage. It is important to have a local copy of your mailbox data in your database to prevent such scenarios. With this tool you can easily download all of the domain's contents files, folders, emails, documents, and more to your local computer. Furthermore it's known to be among the quickest software solutions to migrate a G Suite account to a personal Google account.

Migrate Specific Folders

Migrate Specific Folders Out of Your G Suite Account

Users can choose which email folders to migrate Google Workspace data to their computer by checking or unchecking them while archiving the Google Workspace Email Migration tool. Any folder in your G Suite account, including your inbox, sent items, personal folders, labels and sub-labels, etc., can be selected and saved in the format of your choice. One useful tool to prevent needless migration is the selective folder option.

File Formats

Transfer Data into Popular File Formats

With this tool, you can migrate your Gmail email data into several file formats like PDF, Outlook PST, HTML, EML, EMLX, and many more. You can also migrate output data into webmail applications like Gmail, GoDaddy, Hotmail, and Office 365, with complete data.

Personalized Destination

Personalized Destination Path Options

The Google Workspace Migration Tool empowers users to personalize their destination path for storing the migrated data. By simply clicking on the Change button users can choose their preferred location to save the data. In situations where the user opts not to select a destination path the tool will automatically save the migrated G Suite data to the default desktop storage location.

How to Migrate Google Workspace Account?

Watch Online Video and Know Steps to Migrate G Suite Emails

BitRecover Google Workspace Migration Wizard Specifications

Know the minimum system requirements to migrate G Suite emails

Software Download

File Size: 25.5 MB

Version: 8.0

Trial Limitations

A free trial version of the G Suite mailbox migration tool lets you move up to 25 emails from each folder to different file types and email servers. If you want to know what the software can do before deciding to buy the licensed version, the Demo version is very helpful.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB RAM

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2008, and Windows OS 11 (64 bit), 10, 8, 7, and Vista (32 or 64 bit).
  • Mac OS – 14 Sonoma, 13 Ventura, 12 Monterey, 11 Big Sur, 10.15 Catalina, 10.14 Mojave, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, 10.11 El Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, etc.
  • GWS Plans – Enterprise, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Google Workspace Business Starter.

Electronic Delivery

This product is delivered entirely automatically. After payment is verified, BitRecover will email you the download link and activation keys. After that, activating this product to finish the operations is simple.

Comparison of Free and Licensed Editions of Google Workspace Migration Software

Evaluating the Differences between the Free and Licensed Editions of G Suite Migration Tool.


Trial Version

Full Version

Advance filter setting

Choose the destination path

Multiple Naming Options

Specific G Suite migration

I am Admin option

GWS contacts migration

Batch G Suite Emails Migration

25 Emails

All Items




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Google Workspace Migration Tool FAQs

User Questions: Common Inquiries and Answers

  1. Download and run Google Workspace Migration Wizard.
  2. Enter GWS account credentials and Login.
  3. Select required folders and saving option.
  4. Use additional filters and browse destination.
  5. Click Backup to migrate G Suite email data.

The filter page of the software offer date range filter, folder selection, destination selection, language selection.

Google Workspace Migrate tool supports incoming emails and migrate into same hierarchy.

The CSV file helps reduce the number of steps required when you want to migrate of multiple mailboxes. You can download a sample CSV file, input it with the required details, and import it back into the tool. Another benefit of the CSV file is that you can use it multiple times while taking the migration process.

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