Learn to Migrate from G Suite to Gmail – Use the Reliable Solution

Move Data, November 12, 2019


This blog will help the user to migrate from G Suite to Gmail. We are going to explain the complete step by step procedure to transfer G Suite to Gmail with attachments. There are a lot of people searching for the solution to transfer data between G Suite and Gmail accounts. Both the email clients are cloud based services and provided by Google. Even though they are different in many wise.

The main difference exists between the Gmail & G suite account is the account cost. Gmail is a free service and G Suite is a paid one. Gmail account is mainly used by normal users to manage their personal data. On the other hand, G Suite/ Google Apps is the business account used by most of the large organizations. Also, G Suite includes different plans like Basic, Business, Enterprise. The organization selects the plan according to their requirements.

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Before starting to move from G Suite to Gmail account save the Google Apps data in MBOX file format. If you already have the G Suite MBOX file within your system proceed to the following structure. 

How to Migrate from G Suite to Gmail?

Follow these simple steps to move your email data into the Gmail account with the help of G Suite to Gmail migration tool.

1. Launch & run G Suite to Gmail migrator solution in your Windows system.


2. Import the local MBOX file through Select Files/ Select Folder option & click on the Next button.


3. Choose the MBOX files from the listed files & hit on Next.


4. Enter the Gmail credentials Email Address & Password in the respective fields. Then click the Next button.


5. The utility starts to transfer G Suite to Gmail account.


Trustful Solution to move from G Suite to Gmail

G Suite to Gmail migration tool is one of the best solutions available in the market. It helps to migrate from G Suite to Gmail in a hassle freeway. This automated solution will help in the transfer of data from G Suite MBOX without making any changes. Hence, there is no need to worry about data loss situations & security of your data. It enables the effortless transfer of G Suite data into the Gmail account. From the below section find the features of the expert tool that helps you in the secure migration of G Suite to Gmail.

  • Instant G Suite Data Transfer: The tool allows us to directly importing G Suite MBOX. It helps in the instant transfer G Suite data to Gmail account.

  • Folder Structure Management: While you migrate from G Suite to Gmail the tool helps to preserve the folder structure. It maintains the structure of all folders & subfolders in Gmail as same as that of G Suite.

  • Multi Language Support for Installation: The tool simplifies the software installation by supporting multiple languages like English, Francais, Deutsch, Italiano, Nederlands, etc. It helps users from different countries to complete the installation without any confusion.

  • Management of Email Attachments: Even after the migration all the attachments of G Suite emails maintained as it was in the Gmail also. That is all email attachments are moved in its original format without any error.

  • No Size Restriction On G Suite MBOX: The tool offers the G Suite to Gmail migration

  • Live Migration Progress Status: The tool provides the live progress status of the migration process. Users can easily track the migrated data with converted data count.

  • Simple Import Option for G Suite MBOX: User can easily import the G Suite MBOX file into the software through Select File or Select Folder option. Select folder option enables the transfer of bulk data from G Suite to Gmail.

Why User Move from G Suite to Gmail – Comparison

After reading the above section you will get to know how to migrate from G Suite to Gmail. So in the next section, we are going to do a small comparison between the Gmail & G Suite. It will help to understand why users are searching to move from G Suite to Gmail.

  • Cost: Gmail is the free cloud service provided by Google. So the user doesn’t need to pay any type of cost for accessing its services. But G Suite is based on different subscription plans. Hence the user needs to pay the cost according to the plan they choose.

  • Email Address: In Gmail, all email addresses are ends in “@gmail.com”. But in G Suite the organization/ user can customize their email address according to their needs. Eg: name@comapanyname.com.

  • Feature: In Gmail, all the features & services offered are equally available for all users. But in the G Suite account, according to the subscribed service plan the features and services will differ.

  • Control Over the Account: For Gmail, there is no admin feature. That is each user is fully free over there account. But in G Suite the user accounts are created and the acceptability is controlled by the Admin account.

  • Cloud Storage: G Suite offers more storage when compared to Gmail. when considering the email storage Gmail provides 15GB while G Suite basic provides 30GB.

Here we only provide a comparison between basic features. There are a lot more features/ services in which they are different.

Final Words

Most of the users searching for a safe and secure solution to migrate from G Suite to Gmail. In this blog, we have explained the complete solution to move G Suite data into the Gmail account. You can use the G Suite to Gmail migration tool to transfer G suite data into Google mail account.