How to Download Gmail Emails for Offline View on Computer ?

Mark Regan | March 6th, 2021 | Move Data

In this world of technology, where Wi-Fi is everywhere, it’s natural to think that your emails will be always available to you. But even the great email service of Gmail goes down occasionally. Then how will you access all your Gmail messages? Well, just download Gmail emails for offline view on computer easily with the help of BitRecover Gmail Backup Wizard.

In this blog post you will know about an effective solution to download all Google Mail emails for offline viewing purpose.

How the Software will be helpful ? – You can take the download of entire Gmail database to your computer’s hard drive and view the messages even when there is no internet connectivity. Plus, if you Gmail web account is otherwise unavailable even then you will be able to view your entire Gmail archive which is something you need to keep your work going without any hassle.

How to Download Gmail Emails for Offline View on Computer ?

Follow the steps to download all emails from Gmail for offline reading.

Please Note- Download the free trial version of the Gmail email downloader software on your Windows or Mac OS. It permits to download first few emails from Gmail account. Later you can upgrade the license keys.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

1- First of all, download and start the software on your Windows machine. After this, fill all the Gmail account credentials in the software panel and hit on the login tab.

2- Now, enable all required folders of Gmail account which you wish to save for offline viewing purpose.

3- Then, go to the saving options list and pick any option as per your choice. Here, we are taking PDF as saving file type as an illustration.

4- Thereafter, enter a desired file naming option for arranging the resultant data.

5- Also, you can specify some particular emails by date range, subject using the ‘Advance mode option for selective download ’.

6- Then, specify a location for saving the output Gmail emails on computer.

7- Now, hit on the Backup button to start to download Gmail emails for offline view on computer. Once the process finishes, it gives a completion message.

What to do next? Open the resultant folder that comprises of our downloaded Gmail emails. Now, you can view all Gmail account emails for offline.

Noteworthy Features of Gmail Emails Offline Downloader

  1. The tool allows to download all Gmail emails offline without worrying about the file limitations.
  2. With the software, you can batch download Gmail emails for offline view on local storage.
  3. You can select any desired location for saving the purput on your machine.
  4. The users can also download multiple Gmail email account for offline viewing with the help of ‘batch mode’ option.
  5. It’s a trustworthy application as it never saves the details of the user’s account inside the software’s database.
  6. You can pause and resume the entire processing anywhere between the Gmail email downloading process.
  7. The users can also selectively choose Gmail folders and download Gmail folders for offline viewing.
  8. Use this application on all Windows OS such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Commonly Asked User Queries

How to batch download Gmail emails for offline view?

  1. Download and start the Gmail email saving tool.
  2. Enter Gmail account details and then login.
  3. Enable desired Gmail folders and choose any saving option.
  4. Pick a destination path and start to download Gmail emails for offline view.

Does the software allows to download emails from multiple Gmail accounts?

Yes, the tool permits to download emails from various Gmail accounts for offline view using the ‘batch mode’ option.

Can I use this application on Windows 10?

Yes, you can use this utility on any Windows OS.

Over to You

In this blog, we have explained a complete solution to download Gmail emails for offline view. The software mentioned in this application provides the best approach to save emails from Gmail account for offline viewing. It preserves the integrity of data throughout the entire processing. So, quickly download this application to read your Gmail account emails even without internet.

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