How to Save Gmail Emails Offline on Computer, Android Phone?

Mark Regan ~ May 12th, 2022 ~ How To

As a free email service by Google, Gmail empowers you to save Gmail emails offline with the Google takeout option. Or even an alternative option is to print Gmail emails in PDF format. Here, we will show two methods to save emails from Gmail account for offline use.

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1. Save Gmail emails as PDF format

2. Google Takeout service to save Gmail emails

Whenever your Gmail account gets overloaded with heaps of emails, it is quite possible that the service won’t run that much normally. Also, when you don’t have internet connectivity and you still wish to read some important emails from your Gmail account then there is no way out!

Frankly, even the web is occupied with thousands of methods to save Gmail emails offline. However, every individual is sensitive about their personal information and data safety.

So, we at BitRecover have come up with a pro solution for you!

Yes, now saving the bulk of Gmail emails offline is a breeze.

Gmail Backup Tool is the accurate solution for you to save Google emails offline, export contacts from Gmail 2019, and many more.

How to Save Gmail Emails Offline?

  1. Launch the suggested software utility.
  2. Enter Gmail account details and log in.
  3. Enable required data to save emails offline.
  4. Choose PDF saving option and destination path.
  5. Start to save Google email account data to your computer.

Save Emails from Gmail Offline – Download Everything from Google Account

Frankly, there are no such trusted solutions that you can rely upon to download your Google data offline to PC. Gone are the times when you have to convert Google archive with the standard workarounds.

But, if we talk about user satisfaction and reliability, then the BitRecover software is leading everywhere.

Versions of Software

Demo version – It is free of cost and you can download it by snapping on this green button provided below. It will help you to save top 25 data items from your Google Gmail account.
Pro version – You can upgrade the license keys and buy this product for an unlimited saving of Gmail emails.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Now, follow these guidelines to save Gmail emails offline.

  • Download the software on your Windows machine.
  • After downloading and launching the software, the starting screen will be as shown in the screenshot.

    save Gmail emails offline

  • Now, enter your Gmail login details such as Email Address and Password in the specified fields. Tap on the login button.

    Enter Gmail account details

  • The software will load data from your Google account into the software panel. Enable the required emails folders which you want to save.

    Choose Gmail email folder

  • Now, choose PDF as saving option from the tool.

    Choose saving option as PDF

  • Pick a desired file naming option from the tool. It will enable you to achieve better email management.
  • If you want to sort some specific emails by date range, subject then this option “Use Advance settings for selective saving” option is very useful.

    select filter option to save Gmail emails offline

  • Pick a saving location for storing the downloaded Google account data.
  • The process to bulk save Gmail emails offline is running successfully.

    complete process to save Gmail emails offline

  • Open the resultant location where your Gmail email is saved locally (offline) in PDF format.

Advantages of Automated Solution

  1. You can save Gmail emails offline without worrying about the file limitations.
  2. It permits you to bulk save emails from your Gmail account to your local system.
  3. It’s completely up to you for storing the Gmail emails on your storage device. The tool gives freedom to choose the destination location.
  4. Even if you are hassling to manage multiple Gmail accounts and want to save all Gmail email accounts offline together. Then, use the “Batch mode feature” of this application.
  5. It’s a smart utility as it never saves the credentials of your Gmail account.
  6. You can pause and resume the processing anywhere between the saving process.
  7. It offers you the option to selective choose Google data to save Gmail emails to flash drive.

Google Takeout Service to Save Gmail Emails Locally

Go to this link and log in to your Gmail account.

save Gmail emails offline via Google Takeout

Click on Download your data and Deselect All. Choose only the Gmail emails and tap on the Next button.

choose mail option

Pick the “Send download link via email” from the delivery method option.

download Gmail emails offline

From the multiple file type options here, pick the .zip option.

Choose any of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB archive size. Then, click on the Create Archive tab.

select zip option to save gmail emails

The process to save Gmail emails offline with the Google Takeout archive process starts.

Once this process finishes, you will get this message “Download Archive”.

Now you have Gmail archives, hence just extract Gmail downloaded files to any location of your PC.

SIDENOTE: Where to head next? Read this- how to import Google Takeout to new account.

Certainly, Google takeout gives you opportunity to download almost everything from Google servers in the form of .zip format.

However, even this option has certain limitations, read this to get a clear picture:

I have 15 GB of mailbox in my Google account. There are images as well as attachments too which I am certain to have taken the major space. I tried to download Gmail folders using the Google Takeout option. Obviously, it was expected to create problems since the data is huge. But, I still tried it and it consistently kept disconnecting due to the crappy internet connectivity. Then, I got the message mentioning that I have outrun the download limit. Now, what to do and how to download Gmail emails other than the Google Takeout option. I need to save Gmail emails offline to my PC. Hope to get a quick response!
-Graciela, California

Shortcomings of Google Takeout option:

  1. Google Takeout won’t permit you to download data that is claimed by another person.
  2. The folders that have been imparted to you in Drive can’t be sent out utilizing Google Takeout, regardless of whether the Google documents are made by you!
  3. Google Takeout has a restriction of downloading archives per day and also the data downloaded isn’t generally dependable, as this export process may fizzle whenever.
  4. When the data to be downloaded exceeds a certain limit or the file is too large, you may wind up with incomplete downloads – not the entirety of your data would be downloaded.
  5. You can’t create Google archives for numerous users simultaneously.
  6. If you have a poor internet connection, the download progress would likewise be lost and can’t be continued. You need to start once more!

Isn’t it complicated?

This is why a precise data-saving solution is the need of the hour now! The pro solution described in the above section of the blog would be helpful, as then you will be able not only to save Gmail emails offline to the hard drive but also to restore your data.

Over to You

We hope, that you are satisfied with the solutions explained above.

However, we strongly recommend the automated approach as it will give you a hassle-free conversion. Moreover, you can save multiple Gmail email account emails simultaneously. That’s a bonus too!

So, now download this software and save Gmail emails offline without any hurdles.