How to Convert Gmail to HTML Web Pages in Bulk Instantly?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

You want to convert Gmail to HTML Format, but the problem is you don’t know the best Gmail to HTML converter. Don’t so worry, we are here to provide you best converter as well as the importance of HTML format.

Before moving on to the solution let us have a look at the user’s query……

“Hello, I am David, due to office work I have to go to the rural area, where the network problem is huge. But I need to view some emails, so I decide to convert Gmail email to HTML format. Because the HTML file is easily opened when the network speed is not enough. Hence, the question is which Gmail email to HTML converter is best that does not hold any personal information. please suggest to me.”

Now Google Gmail users can export all emails into HTML web pages therefore they can open resultant HTML pages in default web browser programs. Many computer users want to store their email messages into .html file extension because of several personal or business requirements. Sometimes users want their emails in digital format, so with Gmail to HTML converter users can easily print entire Gmail emails.  Here I am suggesting to you some possible reasons for exporting emails from Gmail to HTML.

Why do Users Choose HTML Files?

  1. HTML web pages can be easily opened by double-clicking in the default web browser programs.*.html file extension is relevant to open with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera Browser, Microsoft EDGE, Chromium, and all.
  2. An HTML web page can be easily shared with other users by sending an email or using instant messaging and messenger programs. Therefore users can share their important details with other users and the getter can easily read received information in HTML.
  3. An HTML file can store much information in very less size i.e. Heading, Text, Hyperlinks, Multimedia, Ordered List, Unordered List, etc. As we all know that HTML is widely access using the World Wide Web (www).
  4. It is the most relevant file extension to store email messages because users can convert Gmail emails into individual HTML web pages. Therefore, users can easily understand the resultant HTML pages. Actually, uses can create 100 .html files to store 100 Gmail emails.
  5. If you have stored emails in .html (Hypertext Markup Language) format on a local computer. Then internet connectivity is not mandatory to read offline HTML web pages. It means users can save Gmail emails offline. Double-click on any email stored in HTML format to open it in the default web browser program.

Smart Solution to Convert Gmail to HTML Web Page Easily

You should use BitRecover Gmail Converter Wizard which has an isolated option to export Gmail messages to HTML format in batch. Therefore it is also known as Gmail to HTML Converter.  The tool is available for both Windows OS and Mac OS users. After downloading the setup, install it on your computer and follow these simple steps.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Working Process of Gmail to HTML Converter

  1. Firstly, launch Gmail to HTML Web Converter, fill in Gmail account credentials (Email Address and Google App Created password), and click on the Login button.

    The tool also offers the facility to export all emails from multiple Gmail accounts to HTML web pages. You can check the Use Batch Mode option and upload a CSV file having credentials of multiple Gmail accounts.

    enter Gmail account credentials

  2. Select Gmail email folders from the software interface and choose HTML from the list of saving options.choose HTML option
  3. Gmail to HTML Migrator provides multiple file naming options to manage resultant HTML web pages.file naming option
  4. This application provides several email filter options to migrate specific emails from Gmail to HTML by Date Range, From, To, Subject, etc.Gmail to HTML converter provide file naming option
  5. Gmail to HTML Converter automatically chooses desktop as the destination path. But you can change the destination path according to your choice by clicking on the Change button.choose location with Gmail to HTML converter
  6. Thereafter, hit on the Backup button to convert Gmail to HTML web pages. Please wait for the completion conversion Gmail to HTML converter
  7. After that, finishing the task, it will automatically open the destination path. Here you can see exported emails in HTML file extension.conversion complete

By following the above-mentioned steps, all professional and home-based users can easily convert Gmail to HTML files. It preserves all-important email items and components during the completion of the task.

Gmail to HTML Converter Features

  • The tool is capable to export emails from multiple Gmail accounts to HTML files at once. Therefore, users can save valuable time and effort. You need to check the Use Batch Mode option from the software interface. After that, it will say to upload a CSV file with multiple Gmail account credentials.
  • Gmail to HTML Migrator is fully automatic software to move Gmail folder to another account. The tool asks only Google Mail account login details i.e. Email Address or Password.
  • After entering the account credentials, it will show you all Gmail folders in the software Window. From here, users can choose only specific Gmail folders and store emails in HTML file extension. It is an important feature that allows users to avoid the conversion of unnecessary email folders.
  • Gmail to HTML Converter gives freedom to choose the destination path to store resultant data according to your choice. It automatically stores converted HTML web pages on the desktop but it can be easily changed. Even users can connect an external storage device to save Gmail emails to flash drive.
  • This application offers several file naming options to manage resultant HTML files.
  • Gmail to HTML Migrator provides various email filter options to convert Gmail email to HTML. Users can choose a specific date range, email subject, sender, and receiver email address to export Gmail to HTML web pages.
  • The tool preserves all-important email items and components during the completion of the task i.e. To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Attachments, Date, Time, Year, Text Formatting, Internet Header, and all.


After reading this blog post, anyone can easily convert Gmail to HTML files along with complete detailed information. Gmail to HTML Converter is a fully automatic suggested software for Windows and Mac OS users. This application comes with a free demo edition so that you can check its working process before purchasing the license keys.