18 Best PDF Software for Lawyers and Advocates

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Several law firms want to know list of best PDF software for lawyers and advocates for submitting evidence in court. PDF (Portable Document Format) software allows lawyers and advocates to handle digital documents with ease, ensuring seamless collaboration, secure file sharing, and streamlined workflows.

This article explores complete detailed information about some amazing PDF tools for legal use especially for lawyers and advocates. As we know that the court accepts digital evidence and documents in PDF format. So, after years of research, BitRecover developers have developed a collection of PDF tools that are much safe, secure, and cost-effective compared to other utilities.

What Software Do Lawyers Use Commonly?

  • Law Practice Management Software: These applications are specifically designed to assist lawyers and advocates to manage their law firms efficiently. They often include features for case management, client communication, time tracking, billing, information, evidence, and document management.
  • Microsoft Office Suite: Lawyers and advocates frequently use applications such as MS Word for drafting legal documents, MS Excel for financial calculations, MS PowerPoint to showcase presentations for clients, and Microsoft Outlook for email communication and calendar management.
  • Document Management Systems (DMS): DMS software allows lawyers and advocates to store, organize, and retrieve legal documents and files in a secure and centralized manner. This streamlines document access and collaboration within law firms.
  • PDF Software: As we have mentioned PDF applications are essential for law firms to work with digital documents for different types of needs. They use Adobe Acrobat, PDF Reader, PDF Editor, PDF Bates Numbering, and many more utilities to manage legal paperwork tasks.
  • Legal Research Applications: These applications provide access to extensive legal databases and resources. Legal research utilities seem much helpful while conducting comprehensive legal research to stay up to date with relevant case-related laws.
  • Contract Management Software: Contract management tools are much useful for lawyers and advocates to create, manage, review, and store legal contracts and agreements. Even these applications allow negotiating, renewing, and collecting data from existing contracts.

Top Notch Reasons to Use PDF Documents for Legal Use

  • Best Security: PDF documents are known for security as it offers high-security features. It allows users to restrict PDF documents for editing, copying, and printing as they want. Even users can add user-level and owner-level password protection in Adobe PDF documents while opening them.
  • Device Compatibility: The best thing about PDF documents is that these documents are compatible with most of devices and operating systems. Hence, law firms can easily share PDF documents with their respective clients and clients can access PDF files on their Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other platforms and devices.
  • Documentation: PDFs are best for documentation as law firms can use multiple colors, images, graphics, text fonts, structure, layout, formatting, maps, graphs, and other components according to requirements.
  • Digital Signature: While creating legal documentation, contracts, and other documents, there is no need to print PDF documents. It comes with a digital signature feature so that advocates can easily get the client’s signature on digital documents.

Best PDF Software for Lawyers

BitRecover Software Company launches several PDF software for legal use, these are helpful to lawyers and advocates. We know the value of crucial data, so we have developed applications to use offline instead of online.

Compared to online applications, offline utility seems highly secure due to various reasons as mentioned below:

  • Online applications directly work using a web browser using your account credentials. While you can install offline software on your own pc to feel much safer for unwanted use.
  • Online utilities upload your crucial data on their cloud server to process according to your choice, so these applications may misuse your crucial data. While BitRecover’s offline tools don’t upload your data on any server.
  • An active internet connection is required to use online tools which is the only way to enter hackers to access your pc. Other hand offline tools work without internet connectivity so we can proudly say BitRecover tools are safe and secure for you.
  • Online tools work slowly due to several factors like internet speed, and server speed. Offline applications work faster so these are more productive for you.

List of 18 Best PDF Tools for Legal Use

  1. PDF Buddy Software: This software offers various advance features to manage your documents. You can use this utility to delete empty & blank pages, scripts, scripts, and images. The tool is also suitable to extract fonts, optimize size, set expiry dates, and flatten fillable PDFs.
    manage pdf files
  2. Image to PDF Converter: The tool supports all image file extensions like PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and others and converts them into Adobe PDF documents without reducing actual quality.
    for images
  3. PDF Merge Software: This application permits you to combine multiple documents into one by maintaining all your crucial information.
    press merge
  4. PDF Split Software: Best pdf software for lawyers that is specially designed to break PDF file into separate pages using advance filters.
    press split
  5. Unlock PDF Software: Use this utility to remove security print, copy, edit, and password restrictions from your documents in bulk.
  6. Lock PDF Software: Set password security to your documents to disable them for printing, copying, and editing.
  7. PDF Attachment Extractor: Expert-recommended solution for legal use to collect attachments from your Adobe documents in actual file extensions.
  8. PDF Attachment Inserter: Grab this utility to insert attachments to your documents without using the Adobe Acrobat program.
    saving options
  9. PDF Portfolio Extractor: This is the best pdf software for your law firm that extract all data from Portfolio in original file extensions.
  10. PDF Bookmark Extractor: An excellent utility that can export bookmarks from your Adobe documents in an effortless way.
    best pdf software for lawyers
  11. MBOX to PDF Converter: Download this software to convert MBOX files exported from any email client to PDF documents. It has black and white mode and multiple renaming options too.
    what software do lawyers use
  12. EML to PDF Converter: Law firms can use this advance software to convert EML files of Thunderbird, eM Client, SeaMonkey, and Windows Live Mail to PDF documents.
  13. MSG to PDF Converter: This software supports MSG files exported from an Outlook email client and converts them to PDF including attachments and components.
    supports msg
  14. PST to PDF Converter: Get this PDF tool for legal use which supports both ANSI and Unicode PST files and change them including attachments.
    best pdf software for your law firm
  15. OST to PDF Converter: It supports OST (Offline Storage Table) files of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. It also supports batch conversion mode to complete this task quickly.
    pdf tools for legal use
  16. PPT to PDF Converter: This is the best pdf software for lawyers for submitting evidence in court that supports both PPT and PPTX files.
  17. XLS to PDF Converter: An advanced software that is compatible with Microsoft Excel XLS or XLSX files. It preserves complete information without any changes.
    pdf software for legal use
  18. DOC to PDF Converter: Just download this application, if you want to convert Microsoft Word files to Adobe documents in bulk.

Some Tips to Create Legal PDF for Court Use

  • Use proper formatting according to the court guidelines.
  • PDFs should be text-based instead of image-based.
  • Make sure your PDF should be compact and manageable.
  • Use Bates numbering in PDF documents while submitting to the court.
  • Add a header and footer in your PDF with proper crucial information.
  • Follow local court rules and filing instructions before submitting.


We have mentioned 18 best PDF software for lawyers and advocates that are helpful to resolve different types of problems. We have also discussed; what software lawyers use to full fill basic requirements. If you have evidence in different formats and you want to make it according to court use. Then check the list of the above-mentioned tools and choose the relevant one as per your need. If you have any doubts about PDF tools for legal use, then feel free to connect with our support team.

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