PDF Portfolio Extractor Wizard

Extract files from PDF portfolio documents & save embedded files with complete folder structure.

This is one of the easy-to-use software to extract attachments from PDF portfolio documents. This application is much beneficial for extracting all embedded or combined files and documents from PDF portfolios in actually available extensions. This PDF Portfolio Exporter is a perfect solution to extract PDF portfolio metadata without imposing any size or quantity limitations.




Windows 10

Software Features

  • Batch export all files from multiple PDF portfolios at once.
  • Extract attachments and embedded files from PDF portfolio with exact data.
  • Extract documents, images & other files from PDF portfolio i.e., DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF, PNG, JPG, BMP etc.
  • Multiple filter options to extract only required file extensions.
  • Software maintains the folder hierarchy when extracting documents from PDF portfolios.

Best PDF Portfolio Extractor Tool Capability

Know some primary features of software to export PDF portfolio to PDF

Extract Attachments

PDF Portfolio Export Tool can extract all types of embedded attachments from Adobe PDF portfolio documents in genuine file extensions.

Assembled Items

As Adobe Acrobat DC / 2020 / 2017 users know well a PDF portfolio can store multiple assembled items and tool can export them.

Required Extension

This Adobe PDF Portfolio Extractor shows all inserted portfolios in the software panel and users can choose required portfolios to export.

Bulk Export

This application enables users to extract PDF portfolio metadata in batch, therefore users can save their crucial time and effort.

Large Portfolio

Software is designed in such a way that it is capable to export files from large PDF portfolio documents as there is no size limitation.

Extract All File Types






Audio, and All.

PDF Portfolio Exporter Features

Know Features and Benefits to Extract PDF Portfolio Items

Dual Options for Uploading PDF Portfolios

PDF Portfolio Export Tool brings dual options for inserting Adobe Acrobat PDF portfolios. Users can choose anyone option from Select Files or Select Folders for inserting multiple PDF portfolio documents in software GUI. Respective clients can go with any option as per their convenience.

Select Required Portfolios to Export

Suppose if you uploaded a folder having multiple PDF portfolios in the software windows. Thereafter, the tool will show all portfolio documents in software interface in file explorer view. From where, users can check or uncheck only required documents to extract PDF portfolio data accordingly.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy Structure

PDF Portfolio Extract Software is developed by highly qualified developers with complete research. Our developers programmed it in such a way that it automatically maintains original folders and subfolders structure without applying any special setting from the software control panel.

Extract Internal Files in Exact Format

PDF Portfolio Extractor is a proficient utility to extract attachments from PDF portfolio in original internally available file extensions. It supports to export all types of Images (JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP), Documents (DOC, XLS, PDF, XPS), Drawing, Graphics, Audio, Video, and all extensions.

Feel Free to Choose Destination Path

PDF Portfolio Exporter automatically chooses computer desktop as a default destination path. But if in case, you are not preferable to extract documents from PDF portfolio on desktop. Then, simply click on the browse icon and choose destination path according to your choice from computer.

View Live PDF Portfolio Extraction

BitRecover PDF Portfolio Extractor Wizard previews live data extraction progressive report during export files from PDF portfolio. It also counts and shows the number of exported items from each inserted PDF portfolio. Even it shows the selected data source path so users can feel more confident.

PDF Portfolio Export Tool Specifications

Hardware and software requirements to extract pages from PDF portfolio.

PDF Portfolio Extractor Box
Software Download
Download Now
Size 3.11 MB
Version 2.0
Free Trial - Free PDF Portfolio Extractor is authorized to extract maximum 5 elements from each portfolio document.
1579 Ratings

Trial Limitations

Download freeware version of this application for checking working process and evaluate it before upgrading. Using demo version, users can extract 5 documents from every PDF Portfolio.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
10 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB is Required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

Windows 11 & all below versions.

Comparison of Free & Pro Version

Feature Comparison of PDF Portfolio Export Software - Free and Full Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Upload multiple portfolios
Choose specific PDF portfolio
Browse destination folder
Preview live progressive status
Preserve folder structure
Extract PDF portfolio metadata Export 5 elements Export unlimited items
Cost FREE $49
Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answer of All Your Questions for Extracting Pages from PDF Portfolio

⭐ How to extract documents from PDF portfolio?

Follow these instructions for PDF portfolio extraction:

  1. Step 1: Start PDF Portfolio Extractor Wizard
  2. Step 2: Insert portfolio documents in software GUI
  3. Step 3: Select specific documents as your need
  4. Step 4: Browse destination folder to store output
  5. Step 5: Hit on Extract button to start export process

Yes, of course! There is no limitation about file extension. Our tool can extract everything contained in the PDF documents.

Yes, you can connect any type of USB drive to your computer, then choose it as destination path during exporting data from PDF portfolio.

Yes, extract PDF portfolio metadata along with contained Adobe PDFs.

Yes, software is fully authorized to export files from unlimited Adobe PDF portfolios at once.

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