How to Import Outlook Express to eM Client – Complete User’s Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

I work in an organization that handles the client’s project of data migration. Last week, my company got a new project to import Outlook Express to eM Client application. Being at a senior level, my manager had given me the responsibility to execute the project to handle Outlook Express to eM Client conversion. It was completely a new thing for me as I had never worked on eM Client. Then, I installed it and started exploring it. Along with this, I checked the list of my client that what issues they are facing. Out of which some I have shared with you, as mentioned below:

How can I save Outlook Express emails in eM Client mailbox?

It is possible convert Outlook Express mailbox to eM Client application?

How to import Outlook Express DBX to eM Client?

I started working on eM Client and, after experimenting with a variety of settings, discovered an option that allowed me to freely import Outlook Express contacts into eM Client. Following is a write-up in which I present a free of charge solution to preserve Outlook Express emails in the eM Client application, which I developed entirely on my own initiative.

Steps to Import Outlook Express to eM Client Application

Follow these steps to easily import Outlook Express emails to eM Client application as mentioned:

  • Open your eM Client application on your machine.
  • Click on Menu option >> choose File option >> click on Import option.

Import DBX to eM Client

If you have Outlook Express Installed on your Same Machine

  • From the import window, choose Microsoft Outlook Express option to import the data in eM Client >> click Next to proceed further.

OE to eM Client

  • You get two options to import Outlook Express data files on eM Client. If you click on the first option, i.e. Try to detect folder then, the application will automatically detect and upload the Outlook Express folder. After clicking on the Next button.


  • If you want the specific folder on eM Client then, choose the second option, i.e. Use specific folder by browsing it from the stored location and click on Next.


  • Once the file gets imported, you will get the completion message on the screen.


As we all know, Outlook Express (OE) application was available with earlier Windows editions like Windows XP. But presently, we all are using the latest Windows versions. Then, how to import Outlook Express to eM Client application. As we do not have OE installed on the same machine and even its development was stopped by Microsoft. Even, I also faced the similar issue while executing the process to convert OE emails to eM Client application.  Then, after searching on the Internet I got the solution. Just read further to know the way to import Outlook Express DBX to eM Client application.

If you don’t have Outlook Express Installed on your Same Machine

As we all know that Outlook Express stores all its data in DBX format. So, I used BitRecover DBX Converter Wizard to convert all my Outlook Express files to EML format. The software gives the direct solution to save all Outlook Express files to EML format. The best thing is that software provides the dual mode of data conversion – Select Folder and Select Files. Within a few moments, the application migrates multiple Outlook Express files to EML format.

Once I had all my Outlook Express files in EML file format. I simply import all my EML files in eM Client application as it gives the direct option to import EML files.

Open the given link to follow the steps to import .eml files in eM Client:

While working on my project of data migration from Outlook Express DBX to eM Client, I also went through various other queries of users like how to export eM Client mailbox to another email client. Then, I explored this as well and got a solution for this also. Keep reading to know the way to export eM Client database to other email data files.

Error-Free Solution to Export eM Client Mailbox

BitRecover eM Client Converter is a complete solution to export eM Client emails to other email clients like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc. The application directly converts eM Client to multiple formats like PST, EML, EMLX, MBOX, HTML, etc.

This application is programmed in such a way that it maintains the integrity of data after migration to the desired format. The tool is 100% secure to export eM Client data files to other email file format. The software is easily operable on all Windows versions.

Highlighted Features of eM Client Software

  • Migrate multiple eM Client files to the desired format within a few moments
  • One can also move selected eM Client files to other formats
  • Preserves the data integrity in exact form after migration
  • Exports unlimited data files to other email clients easily
  • Come with the simple and user-friendly interface to migrate data

Summing Up

Migrating the data from one email client to another is a challenging task. Similar, challenge I also faced in completing my project to import Outlook Express to eM Client application. I shared the complete steps in a way to perform the data migration that I practically executed to move OE emails to eM Client application.

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