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Mark Regan ~ May 12th, 2020 ~ Move Data

In this technological era, with the rise in usage of internet various users want to be connected with each other, be it at a professional or a personal level.

Similar was the condition with me, as I bought a new HP laptop. In that, I installed the eM Client for my email data management. With the migration of data, I was also planning to move all my contacts in one place. As I was having numerous contacts that were saved in VCF file format. Then, I started searching for the solution to import VCF to eM Client contacts. After going through some articles, I found that using the common format for all contacts can easily allow importing contacts stored in email clients, smartphone, etc. This was the best thing as I had all my contacts in vCard .vcf file format. As vCard is the universal format for storing all contacts that are supported by email clients, smartphones, tablets, etc. With this file format, one can easily convert vCard VCF files to other platforms.

After a lot of searches, I found that eM Client gives a direct option to save VCF files in eM Client. I tried to implement this free solution to easily import vCard VCF files to eM Client application. Then, I felt there must be several other users like me who are searching for the solution of such queries as:

  1. How can I sync my iPhone contacts to eM Client?
  2. How can I move my address book to eM Client directly?
  3. How to transfer vCard VCF files to eM Client application?

Therefore, in the following segment, I have described free of cost manual steps to transfer VCF contacts to eM Client. Just read on as I have tried to resolve all your issues to save .vcf files in eM Client after executing the whole method by my own.

Method to Move Contacts from vCard Files to eM Client

eM Client provides an option to import various email data files into it directly. Follow the given steps to transfer VCF to eM Client.

  • Open your eM Client application on your system.
  • Click on the Menu option >> Select File >> choose Import option.


  • From the import window, choose Contacts as vCard (.vcf) option and click on Next button.


  • Browse the folder from which you need to import contacts and check the include subfolder option.


  • Now, select the folder where you need to save your imported address book files on eM Client.

Select the folder

  • Click on the New Folder option if you want to store the imported files in a separate folder.

New Folder

  • After this, give the desired name to the folder and click on Ok button.


  • Click on Finish button to proceed further to import .vcf in eM Client application.


  • Now, you will see that the import process is started and once is completed you will get the completion message.

Import process

In this way, we can easily import VCF files in eM Client but one question still strikes in mind what are the actual reasons to move vCard files on eM Client. So, do not worry as I have also tried to answer for this issue. Read further to know the need to save VCF files in eM Client.

Import VCF to eM Client – Certain Compelling Circumstances

  • For Official Needs: The users may face a situation when they need to transfer contacts stored in vCard into eM Client contacts list. It may become an official requirement and has to be done in the way to get gain and success at your workplace. Sometimes, when users are made to move their office from one location to another and have to reconfigure all their email applications then, the only data that they cannot make again are that precious contacts. Hence, it becomes a reason to import vCard to eM Client address book especially if contact list contains huge contacts.
  • For Sake Of Email Client: Nobody can live without having some diversity in life and emails clients are no exclusions in the case of variations. Hence, it has been seen that users take a lot of initiative in inspecting out new email clients for gaining better work performance. In addition, sometimes due to similar purpose, users need a program that has an ability to import vCard to eM Client so that even if they miss old emails they never miss their address book that is the reason behind all emails.

While I was searching for the method to import VCF to eM Client, I also found that there are several users who want to export eM Client data to other file formats. So, for them, I have made your research easy as I have also come up with a solution to convert eM client emails and contacts to other formats or other email clients.

– BitRecover Software Team Member

One-Stop Solution to Export eM Client Data

eM Client Converter Wizard is a solution, which is designed with complete data security. The application gives an option to convert eM Client data to various email data files like PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, MBOX, HTML, PDF, etc.

eM Client Migrator software moves unlimited eM Client files to desired file format within few moments. To convert eM Client database, the application does not need any external utility to execute the data migration. The tool is easily operable on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit.

A Tech-Centric Solution for eM Client Users

  • Bulk data migration is offered without getting any sort of complex or any hang up in the procedure.
  • eM Client Converter is executable in on any edition of Windows Operating system successfully as well as smoothly.
  • Migration of the eM Client file contents is done without any data loss or data modification. All the data content is kept intact throughout the process.
  • You can convert eM Client database within an understandable process of conversion as the tool has been designed with user-friendly algorithms.

In Summation

Coming to the end of the discussion, I have tried to elaborate a free solution to import VCF files to eM Client. As I understand the importance of contacts in one’s life. Therefore, I researched and shared my own implemented method with you. Along with this, I have also given a precise solution to export eM Client database to the desired file format. If you still get stuck at any point while executing the process then, just contact us.

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