How to Convert vCard to CSV Contacts Free?

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 16th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Various users want to convert vCard to CSV contacts to avoid device and application compatibility issues. Due to rapid technological changes, we can observe massive changes in our daily lives. Instead of keeping physical address books, many users prefer to switch to digital contact formats. For example, users save and transfer contact data in digital formats like CSV and VCF. CSV stands for “Comma Separated Value,” and VCF stands for “Virtual Contact File.”

Some applications support only CSV files, and many users encounter issues when converting VCF to CSV files. Nowadays, many renowned email clients, such as Microsoft, Apple, and others, use CSV formats to store client data.

If you have the same pain point and do not know how to convert vCard to CSV format, you have come to the right place. We have penned an informative post that will help you address the issue of converting vCard contacts to CSV files. We will discuss free methods of changing vCard contacts to CSV and the paid solutions. Our post will prove very helpful to you if you are a homemaker, a professional, or an entrepreneur. Stay tuned to grasp the valuable information.

Why Do Convert VCF Contacts to CSV?

  • CSV is the first choice of email marketers to store contacts instead of vCard. Because vCard is a full standardization format that stores all information related to contacts i.e., profile pictures, attachments, website, etc. But email marketers want only crucial contact details in CSV i.e., Email ID, Phone Number, Name, etc. Hence, they prefer CSV format for contacts.
  • Some email applications and multimedia devices only support contacts stored in CSV (Comma Separated Values). Hence, users need to convert multiple vCard to CSV.
  • vCard is also known as VCF (Virtual Contact File) which is a standard file extension to store contacts with default contact fields with some unnecessary contact fields. While, in CSV files, users can easily manage only the required contact fields.
  • Multiple contacts vCard file only shows the top one contact details, if you open it via double-clicking in the default program. While users can double-click on the CSV file to view all contacts in MS Excel.

Download vCard to CSV Converter for Windows & Mac – Expert Choice

vCard Contacts Converter by BitRecover is a professional all-in-one solution. The tool has a separate option to convert vCard to CSV contacts including complete details. We have launched separate editions of VCF to CSV Converter for Windows & Mac. Download the software setup according to your machine and follow some steps to convert VCF contacts to CSV format.

This software comes with a free demo version that permits to convert maximum of 5 contacts from vCard to CSV format. Hence, users can easily check its working process. After getting complete satisfaction, users can grab its license keys at an affordable price.

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How to Convert VCF Contacts to CSV Format – Professional Method

  1. Launch vCard to CSV Converter on your computer and read the instructions for conversion.
    vCard to CSV Converter
  2. The tool offers dual choices to upload vCard contacts into software GUI i.e., Select Files or Select Folders.
    select vCard files
  3. After uploading, users can view VCF files in the software panel. Choose the required files and press the Next button.
    choose specific VCF files
  4. Thereafter, pick CSV as a saving option from the available listed choices.
    select required saving option
  5. Now confirm desktop as default destination path or click on the Browse button to choose a specific destination folder.
    Convert VCF to CSV
  6. After that, click on the Convert button to convert vCard to CSV file and wait for completion.
    Convert vCard to CSV File
  7. VCF to CSV conversion task has been successfully completed, see the flashing message.
    completion message
  8. Lastly, it will automatically open the destination folder. Hence, users can easily get output data.
    resultant data

VCF to CSV Converter Features for Business Users

  • Batch convert vCard to CSV files without having the size and total numbers related limitations.
  • The tool supports all the latest and previous vCard editions such as vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.
  • vCard to CSV Converter is well-suitable with VCF files of all computers, smartphones, social, and email applications.
  • This application has the facility to browse preferable destination path to store converted CSV files.
  • It gives freedom to check or uncheck required VCF files from software panel for conversion.
  • VCF to CSV Converter shows live conversion progress report during the conversion process.
  • The tool maintains complete contacts related information i.e., Name, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Email IDs, and all.

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How to Convert vCard to CSV Format – Freeware Method

Phase 1 – Import vCard to Windows Contacts

  1. Press Windows + R (Windows Run Command), enter %systemdrive%\users\%username%\contacts, and press the Ok button.
    Windows Run
  2. Thereafter, press the Import button from Windows Contacts as shown in the screenshot.
    windows contacts
  3. Choose vCard (VCF File) option and press Import to continue.
    choose vcard option
  4. Browse the VCF file from your computer and click on Open.
    browse VCF file
  5. See details of the first vCard contact, you can edit it, and press Ok to import it.
    confirm contact details
  6. Repeat the same process for all contacts one by one.
    repeat confirm process
  7. vCard contacts successfully imported to Windows Contacts. See the message regarding this.
    imported successfully
  8. Thereafter, you can see imported contacts under Windows contacts.
    see imported contacts

Phase 2 – Export Windows Contacts to CSV

  1. Select imported vCard contacts from Windows contacts and hit on Export.
    Export vCard to CSV
  2. Thereafter, choose CSV (Comma Separated Values) and click on Export.
    choose CSV option
  3. Click on Browse to choose a destination folder to save the exported file.
    browse destination path
  4. Enter the name of CSV file accordingly and press Save to continue.
    enter name for csv file
  5. After that, see the selected destination path and click on the Next button.
    destination path
  6. Select the fields you wish to export and hit on Finish.
    select required fields
  7. The process to export vCard to CSV is running, please wait.
    Convert vCard contacts to CSV
  8. VCF contacts to CSV conversion process has been successfully completed.
    exported VCF to CSV
  9. Lastly, go to the destination path and get the resultant CSV file.
    resultant csv

Limitations of Manual Technique

  • The manual method allows to import vCard contacts to Windows contacts one by one. Hence, it consumes a lot of valuable time and effort.
  • Freeware technique is capable to convert vCard contacts to CSV using 2 phases i.e., Import & Export. Thus, this is considered as a lengthy process.
  • The manual method of export vCard to CSV requires some technical knowledge. So non-technical users may face some issues.
  • There is no guarantee of losing crucial information during exporting VCF files to CSV format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 – Can I install vCard to CSV Converter on MacBook Pro?

A – Yes, vCard to CSV Converter is compatible to work won MacBook (Air & Pro), and iMac devices.

Q 2 – Is the manual method safe to convert vCard contacts to CSV contacts?

A – Yes, the manual method is safe, but it comes with some limitations. However, you can use it.

Q 3 – Does your software allow to convert multiple vCard to CSV at once?

A – Yes, this is the main USP (unique selling proposition) of this software. Thus, you can convert unlimited VCF files to CSV files without impose limitations.

Final Words

We have described dual complete methods to convert vCard to CSV file. Both methods work successfully, but the manual technique has some limitations. So, if you want to export a few contacts from VCF to CSV, you can go with the manual method.

If you want to convert VCF contacts to CSV without any limitations, then use a professional vCard to CSV Converter. That is well suitable to work on all the latest Windows and Mac OS editions.

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