How to Export Samsung Phone Contacts to Excel? 3 Methods

Mark Regan
Published: May 28th, 2024 • 6 Min Read
Summary: Here is another technical guide where we will teach you how to export Samsung phone contacts to Excel. As always, again we are here with lot’s of information and several easy methods that will help you to export Samsung contacts to CSV quickly and effortlessly. However, this guide is for both technical experts and beginners. So continue reading.

Smartphones have become just like another part of our body. However, our smartphones nowadays, keep all our important information such as chats, media, contacts, documents, files, and several personal information.

Samsung smartphones are highly popular for its innovation and functionalities, offering users a seamless experience for managing contacts. However it is critical to extract and organize these contacts to a safe place to prevent any loss. To manage and protect the contacts, professionals always prefer to export Samsung phone contacts to Excel.

Gladly, in this article, we have explained simple and effective methods to export Samsung contacts to Excel without any challenges. This guide will walk you through a step-by-step process to prevent you from potential loss of contact information.

Export Samsung Contacts to CSV in 5 Steps

  1. Export Samsung contacts in vCard file.
  2. Download Samsung to Excel Converter tool.
  3. Select options to add Samsung contacts.
  4. Check the boxes for required folders.
  5. Choose CSV> Click Convert Button.

Why Export Samsung Phone Contacts to Excel?

  • It’s the most convenient way to backup Samsung contacts to ensure security, incase of data loss.
  • Allows you to organize contacts in spreadsheets and enables you to categorize, label, and short based on name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • If you export Samsung contacts to CSV, it will become easy for you to share with any friend or colleague.
  • If you export Samsung phone contacts to Excel, you can easily add additional fields, notes, or comments, anytime you want.
  • Excel files are easy to access through several devices by anyone, meaning you can open, view, edit and share contacts across any platform.

How to Export Samsung Phone Contacts to CSV?

Exporting Samsung contacts to Excel can only be challenging, if you are using the advanced way. However, in the following method we have explained all the possible ways, including manual and advanced to export Samsung contacts to CSV with step-by-step procedure:

1st Method- Export Samsung Phone Contacts to Excel with Google Contacts

For this, you have the perform two steps along with their substeps:

Step 1- Sync Samsung Phone Contacts with Google Contacts

Open your Samsung Phone> Go to settings> Click on Google> Select Account Services> Head to Google Contacts Sync> Status> then turn on Automatically Sync.

Step 2- Export Google Contacts to CSV

1. Now open the Google contacts and login to it.

2. From the Google Contacts interface, head to the Contacts section.

3. You will see an Export icon in the right hand corner.

4. Select Google CSV, then Hit Export button.

In case you are unable to sync Samsung contacts with Google Contacts then try another method to export Samsung phone contacts to Excel.

2nd Method- Export Samsung Contacts to Excel with MS Windows Explorer

Follow the given steps:

Step 1- Export vCard of Samsung Contacts

1. Bring your Samsung smartphone and go to contacts app.

2. Tab on the three dots (Menu button).

3. Select Settings then click Export to export Samsung phone contacts to Excel.

4. Choose the contacts to export or click Select All.

5. Lastly, Hit the Export button to save contacts in .VCF file.

6. Now simply transfer the exported Samsung contacts to your computer.

Step 2: Save Samsung Contacts as CSV

1. Launch the Microsoft Windows Explorer.

2. Open the Contacts folder and search navigate to open c:/users/()/contacts/ location.

3. Now click on the Import button and select the Samsung contact folder that you just transferred.

4. Next, Click Export and select CSV from the list.

If you find the manual methods too challenging and frustrating, and need a solution that can easily export Samsung contacts to CSV in a hassle free way and without making an effort then try the 3rd method.

3rd Method- Advanced Way to Export Samsung Phone Contacts to Excel

BitRecover vCard Converter can help you to effortlessly save all the contacts from the Samsung phone in a CSV file and easily open them in Excel. The manual methods won’t help if you have a bulk of Samsung contacts, but this tool can. You can easily transfer a large number of Samsung Phone contacts to Excel within a few clicks.

Moreover, through this tool, you can also specify which folders you want to export. You can select the required folders and easily import them in Excel with all the details available in your Samsung phone contacts. See how the software works.

Steps to Export Samsung Phone Contacts to CSV

First export the Samsung Phone contacts using the method we explained above, the follow these steps and convert vCard to CSV to save Samsung contacts in Excel in advanced way:

1. Download the solution from the website and install it on your computer. Read all the information provided. Export Samsung Phone Contacts to Excel
2. Use the dual selection options to add the VCF file or folders of Samsung contacts. add samsung contacts
3. The solution will show a preview of the selected contacts folders. choose samsung contact folders
4. Click on the Saving options and select CSV from the options.  select CSV
5. Choose the location where you want to save the converted file. path
6. Click Next to start the conversion process to export Samsung phone contacts to Excel. Export Samsung Phone Contacts to Excel
7. Once done, the tool will open the folder where the converted CSV file is saved automatically. Export Samsung Phone Contacts to Excel


In this article, we’ve shown you how to export Samsung phone contacts to Excel easily. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we’ve explained simple ways for you to do it without any hassle. Samsung phones are great for keeping lots of contacts safely. But it’s smart to have a backup plan just in case. That’s where Excel comes in handy. With Excel, you can keep your contacts organized and safe. We’ve explained different ways to export Samsung contacts to CSV, from using Google Contacts to more advanced tools like BitRecover Samsung Contacts to Excel Converter. Just follow the steps, and you’ll have your contacts safely stored in no time.