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Free vCard Reader

VCF File Extension Viewer browses the vCard files from all version such as vCard 4.1, vCard 2.1, iCard, hCard, xCard and from any Mobile OS i.e. Android and Windows, iOS. This software explores any editions vCard files in original file format. Additionally, it contains easy and simple to use graphical user interface for reading vCard files. vCard Opener compatible with all versions of Windows OS to read VCF files. The ultimate application is handy, extracts all VCF/vCard information, and rapidly open the data items without any loss information.

Essential Features of vCard Explorer

  • Free VCF viewer to open vCard files instantaneously.
  • VCF file format reader retains integrity of data while viewing VCF file.
  • No file size and content length limitation to read vCard file
  • Error-free and secure vCard Opener utility to download.
  • Allowed to view all SmartPhones VCF file with associate information - Job Title, Web page address, Business Address, Business Phone No, Business Fax no, Mobile phone number etc.
  • 100% safe as well as risk-free application with guarantee.
  • vCard file viewer is readable on all Windows Operating System.
  • Allows browsing damaged/corrupted contact files and explore VCF files of any size.
  • Open vCard file from any vCard edition.
  • Capable to read, view contact from vCard file.

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Generic FAQs

vCard simply a file format standard for electronic business card. It is often attached to email messages, but can be exchanged in other ways like- instant messaging, word wide web. It contains address and name information, email address, photographs etc. Moreover, it is widely supported by email and services.

Benefits of vCards:

  • They, are quick simple and affordable.
  • It is easier for people to add you to their contacts.
  • Use it as a hub for your networks.
  • Easily import and export multiple contacts in one file, and quickly add someone to your contacts. It includes: title, name, fax, city, state, phone and zip.

Troubleshooting FAQs

Yes, VCF file format reader is capable of open vCard file. This software has viewed any type of vCard file extension such as- damaged and corrupted file.

No, the best vCard viewer designed in such way that you can easily view, read and open any number of files without any issue.

Don’t worry, the vCard reader software does not introduce any type of corruption in the VCF files and it is fully safe to open the vCard files in it.

Yes, VCF Viewer capable to view vCard file from any edition of Windows Operating System- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows NT etc.

No, it is freeware software that allows to preview vCard VCF files but BitRecover has another tool to save .vcf files to .csv format without manipulating any information.

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