How to Import vCard Contacts to Samsung Galaxy?

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 2nd, 2024 • 5 Min Read

In this article, learn an effective approach to import vCard contacts to Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Telephone contacts are significant – they’re the way we stay connected and are a basic asset in both personal and professional environments. It’s a good idea that you need a comprehensive contact list on your Samsung Galaxy phone.

So do you know how to do this? Indeed, your PC’s email program is undoubtedly a storehouse of contacts you have developed throughout the years. You can send out these contacts from your email service and afterward, import them into your Samsung phone.

The key is to save your contacts from your email service in the vCard file format. vCard VCF contact files. It is compatible with numerous smartphones such as Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Nexus, and Lenovo. These .vcf contact files are not heavyweight and can easily be connected to email messages. So, one can effortlessly import vCard contacts to Samsung smartphones by following the right approach.

Import VCF Files to Samsung’s All Smartphones

By using this technique, you can easily import VCF contacts to Samsung’s all-series smartphones, i.e., Galaxy S Series, Galaxy Note Series, Galaxy Z Series, Galaxy A Series, Galaxy A Series, Galaxy M Series, Galaxy F Series, and Galaxy J Series.

How to Import vCard Contacts to Samsung Phone?

After getting vCard contacts, follow the steps given below to import vCard to Samsung Galaxy phones.

Please note- This process is performed by using Samsung Galaxy J7. However, you can perform this migration process using any of your Samsung phones.
  1. First of all, link your device to a computer, and configure your Samsung device. Select all contact files that you have exported from the email service by the above solution. So, go to vCard files, then right-click to select the send option to import VCF contacts to Samsung smartphone.import vcf contacts to samsung
  2. Now, disconnect your Samsung device from your computer. Go to the contact section on your Samsung phone. Click Settings and then the Manage contacts optionmanage contacts
  3. After this, select the Import/ Export option to import vCard contacts to Samsung mobile phonesimport / export contacts
  4. Next, select Import vCard files (.vcf) from your Samsung device. Tap the Import tab
    import vcf file into samsung galaxy
  5. Afterward, choose the internal storage location to import vCard contacts to Samsung phones
  6. Thereafter, pick the required vCard files that you need to transfer to a Samsung device
  7. Select the destination location on your phone to store the vCard contacts
  8. This completes the process to import vCard to a Samsung phone.

Expert-Recommended Alternative for Some Queries

You can complete the operation to import vCard contacts to Samsung Galaxy smartphones without using any software. However, if someone wants to convert vCard files into other standard file extensions, then they are advised to go with this solution.

Try the BitRecover vCard Contact Converter Tool. It is the number one application for converting single or multiple .vcf contact files. The software can efficiently migrate vCard files with complete details like attachments, profile photo, full name, email, company, job title, website address, business address, business phone number, home phone number, business fax no, mobile phone no, and home address. Afterward, you can also transfer VCF contacts to Samsung Galaxy phones.

recommended alternative for some queries

It supports all types of vCard files taken from Google Apps/Gmail contacts, Entourage, Lotus Notes, etc. Thereafter, easily move vCard to Samsung by the following technique.

Frequently Asked User Queries

Q 1: I have 600 contacts in my Google mail account which I used to operate on my previous device. Now, I have bought a new Samsung smartphone and moved all my contacts there too. I have read somewhere, that the .vcf contact file will support my device. But, I don’t know how to import VCF files on Samsung galaxy. Please assist me to import vCard contacts to Samsung smartphones.

A: Use the above solution to transfer VCF contacts to Samsung phones.

Q 2: How to import contacts from the VCF file to Samsung M31?

A: You can also follow the above-mentioned steps to import vCard contacts to Samsung M31.

Q 3: Is it necessary to use recommended tool to import VCF file to Samsung Galaxy?

A: No, this process can be completed without using any software. Samsung smartphones have the capability to import VCF files into Samsung Galaxy directly.

Let’s Conclude

In this blog post, we have explained the proper way to import vCard contacts to Samsung phones. The tool discussed here is easy to understand and cost-effective solution. One can even try the free trial version to evaluate the software features. For unlimited contact migration, upgrade the license keys of the product.