How to Import Office 365 Contacts into Samsung Mobile Android Phone?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Are you searching for the solution to import Office 365 contacts into Samsung mobile? If yes then, you are landed at the correct place as Mr. Roy has come up with a complete solution to move Office 365 address book to Samsung Android phone.

Mr. Roy said that Office 365 has been enhancing its business communications since the day it came into existence. A cloud application is as widely spread as you can explore it. Both, the administrative and client level convenience has been taken into deliberation while upgrading it. Considering it, users now come up with needs to export Office 365 contacts to Android Phone. However, there is no direct way to be honest. Thus, the write-up focuses on probable workarounds steady for fulfilling the necessities. Moreover, the smartphone-based applications present to simplify the process further is elaborated with commercial help present to automate the process and as a result, make it completely user-friendly.

While researching I got various user’s queries to transfer Office 365 contacts to Samsung Android Phone as mentioned below:

  • Can I sync Office 365 contacts with Android Samsung?
  • How to transfer Office 365 address book to Samsung Galaxy S8?
  • How to convert Office 365 contacts to Android Phone directly?

Read on to know what the latest edition has in store to help you move MS Office 365 mailbox contacts into your Android device.

Export Process to Sync Office 365 Contacts with Android Device

While searching for the solution, I came to know that vCard is a universal format for storing all contacts that are supported by several email applications, smartphones, etc. Then, I planned to export all Office 365 contacts in vCard VCF format. But before that I need to extract my Office 365 contacts from Office 365 mailbox. I have shared the complete steps to extract Office 365 contacts in CSV format

Then, I downloaded CSV to vCard Wizard Software to perform Office 365 to import Office 365 contacts into Samsung mobile Android phone directly.

Export Contacts from MS Office 365

You can easily extract contacts from Office 365 mailbox to transfer from Office 365 to Samsung Mobile directly as mentioned below:

  • Open your Microsoft Office 365 mailbox.
  • Click on the People option from the title in MS Office 365 tile.
  • You will see the list of all contacts with name, email address, etc.
  • Choose contacts that you want to export.
  • Select Manage drop down tab >> export contacts.

Export contacts

  • Select Export format >> Microsoft Outlook CSV.

Once the export is done, the CSV file can be used to import all Office 365 contacts to Android phone.

Step-by-Step Process to Import Office 365 Contacts to Android Phone

Now, I was having Office 365 contacts on my machine, all I need to do is to convert Office 365 CSV to vCard format to use VCF file in any Android device.

Follow the given steps to sync Office 365 mailbox contacts with Android mobile in a way to use O365 contacts in Samsung Mobile easily as given below:

Convert Office 365 CSV to vCard VCF format

  • Firstly, download and install CSV to vCard converter on your Windows machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Browse the CSV file from the stored location on the software panel.

Browse the CSV file

  • Setup the contacts field mapping as per the need.

contacts field mapping

  • Choose the desired location to save Office 365 contacts file after moving to VCF format.

desired location

  • Set vCard Encoding option as ASCII from list of options.

vCard Encoding

  • Click on Convert button to start the conversion, once it is completed, you will get the message of completion on screen.

Convert button

Now, I was having my Office 365 contacts in VCF format, all I need to do is to import it in my Samsung Android phone.

Import vCard to Samsung Android Phone

  • Connect your device with your system and configure your Samsung phone properly. Choose all Office 365 contacts, i.e. VCF files >> right click to select to send option to transfer address book to your Samsung Phone.

send option

Note: We are using Samsung Galaxy J7 here to perform the process. You can use any of your Samsung Mobile to import Office 365 contacts to Android Phone.

  • You can now disconnect your Samsung phone with your system. Open contacts section in your any Samsung Mobile >> click on settings >> Manage Contacts option.

Manage Contacts

  • Choose Import/Export option to import Office 365 contacts to Android Phone.

ImportExport option

  • Choose option “Import vCard Files (VCF) from your Samsung Phone” >> click on Import button.

Import button

  • Select the desired Location (Internal Storage) Option to easily import your Office 365 contacts Android Samsung.


  • Select the desired VCF file to be imported into your Samsung Mobile phone.

desired VCF file

  • Choose the desired location in your mobile phone to save the imported contacts list, you can choose the Phone option.

Phone option

  • All the contacts are successfully imported from Office 365 to Samsung Mobile Android Phone, you can check the imported contacts in your contact list.

successfully imported

In this way, I import Office 365 contacts to Samsung Mobile Android Phone directly but before coming to the end, let us know the need to import Office 365 contacts to Android Phone.

Why Export Office 365 Contacts to Android Phone?

MS Office 365 is a perfect business collaboration and centralized data managing application for all levels of organizations. Though, since the emergence of smartphones, the communication system has to turn out to be mobile.

Nevertheless, an evolution of MS Office 365 over the past has made it probable for users to break all such bounds. You can carry around all your data and experience freedom of corporate communication.

Transferring corporate communications to a mobile device(s):

  • You can easily communicate under any kind of network environment. Though this is measured risk as using an open network to use your corporate mailbox may put it under any kind of risk to be misused. However, within a home network, or even own mobile data pack, the convenience of communicating through an Office 365 account can be in your hands.
  • You are free to transfer around without carrying around your laptop all time. Mobility is a big factor in firms, mainly for a higher level of connections. Some of job profiles need business travel that makes it problematic for users to all the time connected with proper internet to use Office 365 mailbox.

However, an evolution in the way technology and Office 365 now work, has carried all such changes to end-users.

By coming to the end of the talk, I must say that having the proper contacts management is the very first step in a way to continue your business. Therefore, I have discussed complete steps to import Office 365 contacts to Samsung Mobile Android Phone.