How to Convert vCard File to Excel Format Free?

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Published: May 10th, 2024 • 9 Min Read

Many users wish to convert vCard file to Excel Spreadsheet. You may wonder why? Well, the reason is that they want to put all their contact details under Rows and Columns for creating an email address database. Thereafter, users can use the created database for email marketing purposes.

Various home and professional users want to convert VCF file to Excel spreadsheets. Hence, they ask queries on several forum posting websites as:

  • How do I convert vCard to Excel Spreadsheet?
  • How to export contacts from VCF file to Excel?

There are several unavoidable reasons due to them users want to convert VCF to Excel as mentioned below:

  • Sometimes users want to view vCard contacts in Excel for editing purposes.
  • Users are aware of Excel functionality to perform multiple operations.
  • After exporting vCard to Excel format, users can access all the information without importing them to any specific application or device.
  • There are various programs available that allow editing and analyzing Excel files.

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Method #1: Quick Steps to Convert vCard File to Excel Using Windows Contacts

You can complete above mentioned quick steps to convert VCF to Excel Sheet. If you need proper guidance on completing this task, then continue to follow the below-mentioned steps mentioned in detail.

Step1 – Import vCard Files to Windows Contacts

  1. Press Windows + R (Run Command), enter the path of Windows Contacts as mentioned (%systemdrive%\users\%username%\contacts), and press the Ok button.
    windows run
  2. Thereafter, click the Import button as shown in the screenshot.
    windows contacts
  3. Select vCard (VCF File) option and hit the Import button.
    choose vcard option
  4. Pick a vCard file that you want to save into Excel Sheet and press Open.
    browse vcf file
  5. See the full details of the vCard file. Edit the details or confirm them and press OK.
    confirm contact details
  6. Repeat the same process again and again for each vCard contact.
    repeat confirm process
  7. After that, you can see the message of the successful import process.
    imported successfully
  8. Now, you can see imported vCard under Windows contacts.
    see imported contacts

Step2 – Export Excel CSV file from Windows Contacts

  1. Select all imported contacts and press the Export button to continue.
    export vcard to excel
  2. Thereafter, choose CSV (Comma Separated Values) and press Export.
    how to export vcard to excel
  3. Click the Browse button to select the desired destination path.
    browse destination path
  4. Enter the file name of your choice and hit the Save button.
    enter name for file
  5. After that, you can see the selected destination path. Click the Next button.
    destination path
  6. Choose all or required field names and press the Finish button.
    select required fields
  7. The vCard file is being converted to the Excel CSV format. Please wait.
    convert vcf to excel sheet
  8. The process to export VCF to Excel CSV has been successfully completed.
  9. At last, open the destination path to get the resultant CSV file, which can be opened using MS Excel Sheet.
    resultant excel csv

Step3 – Convert CSV file to XLSX format Using Excel

  1. Double Click on the resultant CSV file and open it with Excel.
    excel contacts
  2. Choose File >> Save As option to continue.
    save as
  3. Browse the destination path and select Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) from the drop-down menu.
    convert vcf contacts to excel
  4. Press the Save button to finally store the resultant file in Excel XLSX.
  5. vCard to Excel conversion has been completed successfully.

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Method #2: Convert VCF File to MS Excel Using Google Contacts

You need to complete these 3 steps to convert vCard file to Excel XLSX using Google Contacts. If you are facing problems with performing these steps, then read all the instructions in proper detail with real-time screenshots.

Step1 – Import vCard File to Google Contacts

  1. Login to your Google account and choose Google Contacts.
    gmail contacts option
  2. Select the Import button available under Google.
    import option
  3. Choose the Select File option to browse the vCard file.
    select file
  4. Select vCard file and hit the Open button.
    choose vcf contacts
  5. Click the Import button and stay continue.
    import button
  6. The process to import vCard to Gmail is running.

Step2 – Export Google Contacts to Excel CSV Format

  1. Login to Google Contacts and choose the Export button.
    export contacts
  2. Choose Export as Google CSV option as shown and press Export.
    choose files format
  3. Exporting contacts from Google to CSV format.
    convert vcard file to excel free
  4. See Google contacts exported in CSV extension.

Step3 – Convert CSV Contacts to XLSX Using MS Excel

  1. Double-click on CSV to open it in Excel.
    excel contacts
  2. Choose the File >> Save As option from the Excel program.
    save as
  3. Browse the destination path and choose Excel Workbook (*.xlsx) as a saving option.
    excel workbook xlsx
  4. Press the Save button to save CSV to XLSX file.

Manual Methods Limitations

  • It is a time-consuming process that allows you to export vCard to Excel sheets one by one. Moreover, there is no guarantee of data security, and any small error can cause data loss.
  • You will need to use Windows or Google Contacts as a mediator to perform this task.
  • This is quite a lengthy process that requires some technical knowledge. Hence, non-technical users may face issues.

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Method #3: Use Software to Convert vCard to Excel Bulk

BitRecover vCard Contacts Converter Wizard is a perfect application for those individuals who want to export contacts from VCF files to Excel Spreadsheets. With this tool, one can efficiently save vCard to Excel without losing any user information.

It is compatible with any vCard file like vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0. One can use this software to change VCF files of Google, iCloud, Outlook, Skype, etc., and store the converted files into an Excel sheet.

vCard to Excel Converter runs smoothly on all versions of Microsoft Windows Operating Systems as well as Mac OS Computers.

How to Convert vCard Contacts to Excel Workbook?
  1. Firstly, download and install VCF to Excel Converter on your machine.
    vcf to excel converter
  2. Select the required vCard files for the export process. This can be done in dual ways: Select Files and Select Folders option.
    select vcard files
  3. Check the preview vCard file and enable the necessary ones.
    choose specific vcf files
  4. Next, navigate to the list of saving options and choose CSV from it.
    select required saving option
  5. After this, enter the destination location to save converted Excel files.
    browse destination
  6. Lastly, click the Convert button to begin the conversion. The process of vCard to CSV conversion runs on your screen.
    convert vcard file to excel
  7. After the processing ends, you will get a conversion completed report. Tap the OK button to exit.
    completion message
  8. This ends the process to import vCard to Excel. Double-click on the resultant CSV file to open it with Excel Sheet.
    resultant data
vCard to Excel Converter Offline Tool Prime Features
  • Bulk Convert vCard Contacts to Excel: With this application, you can bulk export contacts from VCF file to Excel. It does not put any limitations on conversion. You can convert as many vCard files to Excel as you want.
  • Dual Ways to Load VCF Data: You have two options to import vCard files into the toolkit for conversion. The ‘Select Files’ option enables you to load single or multiple vCard files whereas the ‘Select Folders’ enables you to load a complete folder of vCard files. So, you can import a bunch of files in one go.
  • Ensures Data Integrity: The product keeps all the data and information intact throughout the process of converting VCF file to Excel.
  • No Necessity for External Application: This is a standalone application, which means there is no need to launch an external application for converting vCard files to Excel Sheet.
  • Keeps Intact Contact Details: While you import contacts from vCard file to Excel, the utility will hold all the contact information such as the full name, email, company, job title, website address, business address, business phone number, home phone number, business fax no, mobile phone no and home address.
  • Supports All versions of vCard Files: This VCF to Excel Converter is compatible with all vCard versions, for example, vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0, vCard 4.0, etc.
  • Offline Secure Software: vCard to Excel Converter Offline Software works without Internet connectivity. Also, it does not upload your crucial information on the server during vCard to Excel conversion. Thus, this tool is much safer as compared to other online VCF to Excel Converter applications.
The Closure

This article discussed the process of converting vCard file to Excel. The manual method is free but comes with certain limitations. You can use it for exporting a few contacts from vCard to Excel; however, to export more data, it is recommended that you go for the automated solution. Try the free trial version of this software to evaluate its proficiency. After getting satisfied, you can buy the license keys of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1: How do I convert vCard to Excel Workbook XLSX files?

Ans: We have mentioned the top 3 techniques to convert vCard file to Excel format, you can use any method according to your choice.

Ques 2: Can I convert vCard to Excel bulk using manual methods?

Ans: No, manual ways are only suitable to convert vCard to Excel XLSX format one by one. However, you can repeat the same steps multiple times to convert multiple files.

Ques 3: Can I convert VCF to Excel Sheet using online software?

Ans: We don’t recommend using online software to convert VCF file to Excel sheets due to security reasons. Online tools may store your crucial information and become a reason for data breaches and leaks.