How to Add VCF Contacts to Gmail 2021?

Mark Regan ~ March 9th, 2021 ~ Move Data

After reading this blog post, the following queries will be solved.

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Before starting the process of importing vCard to Gmail 2021 account, first get the basic important information related to the procedure because after that you can easily understand about exporting vCard to Gmail.

About vCard File

A vCard file is also known as VCF (Virtual Contacts File), which was specially designed to manage electronic business cards. A VCF file can contain all the information related to the business cards as Name, Email, Company, Job Title, Web Page Address, Business Address, Business Phone No, Home Phone No, Business Fax No, Mobile Phone No, Home Address, Profile Photos, Audio Clips, etc. A VCF file is used as data interchange format in various management programs like Personal Digital Assistants, Personal Information Managers, and Customer Relationship Management as well as most of the email clients and services allow to import and export contacts in vCard VCF format like Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, Netscape, IncrediMail, Zimbra, eM Client, Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Opera, etc.

How to Import Contacts from vCard to Gmail Account?

Just follow given steps for importing vCard to Gmail 2021 edition.

  • Login to your Google Mail account and click on 3×3 grid of dots as shown in the screenshot.

3x3 grid of dots

  • From here, choose Contacts option.

Choose Contacts

  • Now press More button.

Press More

  • Choose the Import option.


  • This popup window is asking to import contacts from other accounts and other files. From here, hit on the CSV or vCard file option.

CSV or vCard

  • Choose GO TO OLD VERSION from this popup message.


  • Select Import Contacts… option from old Gmail contacts.

Import Contacts…

  • Showing a message “We support importing CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora and some other apps. We also support importing vCard from apps like Apple Address Book”. Please select a CSV or vCard file to upload by clicking on Choose File.

Choose File

  • Select VCF or vCard file from your computer and press Open button.

Press Open

  • A vCard file is selected for importing, now click on Import button as shown in the screenshot.

Import button



After reading this informative blog post anyone can easily import vCard to Gmail contacts (upload VCF contacts to Gmail) without facing any difficulties as it is written by using real screenshots. The process to export vCard to Gmail is most helpful for many users who are looking for a reasonable solution for solving “how to add vCard to Gmail contacts” related queries.

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