How to Import vCard Contacts to Gmail Contacts? In Bulk

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary: If you have VCF file and looking for a relible method to import vCard to gmail contacts? So here you got the right page In this blog we will discribe the method to import vcf to gmail contacts in easy steps. so any technical user and non technical user can easyly Transfer VCF Files to Google Contacts without any trubble.

vCard File and Google Contacts

vCard file is a file format that is designed to store contact information. It is also known as VCF file format and saves different details like name, email, phone numbers, addresses, and even website URLs. This file format is used by email programs like Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail because it can easily import and export contact details.

On the other hand, Gmail Contacts is known as your address book where all the contact information is stored which includes names, emails, phone numbers, and other details. Google Contacts is a useful tool for anyone looking to stay organized and keep their contact information accessible across several devices.

Import vCard to Gmail Contacts with Benefits

  • Once your contacts are in Gmail, you may access them from any device with an internet connection.
  • Gmail allows you to classify or label your contacts, which makes them easier to search and manage.
  • If you use Gmail on several devices such as your phone and PC, your contacts will sync once imported.
  • Saving your contacts in Gmail provides a backup in case you lose your phone or its data. You may always access your contacts using Gmail.
  • Gmail connects with other Google services, such as Google Calendar, making it easy to manage your contacts with your other tasks.

Technique to Transfer VCF Files to Google Contacts

There are two methods to Import VCF to gmail contacts first one manual method and the other one is a professional method. The “manual method” is the process of manually importing VCF files into Google Contacts using the built-in features or options given by Google services. This method is 100% working but it has some limitations also you can import VCF files one by one in case you have more than one vCard file from different platforms then this technique becomes more complicated.

So to overcome these limitations, on the other hand, we have the “professional solution”. Using expert software will help you to import vCard to gmail contacts in bulk through this professional utility you can convert multiple VCF into a single CSV file.

Manual Method to Import vCard to Gmail Contacts 

  1. Firstly, login into your Gmail account. Then, go to the Google Apps icon.
    select app icon
  2. After that, select the Contacts option.
    select contacts
  3. Choose the Import option from the drop-down menu.
    select import option
  4. In the first tab, press the Select Files button.
  5. Now upload the VCF file. After that click the Finish button.
    Import vcard to gmail contacts
  6. lastly, You have successfully imported VCF to Google Contacts.

Quick Steps to Import vCard to Gmail Contacts In Batch

  1. Launch the tool on your PC.
  2. Insert vCard contact files into the software’s user interface.
  3. Select the necessary VCF files and hit Next.
  4. Choose one of the provided saving options.
  5. Browse the destination path to save output data.
  6. To begin converting vCard files, use the Convert button.

Features of Professional Solution

  • This utility can convert VCF files into different file types that are commonly used.
  • It can convert VCF files from various versions, making it easier for users. and it supports VCF files from any origin or platform.
  • After conversion, users can save the files to their preferred location.
  • Users can select certain contacts and export them in their preferred format.
  • Users can separate and merge different VCF contact files into one file.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What file formats are supported for bulk import of contacts into Gmail?
Gmail supports the import of vCard files (.vcf) for bulk adding of contacts.

Can I import vCard contacts to Gmail from different sources?
Yes, you can import VCF to Gmail contacts from various sources.

Will importing vCard files to Gmail account overwrite existing contacts?
Gmail gives you the option to merge or replace existing contacts with imported vCard contacts, so you can choose according to your preference.

Do I need to convert vCard files to a specific version before importing them to Gmail?
Gmail supports vCard versions 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0, so you don’t need to convert the vCard files before importing them.

What happens if there are errors during the import process?
If any errors occur during the import process, Gmail will notify you and provide details on the errors encountered, allowing you to address them accordingly.

Is there a way to undo the import if I accidentally import the wrong contacts?
Gmail does not have an undo feature for imports, so it’s essential to review the contacts carefully before finalizing the import process to avoid any mistakes.


After reading this informative blog post, anyone can easily import vCard to Gmail contacts (upload VCF contacts to Gmail) without facing any difficulties, as it is written using real screenshots. The process to export vCard to Gmail is most helpful for many users who are looking for a reasonable solution for solving “how to add vCard to Gmail contacts” related queries.