How to Import Outlook to eM Client?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Are you working on Outlook and not happy with it so want to import Outlook to eM Client?

If yes, then it’s time to change your email application and switch to eM Client email application.

Email applications are very much in use nowadays. Every other person is making use of email clients for sending and receiving emails globally. Multiple providers are available over the internet which enables users to perform the communication task from one place to another. Several email clients exist that help in accomplishing the task such as MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Scribe Mail, Inky, PocoMail, eM Client and etc. Each email client has been programmed according to the requirement of the different operating systems. Some are paid and some are completely free of cost. And due to this from individuals to professionals, everyone is enjoying the emailing task as it is easy to access.

MS Outlook is one of the popular email applications which comes with the Microsoft Office suite. It is a personal information manager that manages each and every piece of information that exists in Outlook from the calendar to web browsing. Outlook can also be integrated with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform to share documents, project notes, collaborate with colleagues, and send reminders and much more. But due to some drawbacks of MS Outlook, users are looking to import PST file into eM Client which is more advance to operate as compared to Outlook.

Why Do Users Import Outlook to eM Client?

eM Client is the email application that is used as an alternative to MS Outlook. eM Client is a functional dead ringer for Microsoft’s flagship email client and organizer with email, tasks, contacts, and calendaring and it is organized in largely the same fashion. eM Client offers the email basics, support for multiple accounts, is less buggy with this than MS Outlook, junk mail filtering, and is capable to organize and search. Moreover, it completely supports Gmail, Facebook, and Skype messaging, and it imports Outlook’s entire range of data; e-mail, contacts, tasks, and calendar appointments. The quickly accessible sidebar brings together all virtual assistants on one screen making end-user convenience an asset of the platform.

As per the above discussion, users are searching for a way out to import PST file to eM Client without data loss.

How to Import PST to eM Client?

Using the below steps, you can quickly import PST file into eM client.

Steps to import Outlook PST to eM Client

1. Run eM Client on your machine in order to import PST files into eM Client.

2. Go to menu >> click on File >> and select the “import” option.


3.  Choose the option “Import from Microsoft Outlook” and click on Next.


4.   Choose whether you want to import Outlook accounts and their content or a particular PST data file.


5. Select the PST file you want to import by clicking on the “Select File” option and clicking on Next.


6. Import the selected Outlook PST file and click on Next.

selected-pst data

7. Select Folders you want to import


8. Click one of the options, whether you want to import items to default folders in a specified account or to import data to a particular folder, and click on “Finish


9. Import from Outlook to eM Client process successfully completed.


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