Import OST to eM Client – Know How?

Move Data, September 27, 2018

In my organization, we use Exchange Server for data management. The cache copy of user account on Exchange Server creates OST file.  As OST files allow users to work offline and synchronize the changes with Exchange Server when they connect to the server again. But many times, the situation arises where Exchange Server goes through unplanned downtime due to which mailboxes cannot be synced. To avoid such a situation in future, I planned to import OST to eM Client. As eM Client is the default email application on my machine to manage my email data.

To execute OST to eM Client migration, I started searching on the Internet the way to move OST to eM Client application. After a lot of searches, I found there are various other users like me who had the same queries as:

  • How can I convert Outlook OST file to eM Client?
  • How to transfer OST to eM Client directly?
  • How can I save my OST files to eM Client application?

After reading a lot of articles on the web, I found that eM Client does not allow to import OST files directly. Then, from one of the forum site, I got way to save offline data files (.ost) on eM Client application. I implemented the whole solution then, easily transferred my OST files to eM Client application easily. In the following write-up, I have come up with a solution to transfer OST to eM Client application after executing the process by my own.

Steps-by-Step Process to Import OST to eM Client

Follow the given steps of instructions to import OST files to eM Client application.

As eM Client does not give any direct option to import OST files. Therefore, first, we need to convert OST file to PST or EML format. The biggest question comes up how to convert OST files to PST or EML format.

Then, you can use BitRecover OST Converter Wizard software as it directly convert OST to PST and EML format. The tool retains the integrity of data in exact form after conversion. The best thing is that it migrates multiple Offline files to PST or EML format without compromising the quality of data.

Once you have the data in EML or PST format then, you just need to import the data files into eM Client application.

Select format

If you wish to import EML to eM Client Application

Once you have all the data in .eml format. Then, you just need to import EML to eM Client as it gives an option to directly save .eml files into eM Client application. Just open and follow the given steps on the link given below:

If you wish to import PST to eM Client Application

  • Open your eM Client application on your system.
  • Click on the Menu option >> select File >> choose an Import option.


  • From an import window, select option of Outlook Personal Storage (.pst) >> click on Next button.


  • If you have Outlook configured as well as installed on your same system then, it will take the default location automatically to import PST in eM Client >> Click Next button.

Next button

  • If you do not have MS Outlook configured or installed on same system then, you can simply change location by clicking on the Select Files option and browse Outlook PST file from saved location >> Click on Next button.

Select Files

  • Check desired PST to import on eM Client >> click on Next button.

Select file

  • Choose the desired option to save the imported files on eM Client. If you want to save the data in default root then, choose the first option, i.e. import data to default root.

Import data to default root

  • If you want to save the imported data into the specific folder then, click on the second option and click on Select Folder option.

Select folder

  • If you want to save the imported data in the new folder then, click on the option of New Folder.

New Folder

  • Give desired name to the newly created folder >> click on Ok button.


  • On Import Window, click on the Finish button to proceed further.


  • Once all PST files are imported, you will get a completion message.


In this way, you can import OST to eM Client application without any data loss even I used the same process. Many times, users also need to export their eM Client emails to other email data formats. Even, I have also discussed the solution for this also. Just read further to understand in details.

Instant Solution to Export eM Client Emails

eM Client Converter Wizard Software is a complete solution to export eM Client database to various email clients like Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. The application takes on a few moments and saves multiple eM Client files to desired formats like PST, EML, MSG, EMLX, MBOX, HTML, etc. Tool retains the integrity of data after conversion to the required file format.

No any external utility is needed to execute the data migration process. The program is operable on all Windows OS both 32 and 64-bit version. The application only needs eM Client data to execute the export process.

Summing Up

I completely understand the need to import OST to eM Client application. Therefore, I have shared a complete solution to save OST files in eM Client application after executing the whole process by my own. If you still get stuck at any point then, feel free to contact us.

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