How to Import OST File into Outlook with Free Techniques?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Summary: This blog post explains the step-by-step procedure to import OST file into Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 editions with complete crucial and confidential data. Find out the manual method possibilities to open OST file in Outlook for free. Additionally, get a professional solution beyond using manual ways to import OST to Outlook desktop clients.

When users configure an Exchange Server email account with MS Outlook personal information manager, a local copy of their information is stored in the local directories of the computer. This functionality helps users to access previously synced data in offline mode without the availability of an internet connection.

The Offline Storage Table (OST) File is sensitive and highly prone to corruption. If somehow your OST file gets damaged, it becomes inaccessible. To fix it, users must go through various technical guidelines.

Upcoming sections explain the tips to import OST to Outlook 2010 to 2021 editions with all data attributes. So, read the post thoroughly, and get the manual precise solutions. Also, get professional software if you are in a situation where manual methods fail to open OST files in Outlook.

Scenarios Where Need to Open OST File in Outlook

Exchange Server Down or Crash: When the Exchange Server crashes or is down for a scheduled maintenance period. Then various working professionals may wish to import OST file into Outlook for work continuity.

Upgrading Computer: Sometimes users may have a desire to upgrade their computer. After purchasing the new machine, they prefer to move OST file to new computer. Hence, they wish to add OST file to Outlook 2021 latest edition.

Orphan OST File: There are some situations when users may have orphan OST files with crucial and confidential data. After that, they want to import OST into Outlook to read email information.

Recovery of Deleted Items: If emails are accidentally deleted from the Exchange Server and deletion is synchronized with the OST file. Hence, they want to open OST file in Outlook to perform the OST recovery process to restore deleted items.

How to Import OST File to Outlook Manually?

Our respective client can perform the multiple ways to add OST file to Outlook with some mandatory terms and conditions. First, your OST file should be connected to Outlook. Second, your Outlook should be in proper working condition.

If you meet both above mentioned requirements, then you can follow the upcoming manual ways for opening OST files in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2021 versions.

Note That: There is no direct way available to import orphan OST file to Outlook. In this case, this is mandatory to first convert OST to PST and then import converted PST in Outlook. Hope you understand.

Add OST File to Outlook Using Import Export Wizard

Outlook comes with an inbuilt Import Export Wizard utility; you can perform a few simple steps to open OST files in Outlook within 2 phases:

Phase 1: Export Emails

  1. Start MS Outlook on a Windows Computer and choose File.
  2. Then, select Open & Export and choose Import/Export.
    Import and export
  3. After that, choose Export to a file and hit the Next button.
    Export to a file
  4. Pick Outlook Data File (.pst) and press Next.
    Outlook data file (.pst)
  5. Select the desired profile and folder to export accordingly.
    Import OST file into Outlook
  6. Click Browse and set a specific destination location.
  7. Lastly, press Finish to export emails in PST format.

Phase 2: Import Emails

  1. Launch MS Outlook on your machine and click File.
  2. After that, select Open & Export >> Import Export.
    Open & Export
  3. Next, choose Import from another program and file.
    Import from another program
  4. Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and press the Next button.
    Outlook Data File
  5. Browse PST file from a stored location for importing.
    Browse PST
  6. Select a folder to import PST file in Outlook.
    Import OST to Outlook
  7. Click the Finish button to begin the import process.

Note: You can import OST file into Outlook process by completing the 2 phases mentioned above. However, your Outlook where OST files are stored must be properly running.

Import OST to Outlook Using Archive Settings

  1. Start the Outlook client and select the File option.
    File option
  2. Then, select Options to open Outlook options.
  3. Choose Advanced >> AutoArchive Settings.
  4. Enable AutoArchive Settings and click Browse.
    Add OST file to Outlook
  5. Set a path to store the archive.pst file and OK.
    Archive location
  6. Now press the OK button to start archiving.
    Open OST file in Outlook
  7. Open the destination path and get the archive.pst file.

Note: After getting the archive.pst file from the selected destination, you can import it into Outlook as we have described in above phase 2. Using Archive settings, anyone can easily open OST file in Outlook. This method does not allow to add contacts from OST to Outlook.

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Pro Way to Import OST File into Outlook

BitRecover OST Converter Wizard is an expert-recommended solution to batch import OST files to Outlook with all Meta attributes. The software ensures complete data conversion without any failure and downtime.

The graphical interface of the toolkit is easy to use and can easily be accessible by non-technical users. The software allows you to export OST files with Email data, entire Contacts, Calendar data, Journals, Tasks, Notes, & so on., and keeps all the attachments as they were, in their original state. Additionally, the software is capable to repair damaged OST file.

The automated solution offers a trial edition to its users so that one can evaluate the toolkit performance without investing any amount in it. Once you are satisfied with the working of the toolkit, then users can activate the licensed key for good.

How to Add OST File to Outlook?

  1. Start the software and use the automated option to add OST files.
    Add OST files
  2. Select the required folders from the software panel and click Next.
    Select required folders
  3. Afterward, choose PST as a preferred saving option.
    Select PST
  4. Choose a specific destination path to store the resultant PST.
    Import OST file into Outlook
  5. Click the Convert button and save the resultant emails in PST format.
    Open OST file in Outlook

Questions? We Have Answers

Q 1: What is the use of OST File in Outlook?

Offline Storage Table (OST) is created when you configure your account with the Exchange Server or IMAP. The OST file contains all the emails, contacts, calendars, etc. Also, you access all the messages and reply to them, and once you are connected to the internet, it will update all changes to the server.

Q 2: Can you import an OST file into Outlook?

Manually, it’s not possible to import orphan OST files but you can complete it with some terms and conditions as explored above. However, you can continue with an automated solution to import OST to Outlook without failure.

Q 3: Why does the OST file get corrupted?

Reasons for corruption:

  • Bad Sector in Hard Drive
  • Sudden System Failure and Power Failure
  • Network or Synchronizing Errors
  • Bugs and Virus in Storage Devices

Q 4: I want to create an individual PST file for each user. Is it possible?

Yes, the automated solution allows you to create a separate file for each user with a mailbox size limit.

Q 5: How to locate OST file in Outlook?

  1. Launch Outlook and select the File option.
  2. Select Account Settings from Account Settings.
  3. Click on Data Files and choose the Open File Location option.
  4. The OST file location will be opened successfully.

Q 5: Does the software permit batch import OST to Outlook?

Yes, this is a robust tool to import OST files into Outlook in batch.


There are various scenarios where users need to import OST file into Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and below editions, but no specific solution is available to perform this task. However, today’s post assists users in every step to add file OST to Outlook, including attachments. With the help of the above-mentioned tips and tricks, one can easily import OST to Outlook with all Meta attributes.