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  • Convert Outlook OST Files in 30+ Emails & Documents File Formats
  • Extract Only Contacts from Exchange OST Files & Save in vCard & CSV
  • OST Converter Allows to Export Calendars from Exchange OST & Save in ICS (iCal)
  • Recovery Option to Convert Corrupted Outlook OST Files to Healthy Formats
  • Convert Inaccessible, Encrypted and Orphaned OST File Without Exchange Server
  • Automatically Loads Outlook Data Files (OST) from Default Storage Location
  • Download OST File Converter Software and Install on Any Windows & Mac OS System

Why OST File Converter?

The updated version of Outlook OST File Converter Tool is fully loaded with several advanced features which make it unique to convert OST files without losing information. BitRecover OST Converter Software supports Encrypted, Compressible, Exchange Server, IMAP, Outlook OST (Offline Storage Table) files successfully without showing any error message. It is also compatible with both ANSI & Unicode OST files. So it is well suitable for Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc., users. This converter for OST file comes with 30+ saving formats and it is capable to export emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from OST files to standard file formats. The OST Converter Tool keeps all specific components such as cc, bcc, date, time, inline image, attachment, hyperlink, email folder, contacts, calendar, journal, tasks, junk email, notes, deleted items, etc. OST File converter for Win & Mac OS offers different file naming options which are helpful for easy file management in multiple styles.

File Formats

Desktop Clients

All OST Files

Windows Mail



Cloud Services

Users expectation

Easy to Use GUI (Graphical Users Interface).

Convert Single As Well As Multiple OST Files at Once.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee*.

Selective Data Migration.

Fast Conversion Speed with 100% Accuracy.

Generates A Log Report of Converted Data.

Shows Live Conversion Progressive Report.

What OST Converter Provides?

Automatic and Manual Ways to Browse OST Files.

Several Options for Archiving OST Files.

Extract Contacts and Calendars Without Limitation.

Export Emails from Outlook OST Files to Generic Formats.

Supports OST Files of MS Outlook, Exchange Server, IMAP Server, etc.

Separate Option to Save Converted Messages in Same Source Folder.

Multiple File Naming Conversion Options for Data Management.

OST Converter Tool - Key Features

Know The Software Functionality to Convert Outlook OST Files

Archiving OST Files

Dual Mode to Browse OST Files

OST Converter is a sophisticated utility that enables you to export numerous OST files in a single operation to a specified file format. Additionally, it has a variety of options for adding OST files. You can choose OST files option if you need to convert OST files only. For a complete folder conversion, please select Choose Folders option. Also, this advance tool provides so many advance savings. So, use this app and start converting Outlook OST files.

Export OST Files

Export OST File Contacts / Calendars

BitRecover OST Converter is a well-suitable product to extract contacts from Outlook OST files to vCard VCF (Virtual Contacts Format) and CSV (Comma-separated Values) format. The tool also allows to convert OST calendars in ICS (iCal) format. vCard, CSV, and ICS are known as standard file formats which can be easily imported into multiple email clients / emails services / mobile devices / tablets / computers, etc.

Convert Damaged OST Files

Convert Damaged OST Files in Bulk

OST file Converter provides the "Recovery Mode" option for making the task easy if users want to repair damaged OST files and convert in bulk. The Recovery Mode option is helpful in converting corrupted OST files. Using software you can choose multiple OST files or folders from your computer. The tool allows you to export multiple OST files at once with data accuracy.

Files with Components

Convert OST Files with Components

BitRecover OST converter software is fully capable to export data from OST files to a wide range of file formats including all email attributes and properties such as cc, bcc, date, time, inline image, attachment, hyperlink, email folder, contacts, calendar, journal, tasks, junk email, notes, deleted items, text formatting, Internet header, signature, subject, etc.

User Friendly GUI

User Friendly Graphical Interface

The welcome (first starting) screen of this OST file exporter software provides detailed information about the working process of this software. The tool comes with simple to use GUI (graphical users interface), so that it can be easily operated by both technical as well as non-technical users. Now, one can easily export OST file without facing hassle.

Large Sized OST Files

Export Large Sized OST Files

The OST File Converter is designed to convert and transfer unlimited OST files without any file size limitation. We have tested this software successfully with various sample OST file sizes of 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB up to 1 TB OST file. This feature is most helpful for corporate users having large size OST files to convert.

Move Selective OST Folders

Convert Selective OST Folders

It is also a beneficial feature of this software to convert only selective folders of OST files. Suppose, you load one or more OST folders in software panel to convert into other format. But you want to export only “Inbox” folder emails then you can select only this folder and proceed the process. The OST Converter Software previews OST folders in software, from here users can choose only desired folders to export OST file / folder.

File Naming Options

Different File Naming Options

OST Converter Wizard provides multiple file naming options to convert OST files so that users can manage their single emails or converted documents by original file name, date, time, subject, from and auto increment. This option is important to manage the emails or documents according to users or organizations need. This feature is most helpful for data management.

Convert Encrypted OST Files

Convert Encrypted OST Files

Microsoft Outlook has an option to secure OST files with encryption i.e. no encryption, compressible encryption, and high encryption. OST converter software supports all types of encrypted OST files to convert them in desired file formats. So, if you need to export OST files which are protected, then use this app.

Scan OST Files

Scan OST Files to Get Back Important Data

OST Converter Wizard has an inbuilt option to scan OST files to save them in healthy format. If you have inaccessible OST file then you can use this OST migration tool will save it into healthy format.

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Exchange, & IMAP Server Supported

The tool is capable of working with OST files of Microsoft Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. and Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 (SP1, SP2, SP3) etc. It also supports IMAP Server OST (Offline Storage Table) files.

No Microsoft Outlook

No Microsoft Outlook Installation Require

OST Converter Tool is a standalone software which does not require Microsoft Outlook or Exchange Server configuration for conversion. It requires only OST files to export emails in multiple generic file formats.

All OST Files

Compatible with All OST Files

OST conversion software is consistent with Encrypted, Compressible, Configured, Orphaned OST files and allows export them in multiple email / document / email client / email server, etc. formats with fastest speed. It provides 100% error-free resultant data.

Load OST Files Automatically

Load OST Files Automatically

If MS Outlook is configured in your computer then this application will load OST files automatically from default storage location. Users can also choose OST files manually for adding in software panel by clicking on Select Files or Select Folders options.

OST Converter Software - Free Download

Know Minimum System Specifications to Download & Use the Tool with Ease

OST file converter Box
Software Download
Size 27.4 MB
Version 12.5
Take a Trial - Download OST file converter tool to evaluate by converting 25 emails from each OST folder.
280 Ratings

Trial Limitations

Free demo version of this software is helpful to test the and its conversion process. So it is beneficial to evaluate the software and feature. Free version is same as pro edition but it can convert maximum 25 emails from each folder of OST file to desired format.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
117.5 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 1 GB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent

Supported Editions

Windows 11 & All Below Windows Versions

OST Converter Tool - Comparison

Feature Comparison of OST File Converter Tool - Free and Full Version

Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Load Mailbox Folders
Multiple Saving Options
File Naming Options
Windows 11 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported
Backup Unlimited OST Files First 25 emails per folder All Items
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%
Cost FREE $39
Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

How can I check whether my OST file is synchronized with Exchange Server or not?

You can simply check for the synchronization of your OST file in the following steps:

  • Right click on the offline folder to view its properties.
  • Open Synchronization tab and read synchronization info.

If the “#items” value is same for server folder and Outlook offline folder, then your OST is synchronized with Exchange Server. Otherwise, if values do not correspond, your OST is not synchronized with the Exchange Server.

You should go for the following approaches to manually fix crashed Outlook account:

Approach 1: Permanently Kill Outlook Ongoing Processes

Firstly, kill all the running processes for Outlook application by the following steps:

  • Browse Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ ALT + Delete.
  • Click on “Processes” option
  • Choose all the running processes related to:”Outlook”, “communicator”, “Lync”, “ucmapi
  • Click on End Task option to kill all Outlook processes.

Approach 2: Disable Cache Mode

The Exchange cached mode might be enabled on your system, which may have crashed the application. Disable the cached mode in following way:

  1. Exit Outlook application and open Control Panel.
  2. Browse Mail > Email Accounts > Email options.
  3. Select the account for which error is generated.
  4. Click on Change option to view settings.
  5. Unmark the Use Cached Exchanged Mode option.
  6. Click on Next and Finish to save the changes made.

Now, start Outlook application to access your account without any error.

The Offline OST file can be easily synchronized with server by making small changes in the settings. Once, the changes are made your OST will get automatically synchronized and will make changes to server on establishment of connection.

  • Under Outlook account, browse Tools > Options > Mail Setup
  • Click on Send/Receive option.
  • Check mark Send immediately when connected option.
  • Under Send/Receive dialog box, choose Perform an automatic send / receive.
  • Click on Save to make the changes made.

There are two main situations to create OST file:

  1. In latest MS Outlook editions if any user configure MS Outlook with IMAP protocol then it creates *.ost file to save data
  2. If MS Outlook configured with POP3 protocol (Post Office Protocol3) then it will create *.pst file to save data but if users connect POP3 configured MS Outlook with Exchange server then it creates extra *.ost file also.

Microsoft Outlook provides high level security for OST files because most of corporate users prefer it. But sometimes if MS Outlook got corrupted then OST files can’t be accessed again in Microsoft Outlook. A lot of users want to convert their important data from OST files to use it again in MS Outlook and other email clients so OST file conversion is important.

OST Converter Wizard comes with 3 types of different licenses as following

  1. Standard License – It is suitable for personal use, it can be install on 2 computers and it gives 15 saving options.
  2. Pro License – It is suitable for business use, it can be install on 10 computers and it gives 20 saving options.
  3. Migration License – It is suitable for migration projects, it can be install on unlimited computers and it gives 30 saving options.

Yes! It is well suitable software to convert OST file that is not connected to MS Exchange server.

Yes, it supports NST file conversion. Software supports .nst files created by Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino, which is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook. Also supports conversion of Outlook 2016 .nst files Outlook.nst, Office 365 .nst files.

Yes, OST Converter Software supports to export large OST files easily.

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