How to Convert ODT Files to JPEG Image Format ? – The Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read
Summary- Do you know what is the initial step to change over from text document format to an image format such as conversion of OpenOffice ODT to image format like JPG? Here’s everything you require to understand how to convert ODT to JPG format.

Numerous users promptly head to online tutorials to rapidly track down a choice that will deal with the ODT to JPG conversion for them. In any case, that isn’t the most secure or solid approach to finish this process.

The ODT file to JPG conversion was once full of difficulties, but there are now amazing conversion solutions available to get this process done.

With BitRecover ODT to JPG converter tool, dealing with ODT file conversion tasks is clear and straightforward. Plus point is that the tool does not expects you to upload your delicate OpenOffice business documents to an unknown server. The complete saving of OpenOffice files as JPG is done with utmost security without any information loss.

When You Should Convert ODT to JPG ?

There are numerous scenarios in which an OpenOffice to JPG Converter is a precious tool for your work. Some of the most usual instances when you will need to save OpenOffice files as JPG format comprises:

  1. You have multiple OpenOffice ODT documents, but you want that files to be published online as an image so you want to convert a .odt file to a JPG.
  2. You have important content within an ODT file that you require to incorporate as a picture in another program like in a PowerPoint presentation.
  3. There is an urgent need for distributing a portion of your saved ODT documents so you wish to export ODT file to JPG.

No matter the reason why you intend to convert ODT to JPG, the process is simpler than you think. There is no need to utilize unreliable applications.

Trustworthy ODT to JPG Converter Software

At present, one can utilize multiple file extensions to place their images in a structured manner. JPEG extension is one of them. BitRecover ODT to JPG Converter is a software that allows saving OpenOffice as JPG after uploading the ODT files straight from the personal computer.

Whether you are utilizing ODT files on a Windows or a Mac, switching a file from ODT to JPG takes virtually no time at all. The complete ODT file to JPG conversion is very easy with this software and offers you flexibility when working with ODT documents.

Convert ODT File to JPG in these Five Simple Steps

This reliable ODT to JPG converter tool has five steps to save ODT as JPG. Upload ODT files, choose a saving option, and convert ODT document to JPG. That’s it!

To start with, download and install the ODT to JPEG conversion tool on your Windows or Mac machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

Now, select ODT files or a folder containing files from your database. You can import more than one ODT document at once with this option.

Then, if you have chosen the folder option, the tool will take you to the location where you have stored multiple ODT files. Here, choose the file and click on the Select Folder button.

Thereafter, check the path of the selected ODT documents in the ODT to JPG converter toolkit.

After this, specify or you can enable the desired files which you wish to convert into JPG picture format.

Next, take the mouse cursor to the saving options list and select JPG format from it.

At this step, browse a location on your computer where you intend to save the OpenOffice to JPG converter files.

Finally, tap on the convert button. This will quickly begin the process to convert ODT to JPG format.

Once the entire conversion of ODT files to JPG is done, you can see a conversion report. The software will automatically take you to the specified destination location of the output.

Save OpenOffice Files as JPG – Key Features of Software

Compatible with All Windows OS: This ODT to JPG converter software is very much compatible with the latest and older versions of Microsoft Windows OS. It runs smoothly on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, etc.

Convert ODT to JPG in Bulk: There is no need to select file one by one because the ODT to JPG file conversion tool makes this process easier for you. With this tool, you can choose multiple files in a single attempt and can save ODT documents as a JPG in bulk. This will save your time and enhance your work productivity largely.

Consistent and High Image Quality: This OpenOffice document to JPG export software will provide you excellent output image quality. It does not compromise the integrity of data and gives 100% precise results.

Excellent Graphical User Interface: The interface of ODT to JPG conversion tool is very easy to understand and thus you can navigate it with great simplicity.

Standalone Software: This tool is designed keeping in mind each aspect of user requirements. Thus, without any external application support, one can convert ODT to JPG without hassle.

Commonly Asked User Queries

How to Convert ODT to JPG Image format?

Follow these steps to convert ODT file to JPG:

  • Download & Open ODT to JPG Converter.
  • Select single or multiple ODT documents.
  • Enable required OpenOffice files for conversion.
  • Choose JPG as a saving format.
  • Browse a destination location for the output.
  • Start to convert ODT document to JPG format.

Is there any ODT document to JPG free conversion tool also available for trial purpose?

Yes, you can use the ODT to JPG conversion tool freeware. It allows converting few ODT files to JPG format.

How to convert an ODT file to JPG on mac?

Download the recommended ODT file to JPG export tool on your Mac machine. Follow the steps explained above to change ODT document to JPG.

How to change ODT file to JPG format?

Use the ODT to JPG tool in order to make a JPG from an ODT document.

Do I need to have OpenOffice installation in order to switch a file from ODT to JPG?

No! It is independent software that does not require any external app to save OpenOffice files as JPG.

Make your ODT to JPG Image Conversion Tasks Easier Today

Across the internet, you can comfortably find various online tools to convert ODT file to JPG. But, this software can pose a serious threat to the integrity of your database. With BitRecover ODT to JPG Converter, you gain more than just a file or email conversion tool. You access a proficient ODT document to JPG image conversion tool that will become as important as Microsoft Office tools to your workplace.

This application will offer you a fully-fledged conversion solution with high-resolution output JPG images that you can store for future reference.