How to Convert MSG to JPG Format in Bulk?

Rollins Duke   
Published: November 16th, 2022 • 6 Min Read

Overview: This informative blog will provide you detailed method to convert Outlook MSG to JPG file format which is a frequently asked user query. So, stay tuned to this write-up till the end and get a professional way to convert .msg to .jpg file extension.

Microsoft Outlook email client users can extract email messages into .msg file extension. But later users want to convert MSG files into JPG format because exporting .msg to .jpg format makes them simple to view, and reduces their size.

If you are planning to change MSG file to JPG and don’t know the right tactics to implement this planning then utilize the professional BitRecover MSG to JPG Converter.

What Are MSG and JPG Files?

MSG: MSG file is also known as Outlook Message File that can store a single email, contact, calendar, task, note, and journal. MS Outlook users can easily drag and drop items into *.msg file extension. It comprises email fields and attached files, supporting both plain content and HTML format.

JPG: JPG is the file format for pictures made by digital cameras and spread all through the internet. Saving in JPG format a picture loses its quality due to the size compression. In any case, toward the end you have a lot smaller file size to archive, send, and distribute on the web. These are the situations when a picture’s size matters more than the picture’s quality.

Benefits of Export MSG to JPG

Once you change MSG file to JPG format, then you can enjoy various benefits of this digital image format i.e., JPEG. Because…

  • Portability: JPEG pictures are highly portable i.e.; users can easily upload them on web pages.
  • Compatibility: Secondly, it is compatible with multiple devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.
  • Flexible Degree of Compression: Thirdly, JPEG pictures are significantly vibrant, and colorful that come with variable compression

Most Efficient MSG to JPG Converter

Download a free demo version of MSG Converter for Windows and follow along. Microsoft Outlook is not needed on your PC for MSG to JPG conversion process. It is a specialized utility to export MSG to JPG images in bulk, hence users can save valuable time.

Free MSG to JPEG Converter permits to convert 25 .msg files into .jpg file extension. Thus, users can easily evaluate it before upgrading to the pro edition. After, getting complete satisfaction, grab its license keys to avoid all the limitations.

Download for Windows

How to Change MSG File to JPG Format?

First, download and install the above-mentioned software on your computer. Thereafter, follow these simple steps to convert .msg to .jpg images.

  1. When the software starts, locate the file or folder holding your Outlook .msg files. This can be done by either the Select Files or Select Folders options. Choosing that folder in the folder explorer navigation will load the desired MSG files into the user panel.
    select folders
  2. Next, use the folder preview list to identify which of the MSG emails will you need to export into the JPG file format. Click on Next to proceed further.
    select msg files
  3. Then, navigate to the saving options list and select JPEG from it.
    select jpeg as saving option
  4. After selecting the format, browse a destination folder for storing the MSG to JPG converted emails.
    destination path
  5. Thereafter, set the file naming option to rename resultant JPEG images in multiple different formatting.
    file naming option
  6. Finally, tap on the Next button. This MSG to JPG conversion operation will continue until all the MSG files are converted into JPEG image format.
    export msg to jpg
  7. The process to convert Outlook MSG to JPG has been completed successfully. Press the Ok button for your confirmation.
    convert outlook msg to jpg
  8. Thereafter, the software will open the destination folder. Hence, you can easily get the resultant JPG images from the selected output folder.
    obtain resultant jpeg images

What Do You Avail with Full Version?

  • Batch convert Outlook MSG to JPG images without having size limitations.
  • Compatible with MSG files of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.
  • Desktop-based offline MSG to JPG converter that works without the internet.
  • Keeps your MSG files secure as it does not upload them to the web like online tools.
  • Avail fast and precise results with simple GUI with the most robust software.
  • No Outlook installation is mandatory to convert MSG into JPG image format.
  • Creates separate JPG images with all information for each MSG file.
  • Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012, and 2008 editions.

What Do Users Actually Want?

Henry, Sydney: I have almost 500+ .msg files of my project work on my Windows 11 OS PC. This is my routine job to communicate and manage all email messages in a professional manner. Now, I am in a need to send some quick preview images present in those MSG files to one of my clients. Since JPEG pictures can be reduced to a very small size and thus, I believe that it is best for emailing. Is there any method to convert Outlook MSG to JPG or any image document? I would prefer JPEG format if you know! Thanks in advance!

Stephens, USA: My colleague explained to me that in high-resolution files with low compression, JPG images are perfect for printing or editing. I have a similar problem that is why I asked him. At my workplace, I am running Outlook 2019 and I now need to print some artwork (photos) attached to the Outlook MSG files. Does there any solution of software exists that can directly convert MSG files to JPEG? I will appreciate any information regarding this if you can provide me with it!!

Do both above queries are relatable to you? If yes, then we can assure you that the above solution will help you to convert Outlook MSG emails to JPG format.

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Is It Better Than MSG to JPG Online Converter?

Proudly yes, it is much better software compared to MSG to JPG Online Converter because…

  1. Professionals don’t want to upload their confidential MSG files on the web. Because nowadays, cyber fraud-related cases are increasing day by day. Therefore, you should use offline software as it works without internet connectivity.
  2. MSG to JPG Online Converter is not suitable to convert Outlook MSG to JPG images in batch. Because these tools require better internet connectivity for the processing of source messages. Even it works slowly.

Summing Up Together

The aim of the above article was to convert Outlook MSG to JPG image format. If you have any queries regarding the software or about converting MSG emails to JPEG format, please contact our technical support team. We are always glad to help. We hope that this post will help you with your MSG file to JPG conversion needs.