How to Convert ODT to PDF Adobe – Free Tutorial to Save OpenOffice File as PDF

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


Summary- Are you looking for a solution to print ODT file to PDF? Want to how to open ODT file as PDF format? If yes, then check out this blog post. The solution described in this post is a top-notch ODT to PDF Converter available.

File format conversion has been one of the most complex problems. Take ODT as an example. Many times various users need to convert ODT file to PDF Adobe documents to manage data in one place. As Acrobat PDF is measured as the safest format to store all data files. Therefore, each one only prefers a reliable ODT to PDF converter.

Miss. Mia has discussed her whole story with a solution to convert Open Office ODT to PDF Adobe. She said that even I was also stuck at such a point where I need to convert ODT file to PDF format. I researched numerous solutions to save ODT file in PDF format.

To overcome my issue I began to explore the best ODT to PDF Converter on the web. While searching for a method to convert ODT file to PDF, I go through several user’s queries as stated below:

  • How to convert OpenOffice to PDF directly?
  • How to export .odt to .pdf Adobe?
  • Can I print multiple OpenOffice ODT documents at once?
  • How to change file format from ODT to PDF?
  • How to save ODT document as PDF with attachments?

After going through such issues, it built my level of confidence that there are other users like me too who are finding for the solution to perform save an ODT file as a PDF.

Then, one of my friends suggested me solution to convert ODT to PDF files.

Best ODT to PDF Converter Software

BitRecover ODT Converter Wizard is a reliable solution that gives the facility to convert multiple ODT files into PDF format. It comes with a free demo version which you can use for evaluating the ODT to PDF Converter features. With this software, one can easily make an ODT file into a PDF document.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

What imposes you to Save Open Office File as PDF Format ?

Miss. Mia said that several factors over which I felt that .pdf is appropriate to manage my OpenOffice data.

PDF files are just readable over all platforms likewise without any kind of distress surfaced. If you read the PDF file on Mac or Windows, it is alike for all.

Popularity is the biggest thing, we know that data item by their brands and not by its brilliance it has. For us, quality comes with brands, such as whatever is common in the market; known to all-out and expended by most is well than others. People would wish rather only when they are taking what they need from it. More than a billion documents are operable publicly in Adobe PDF.  This shows evidently statistics and displays a perfect picture of what is fine.

Versatility is the extra aspect, which makes Adobe PDF well. PDFs are obliging for making notes, comments, highlights, annotate, etc. A document, which does contain more than one thing it is destined to do is well than another document, which is for a plain reading drive.

How to Convert ODT to PDF Adobe Documents?

After getting a solution, I used its trial version and got it the exact application for which I was exploring to convert OpenOffice ODT to PDF Adobe. I invested in software and make usage of its full version to convert ODT file to PDF.

Let’s go via the steps to print ODT file to PDF.

  • Download and run BitRecover ODT to PDF Converter tool on your Windows system.
  • To batch transfer ODT files to PDF, Select Folder. However, if you have to move selective ODT files then, Select the File option.

convert open office odt to pdf

  • The tool will show you the path of loaded ODT files on GUI.

loaded ODT files

Check desired ODT files

  • From the list of saving options, choose PDF format to perform OpenOffice to PDF Conversion.

choose PDF format

  • Choose the desired location to save ODT to PDF resultant files on any path on computer.

odt to pdf converter

  • The tool will start the migration process, once it is done you will get the completion message on the screen.

migration process

In this way, I moved OpenOffice document to Adobe PDF format within few moments. The application is a fully-featured tool and enables to implement ODT to PDF conversion easily.

If you need to open and explore your resultant files, you need to have Acrobat Adobe installed on your machine.

your resultant files

Why Makes this Application the Best to Print ODT File to PDF

BitRecover ODT to PDF Converter is a trustworthy utility present in the online domain to move ODT files to PDF documents. The tool has been programmed with the best technologies, which permit data migration with complete accuracy.

Meanwhile, if you are not mindful of fact then, you can also even test the tool before investing in it then. This is to notify you that the demo version of our tool helps you to export ODT to Adobe PDF with just a few limitations. The tool is easily accessible on the Windows panel without issues being faced.

Not only this, data integrity is kept in exact form after moving to PDF Adobe without any problem. Safe, secure, and error-free way to move limitless data from ODT to PDF format. So, quickly free download ODT file to PDF Converter to avail all its amazing features.

Save ODT as PDF – Unique Features of Software

  • This all-in-one tool permits users to export ODT to PDF with all attachments.
  • You can save ODT documents as PDF without any file limitations.
  • With the tool, you can transfer ODT to PDF documents without any Acrobat Adobe installation.
  • Bulk print ODT file to PDF in a single attempt with this tool.
  • Users can perform ODT to PDF conversion on any Windows OS.
  • Easily save OpenOffice file as PDF with intact information.

Video Tutorial about how to Open ODT File as PDF

Ending Words

By coming to end, I would only say that whenever you get stuck while you convert ODT file to PDF. Then, you can use the above-suggested migration procedure. With this solution, you can batch convert ODT to PDF with attached files.