How to Export OpenOffice ODT to TXT files using LibreOffice to Text Converter ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read
If you need to export LibreOffice to TXT format, then the following solution can really help you to simplify the process. The LibreOffice to Text Converter software will enable users to save LibreOffice files as TXT format. Know how to change ODT to TXT online format in a simplified manner. Export OpenOffice documents to Text files in an easy & simplified manner.

Nowadays, ODT to TXT conversion is gaining a lot of momentum. The reason is very straightforward, the text files can be simply opened on any basic text editor like Notepad and WordPad on Windows OS. It does not support any formatting options like bold or italic styles, all it accepts is plain text. So, it is highly used by professionals to store information.

Since plain text files are handier, thus plenty of users asks how to convert ODT to TXT file.

Mr. David asked our support team regarding the method to move OpenOffice ODT files to TXT format. He told us: “It was a situation when I wanted to move my various write-ups in TXT format. As I bought a new laptop which has MS Office installed in it. Therefore, I need to move OpenOffice ODT in TXT format in a way to manage all the data in one place. The only issue is I don’t know the way to convert LibreOffice ODT file to Text (ODT na TXT). Please suggest me a reliable LibreOffice to Text Converter Tool”.

Hassle-Free LibreOffice to Text Converter

If you are looking for a simple and effective ODT to TXT file converter then we would suggest you try the BitRecover ODT Converter Wizard. This all-in-one LibreOffice to Text Converter Tool gives the facility to perform batch processing. Within a fraction of seconds, one can easily convert ODT to text format. Users can also download the demo version to understand the working and functionality of the tool. It’s an outstanding tool to move LibreOffice ODT to TXT format (save ODT in TXT) directly.

How to Convert LibreOffice ODT to TXT – Step-by-Step Process

Let us check out the way to perform OpenOffice ODT to TXT Migration.

  • Download and install ODT to TXT Converter on your system.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • To export multiple OpenOffice files simply, Select Folder. If you want to transfer selective OpenOffice files then, use the Select File option.

odt na txt

  • The ODT to TXT fil converter utility will show you the whole path of your ODT files/folder that is loaded on the tool’s panel.

odt in txt umwandeln

odt to txt converter

  • From the list of saving options, select TXT format to execute OpenOffice ODT to TXT migration.

select TXT format

  • Choose desired location on your machine to save your data at desired location >> click on the Convert button.

odt zu txt

  • Once the process (ODT zu TXT) is completed, you will get the message of completion on your screen.

In this way, one can transfer OpenOffice files to TXT format with the help of LibreOffice to Text converter. This product is an easy way to move unlimited ODT files to TXT format. Before coming to end let us have a look at the tool part also.

Use LibreOffice ODT to TXT Converter – Get Advantage of Data Migration

ODT to Text Converter software is a precise tool that facilitates migration from OpenOffice to TXT format. In the entire software industry full of tools, the application is highly achievable at a reasonable price range which is suitable for one and all groups of users. The operation of the application is completely easy as it covers the technical algorithms without compromising on the convenience offered to its users. With ODT to TXT File Converter, users can save their converted files at the desired location. As the application gives the option to the users to save the converted data files at the desired location on the local machine.

Not even this, even the integrity of data is kept intact through the migration process. Even once can save the data at the desired location after migrating from ODT to TXT format. No, any technical knowledge is needed to execute the process of data conversion.

Special Features of ODT File to Text Converter Software:

  • Permits to migrate multiple LibreOffice ODT files at once to TXT format.
  • Users can export unlimited files with the help of the tool.
  • Even one can convert selective LibreOffice to TXT format accordingly.
  • No, external software is needed to execute the process to migrate ODT in TXT.
  • LibreOffice to TXT converter is operable on all MS Windows Operating Systems.
  • Store data at the desired location after migrating from LibreOffice ODT to TXT format.
  • 100% secure and bug-free way to perform LibreOffice to TXT migration.

Finally! We can say that one can effectively convert ODT files to TXT format. With this software, user can execute LibreOffice to TXT migration without any data loss.