How to Convert PST to JPG Image Files on Windows?

Mark Regan | February 13th, 2020 | Convert Your Data

Convert Outlook to JPG

Every day, our technical team receives one of the unique queries from users. This time it is “how you can convert PST to JPG images without Outlook?” If you are here, that means you are also looking for a technique to convert Outlook to JPG file format. Well, you would happy to know that there is a solution that instantly moves multiple Outlook emails to JPG image files. In this blog, we will help you with a simple and reliable method to convert Outlook email to JPEG. You can also try the method for free on Windows platform. So let’s start.

Let’s take a look at the working of PST to JPG converter that allows you to save Outlook emails in JPG image format. This utility supports the ANSI & Unicode PST file of all Outlook versions. Also, perform the conversion process without external installation. Therefore, follow the steps to transfer PST files to JPG without Outlook.

Follow the Steps to Convert PST to JPG Image Format

  1. Download & start PST to JPG converter on the Windows machine.
  2. Choose an option to load PST files and click on the Next button.
  3. Check the folder containing required PST files and hit Next.
  4. Now, select JPG as the Saving option & enter the desired location.
  5. Click on Next to finally start the Outlook email to JPG conversion.

Read the Note: The tool comes with a free demo version that allows users to convert Outlook PST files to JPG without spending any money. It’s a good way to understand the working and features of Outlook to JPG converter to accomplish the work.

What PST to JPG Converter Tool Has to Offer You?

The tool is designed with advanced algorithms and packed with amazing features. Let’s see how it can benefit you while converting PST file to JPG.

  • Offers dual options such as Configured Outlook & without Outlook to add PST files.
  • Helps people to save time & efforts by supporting batch conversion from PST to JPG.
  • The interface of the program is consistent & interactive that all types of users can access.
  • One can convert PST files to JPG images without Outlook & Photoshop applications.
  • Advanced to convert corrupted PST files into JPG image format without loss.
  • Work with all the versions of MS Outlook to convert Outlook mail to JPG files.
  • No Mac edition is supported by the application to convert Outlook PST to JPEG.

See the Screenshots to Convert Outlook to JPG Image Files – Detail Process

If you have any confusion about the working of the Outlook PST Converter, please take a look at the following screenshots. This step-by-step guide helps you understand the detailed way to convert PST to JPG images files.

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First, install & run Outlook to JPG converter utility on any of the Windows machines. Then, read the key points mentioned in the interface and press Next.

Now, check any of the options Configured Outlook & Select Outlook mailbox data. Please choose the configured Outlook option if you have Outlook set up on your machine. The tool automatically loads the .pst files.

Outlook to JPG converter

If you check the Select Outlook mailbox data option, you can add PST files and PST folders from the system without Outlook. Also, if you have corrupt PST files, you can add it by checking the Use Recovery mode.

The tool will load all the PST file folder in the software interface. Here, you need to select the required one and hit Next.

convert outlook email to jpg

Now, from the long Saving list, pick JPG as the desired option for converting PST files to JPG. Then, enter the location to get the resultant data.

pick JPG

At last, click on the Next to start the PST files to JPG conversion process. The tool allows you to analyze the process.

convert outlook mail to jpg

After the process gets completed, one will receive a complete conversion message and a Log report. Moreover, the program by default opens the resultant data at the entered location.

complete conversion message

Here is your resultant data in JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) image format.

Convert PST to JPG

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Check FAQ’s to learn more about the Software

1. Does the tool convert PST file to JPG from Outlook 2019?

Ans. Yes, the solution is capable of converting PST files to JPG from all Outlook editions.

2. What should we do if we have a corrupted PST file for Outlook email to JPG conversion?

Ans. Download the PST to JPG converter. It supports the corrupted PST files.

3. What will happen to my PST attachments during Outlook PST to JPG conversion?

Ans. The utility is a secure platform and preserves all the .pst file attachments during the task.

4. Does the application support Windows Vista for changing a large PST file to JPEG?

Ans. Yes, the application holds the capability to convert PST to JPG on Windows Vista.

The Closure

If you are someone who needs to convert PST to JPG, read the above blog. It highlights one of the simplest solutions to convert Outlook to JPG images in bulk without size limitations. This Outlook to JPG Converter is a standalone offline program that changes PST to JPEG instantly without any external application installation. The technique is excellent to save time and effort.

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