How to Import PST File to Hotmail Account in Easy Steps?

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 14th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Summary: This article explores the 2 best methods to import PST to Hotmail account i.e. Manual and Professional Ways. If you are facing problems with opening PST file in Hotmail, then don’t worry and start reading this blog till the end.

PST (personal storage table) is also known as Outlook Data File that stores emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, and all associated attributes and components.

Hotmail has now become, which is a personal web-based email service. Hotmail provides a facility to send and receive emails / manage contacts and calendars. You can also access Hotmail using POP and IMAP protocols with desktop-based clients.

Reasons to Open PST Outlook PST File in Hotmail

  • Sometimes working professionals want to access PST file data using a cloud-based platform i.e. Hotmail. Hence, they may prefer to import PST file to Hotmail account.
  • Users may have orphan PST files, but they don’t have any application to open them. Hence, users may decide to import PST to Hotmail which is a cloud-based email service.
  • Hotmail is a web-based email service so it can be accessed from anywhere anytime using any device. Hence, users may prefer to get PST files in Hotmail account.
  • Hotmail seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft services, such as OneDrive, Calendar, and Office Online, offering a comprehensive productivity environment.

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Method 1: Import PST to Hotmail Using MS Outlook

  1. Configure your Hotmail account in Outlook using IMAP.
  2. Import your PST file in Outlook using Import/Export Wizard.
  3. Export Outlook PST emails in MSG format on the desktop.
  4. Right-click on configured Hotmail and create a New Folder.
  5. Rename the New Folder as PST Data under the configured Hotmail account.
  6. Drag and drop MSG files in the newly created PST Data folder.
  7. Restart MS Outlook and wait for the synchronizing of data.
  8. Login to your Hotmail and see imported emails under PST Data folder.

Important Note: This is a tried and tested manual method to import PST to Hotmail. It works perfectly with 100% accuracy. We have tested it in BitRecover Lab; however, you will need to complete multiple phases to finish this task manually. Last, you can also remove configured Hotmail account from Outlook.

Understanding Its Constraints

This manual technique is recommended only for Outlook experts who have deep knowledge of account configuration, IMAP, Import/Export Wizard, extracting emails in MSG, creating new folders, synching, and removing accounts.

This is a time-consuming method because you will need to complete several phases for opening PST file in Hotmail account. Even though this is suitable for limited data, you may see an error message if you try to import large PST in your Hotmail account.

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Method 2: Import PST Files to Hotmail Using Software

PST File Converter developed by BitRecover is an excellent software that has the capability to mass import PST to Hotmail account directly. This is a fully automated solution that asks only Hotmail account credentials to perform the process of opening Outlook PST file in Hotmail.

This PST to Hotmail Import Tool comes with a free trial version which permits to importation of 25 items from each PST folder to Hotmail together with all associated components. So, first, check the software working process using the demo version and after getting complete satisfaction you can get its license keys to avoid the 25-item limitation.

How to Open Outlook PST File in Hotmail?

  1. Launch PST to Hotmail Tool on your computer and click Next.
    PST to Hotmail Import Tool
  2. Add Outlook PST files in software using dual modes accordingly.
    Add PST files
  3. Select the required PST folders in the software panel and click Next.
    Select required PST folders
  4. Choose as a saving option from dropdown choices.
    Saving option
  5. Enable advance filters to import specific items in Hotmail.
    Advance filters
  6. Enter Hotmail account credentials and click the Convert button.
    Enter Hotmail credentials
  7. Importing PST to Hotmail account, so please wait for completion.
    Import PST to Hotmail

Note That: After receiving a popup message of completion, click Ok to confirm the process. Thereafter, login to your Hotmail account and view imported PST items in actual folder hierarchy.

PST to Hotmail Import Tool Facilities

  • This is a fully automated and easy-to-use software that asks only your Hotmail account login details i.e. email address and password.
  • The tool is suitable for importing PST file to Hotmail accounts including emails, contacts, and calendar information.
  • You can use it to mass import PST to Hotmail without having size and quantity limitations depending on your license editions.
  • PST to Hotmail Software gives the facility to choose specific folders for the importing process.
  • It can add PST files automatically from the default storage location or you can add from any location using browse facility.
  • Several advanced filter options are available to open PST file in Hotmail with different required criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How to open PST file in Hotmail without Outlook?

Use the above recommended software which does not require MS Outlook installation to perform this task.

Q 2: Does PST to Hotmail Import Tool support Outlook 2021 exported PST file?

Yes, this software is compatible with PST files exported from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and old versions.

Q 3: Can I import PST contacts to Hotmail using your software?

Yes, the tool is also authorized to import PST contacts and calendars to your account.

Q 4: Can I install your software on Windows 11 OS?

Yes, the tool is suitable to work with all the latest and previous Windows and Mac OS computers.


Above we have explained 2 best workable techniques to import PST to Hotmail account. Both techniques work perfectly, however, the manual method has some limitations that we have discussed. The professional software is a highly recommended solution to open PST file in Hotmail including complete items, and components. You can choose any technique according to your choice and technical knowledge.