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What is the Importance of Outlook?

Outlook is an email management collaborative solution that helps you manage your email messages, calendar appointments, contacts, and tasks.


MS Outlook is the workhorse of many businesses which allows to efficiently organise emails with its powerful features.


It provides email communication and a reliable tool for mailing, scheduling meetings or events using the calendar feature and facilitates Microsoft apps collaboration.

Where Do You Need Outlook Email Management Tools?

Efficiently Organise Outlook Emails with BitRecover Outlook Toolkit

damaged file

Fix Data File Corruption

Swiftly restore your Outlook files to their original state with our advanced repair features. Say goodbye to damaged data file and experience seamless Outlook management.

combine mailbox

Divide & Combine Mailboxes

Tailor your organizational mailbox with precision by Splitting large mailboxes for better email management to ensure streamlined mailing experience.

extract email id's

Extract Email Addresses

Experience the power of managed communication by easily exporting email contacts from your Outlook mailbox and simplify outreach and enhance your contact management.

convert mailbox data

Convert Mailbox Items

Transfer your mailbox items easily and our tools allow you to convert emails, contacts, and other items into various formats by providing flexibility in data utilization.

manage mailbox

Manage Mailbox Passwords

Strengthen the security of your mailbox with our robust password reset tool and easily retrieve and organise your Outlook mailbox passwords for enhanced protection.

eliminate duplicate files

Remove Duplicated Emails

Declutter your inbox and improve efficiency by eliminating duplicate emails from your Outlook data files with Our robust Outlook Toolkit for email management.

Who Can Use Microsoft Outlook Management Software?

MS Outlook Toolbox Is Helpful for




govt organizations
Govt Organizations

law enforcement
Law Enforcement Agencies


Outlook Toolkit Bundle - Advanced Functionalities

Understand How to Manage Your Microsoft Outlook Mailbox with Our Top 10 Tools

ms outlook toolkit

Export Outlook Mailbox

The Outlook Management Tools has the option to easily export Outlook folders, contacts, calendars, emails, etc. to various file formats like MSG, EML, and PDF. In addition, the software preserves all metadata and attachments during export procedure.

print mailbox emails

Print Outlook Email Legal Purpose

Law specialists can export all Outlook emails to tamper-proof format including attachments to meet eDiscovery, and compliance standards. Also, the software allows a black & white mode option for transferring mails to non-searchable format.

file damaged fiels

Fix Damaged Outlook Data Files

Get permanently deleted Outlook emails, contacts, calendars with all attributes from your Outlook Data file. This Outlook Management Toolkit is capable to retrieve & fix corrupted or damaged data files of MS Outlook.

add files

Save to Outlook Data File

Authenticated tool to import different types of documents to Microsoft Outlook Data File. It is a well-suitable program to add DOC, XPS, HTML, MHT, TXT, RTF, PDF, DOCX, etc. file extensions into PST mailbox format for MS Outlook.

extract id's

Extract Email ID's in Bulk

An excellent tool to collect email ID's from your Outlook Inbox & other data folder. The tool provides an option to ignore system folders hierarchy and it is a very suitable tool for collecting all personal and business email addresses from your Outlook data file.

restore credentials

Restore Password of MS Mailbox

The MS Outlook Toolkit is suitable to recover multilingual or complex passwords of any length from the Outlook PST file effectively. There are no file size limitations to unlock access for the data files.

reset password

Remove and Reset Password

The Outlook Management tools is capable of bypassing forgotten Outlook file security of any character. Additionally, the tool helps to remove multilingual and encrypted password from MS Client data files and reset with your new password.

divide large mailbox

Divide Large Mailboxes

This Outlook management bundle comes with another tool which divide bloated PST files by date, size, folder and other rules to enhance performance. The software ensures to prevent data loss during splits and make re-merging simple.

consolidate data
Consolidate MS Data Files

The toolkit allows to consolidate multiple Outlook data files into a single archive with maintained heirarchy into appropriate folders. So, users can use it to for efficient management of mailbox.

eliminate identical files
Eliminate Duplicates from Mailbox

A recommended tool to eliminate identical contacts, emails, calendar entries, and notes from MS Outlook. The software refines your Outlook data sets by eliminating duplicacy.

all versions
Supports All MS Outlook Data File

The Outlook Email Management Tools support all versions of MS Outlook. Therefore the software can process with Outlook 365 / 2021 / 2019 / 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007/ 2003.

supports windows os
Supports All Windows Versions

Smoothly carry out the process on all versions of Windows operating system including latest versions. This includes the latest edition of Windows i.e. Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista and below versions.

best outlook email management tools
Best Email Management Software for Outlook

This 10-in-1 Outlook Management Tools is a combination of powerful software designed to securely organise data files without any data loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know What Users Ask About Outlook Toolkit

The toolkit contains 10 different tools which can work with all versions of Outlook PST files and the converter tool capable of converting various mailbox items, including emails and contacts, into different formats.

Absolutely. These tools are designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering intuitive interfaces and step-by-step instructions to make your Outlook management tasks efficient and straightforward.

Yes, our dedicated technical support team is available 24x7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using the toolkit. Feel free to reach out for prompt assistance.

What Do Clients Say?

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