How to Convert PST to TIFF Using Best Tips and Tricks?

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 14th, 2023 • 5 Min Read

Infrequently business professionals or home users want to convert PST to TIFF. When this task becomes unavoidable due to specific requirements. Then users search for the best tips and tricks because some users want to do this task professionally while some users have the desire to convert Outlook email to TIFF file manually.

This blog post clarifies the 2 best methods to convert Outlook PST files to TIFF images. Let’s continue to read this article till the end and learn everything about exporting Outlook emails to TIFF using expert-recommended approaches.

Manual Method to Convert Outlook Email to TIFF File

  1. Start MS Outlook and open a specific email.
  2. Choose File >> Save as Adobe PDF option.
  3. Press the Save button to save Outlook email as PDF.
  4. Open the resultant PDF using free Adobe Reader.
  5. Press ALT + PRT SC to take a print screen.
  6. Open Paint and press CTRL + V to paste email print screenshot.
  7. Select File >> Save As >> Other Format.
  8. Choose TIFF from Save as type dropdown and click Save.

Unveiling Manual Method Drawbacks

The latest Outlook editions don’t have any direct option to export Outlook emails to TIFF format. However, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to convert Outlook email to TIFF file using multiple programs such as Adobe Reader and Paint.

The manual method of converting Outlook PST email to TIFF image is suitable for converting one email at a time. Hence, it seems a time-consuming and lengthy process. Even non-technical users may face problems while completing this task.

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Best Software to Convert PST to TIFF

For an Instant Solution: Download Outlook PST Converter Software and get started quickly. Immediately export Outlook email to TIFF in bulk in a few simple steps.

Free Demo: You can also use Trail Edition for free to understand all the features of PST to TIFF Converter. Users can easily convert 25 Outlook items. After that, as soon as you are satisfied, buy the full version of the software to convert Outlook to TIFF for unlimited files.

How to Convert PST to TIFF Images?

Here you will know how to quickly convert PST to TIFF. The entire application works in areas of interest for user convenience. As a result, a few steps will help you better understand the full functionality of how the software works to export Outlook email to TIFF.

  1. Run PST to TIFF Converter and add Outlook PST file in software.
    Start PST to TIFF Converter
  2. Check the PST folder and items that you want to save into TIFF format.
    Select PST folders
  3. Select TIFF as a saving format from the list of various options.
    Select TIFF
  4. If necessary, select an option for the file naming option from several options.
    Naming options
  5. Select a destination and click the Convert button to convert PST to TIFF.
    Convert PST to TIFF
  6. The Outlook PST to TIFF conversion process started now. Please wait a few seconds.
    Convert Outlook to TIFF
  7. The process to convert multiple Outlook emails to TIFF was successful.

PST to TIFF Converter’s Useful Features

  • The software safely converts Outlook to TIFF format with all attachments.
  • Convert one or more Outlook PST files to TIFF in one click and in optimal quality.
  • Several file naming conventions to manage output files like a professional.
  • Multiple filter options to convert PST files to TIFF date, sender, subject, etc.
  • PST to TIFF Converter supports orphans and configured Outlook PST files.
  • Freedom to check or uncheck specific folders for conversion with all items.
  • This is compatible with all the latest Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

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Why Do Users Convert Outlook to TIFF?

The primary method of corporate communication is to convert PST to TIFF images to archive and protect sensitive information. TIFF is a popular fax format widely used in document images, document archives, and electronic eDiscovery programs.

  • TIFF images are known for high quality, so this is a demanded extension.
  • All popular operating systems and devices support Tag Image File Format (TIFF).
  • Like PDF format TIFF format also stores multi-page and single-page information.
  • This is best for forensic analysis as RAW data can be exported in original formatting.

Frequently Asked Queries

Q 1: How can I convert PST to TIFF format?

We have explained 2 best ways to convert emails from .pst to .tiff extension. You can go with any technique according to your work requirements.

Q 2: Does this application export Outlook to TIFF with attachments?

Yes, BitRecover experts developed this utility to convert PST to TIFF images and create a separate folder for storing email attachments during conversion.

Q 3: Can I convert my ANSI Outlook email to TIFF format?

Yes, this is the preferred utility for converting ANSI Outlook PST to TIFF as well as Unicode PST.

Q 4: Can I export Outlook emails to TIFF format without exporting PST?

Yes, the software can add Outlook profile data automatically from the default storage location so there is no need to export PST files from Outlook.


This write-up has proven to be the ideal choice among users for receiving and resolving requests for how to convert PST to TIFF. We described these instant solutions to perform the task of exporting Outlook email to TIFF. The software has an interactive and expressive user interface. All work with this application is very simple and easy, even a non-technical user can perform a complete conversion without requiring technical guidance.