How to Open PST Files in Thunderbird without Outlook ?

Mark Regan ~ July 12th, 2022 ~ How To

Summary: This article summarizes a simple method to open PST files in Thunderbird without Outlook. The entire write-up elaborates on the reasons that led users to import PST files in Thunderbird without Outlook. If you are looking for the same, this blog will be worthy for you.

Sometimes situations come when we have a PST file created by Outlook and want to open that file in the Thunderbird email client. But we don’t know the process, that’s why we are here for you. In this write-up, we will show you complete information on how to Open PST Files in Thunderbird without Outlook.

To import PST files in Thunderbird, users have to open and import the data into Outlook using Thunderbird or any third-party solution. here you will get both manual and professional solutions.

“I have important PST files with multiple attachments comprising crucial data. I want to open PST files in Thunderbird as it is a freeware application. Even I don’t have Outlook configured on my system. Now, I want to know how can I import the PST files in Thunderbird without Outlook. Please suggest me a reliable solution so that I can view and read PST with Thunderbird with all attachments. – Stanley, California”

How to Import PST File in Thunderbird using Manual Methods?

Important Note: We are not suggesting manual methods for any process. Yes, if you have limited data to import then you can choose manual methods. And if you have large data in the PST file then go for a professional solution. Also, make a copy of the PST file, sometimes data loss situations happen.

If you have an orphan PST file then first you must add the file into Outlook. And then start the process. open Outlook and hit the file tab and choose the “Open & Export” >> “Import-Export” option. After that, choose “Import from Another Program or File” >> “Outlook Data File (.PST)” and then select the file to import.

  1. Firstly, Set your Outlook as the default program.
  2. Now open the Thunderbird email client.
  3. And then hit the menu icon and choose the “Tools” >> “Import” icon.

    menu icon

  4. After that, choose the “Mail” option and hit the “Next” >> “Outlook” option.

    choose “Mail” option

  5. Lastly, hit the “Finish” icon to start the process.

Now you will get the complete data of Outlook PST in Thunderbird. So, you can easily Open PST Files in Thunderbird.

Limitations: Thunderbird and Outlook email services must be installed on your machine. Follow the whole process securely. If you face any problems while doing the process, then you should use the professional solution that is mentioned below:

How to Open PST Files in Thunderbird without Outlook?

There are an ample number of manual ways to open Outlook PST in Thunderbird. But the user should always trust a reliable solution like BitRecover Outlook Converter to secure their data in a better way! This software is well programmed to open PST files in Thunderbird. But, how? Let’s see how you can read Outlook PST files in Thunderbird without Outlook.

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

How Can I Open PST Files in Thunderbird? – Complete Guide

  1. Download the setup software of the software and install it on any Windows-compatible machine. Thereafter, run it properly to import the PST file in Thunderbird.

    import PST file in thunderbird

  2. Choose single or multiple PST files/ folders from the file storage location to start the processing to open the PST file in Thunderbird.

    PST files

  3. Now, preview the complete data from the files loaded in the software panel. Evaluate the chosen PST files before proceeding with the next step.

    complete data

  4. Pick Thunderbird as a saving format from the list of file-saving options provided by the software.

    Note: Use the Advanced Settings option for Filter Saving.

    saving format

  5. Now, select a final destination location for saving the resultant data to Open PST Files in Thunderbird.


  6. Lastly, press on the Next tab for opening PST files in Thunderbird.

    opening PST files in Thunderbird

  7. Once all the steps are complete, the software will automatically open the chosen location path.

    location path

Now your data will be saved in Thunderbird file format, now import MBOX file into Thunderbird using the mentioned article.

Open PST Folder in Mozilla Thunderbird – Prime Features

  • Open PST with Thunderbird along with email components: This software facilitates the opening of PST files in Thunderbird with all sorts of components. These items could be attachments, emails, tasks, notes, etc.
  • View Multiple PST Files in Thunderbird: With this wizard, the user can open Outlook PST files in Thunderbird in batch mode.
  • No Outlook Installation Required: to import PST in Mozilla Thunderbird, you don’t need to install MS Outlook on your Windows machine.
  • Access Corrupted PST Files Easily: This tool permits you to change corrupted PST data into a healthy format after which you can open Outlook PST in Thunderbird with the correct data.
  • Freedom to Choose Destination Path: It allows you to choose a user-friendly location after the conversion completes.

What Need Arises to Import PST Files in Thunderbird?

Can Thunderbird import PST files? Well, the Thunderbird application can manage your emails, newsgroups, newsfeed accounts, and chat. Multiple reasons compel users to open PST files in Thunderbird. Few governing factors enable users to open PST with Thunderbird.

  • Compatible with Various Platforms: Thunderbird is a popular desktop-based email client that can be deployed on numerous platforms like Windows, macOS, Unix, and Linux.
  • Manages Messages in a Better Way: It can manage your multiple emails by providing benefits like quick search, saved search folders, advanced message filtering, message grouping, etc.
  • Spam Detection: Thunderbird incorporates email spam filtering which is better than any other email application.
  • Security of Data: The data security provided by Thunderbird is incomparable to other mail services.

Hence, you can save your Outlook emails to your Yahoo Mail account with the suggested solution.

Final Words

The above blog explained a step-wise approach to how to open PST files in Thunderbird. This tool has a demo version that you can utilize to evaluate the tool proficiency. This demo edition allows importing 25 items from each PST folder in a supportable format. You can activate the licensed key of this product to read Outlook PST files in Thunderbird without any restrictions.