How to Save Outlook Email as PDF with Attachments ?

Mark Regan | October 12th, 2021 | How to


Most of the time whenever you are working on some data that is to be reviewed later, it is best to save it in a single folder on your local hard drive. However, it is quite challenging when your data is in different formats like Excel, Word or HTML files and you want to convert it into a portable format. Our technical team recently got a query from New York regarding how to save Outlook email as PDF. The query was –

I was working on a project in which all my data was saved in MS Outlook. There are nearly 500 Outlook emails with attachments that I want to have in one place. Hence, I thought of to convert all emails into a portable document format so that I can show all the required data to my team leader. I have Outlook configured on Windows 10 OS on my desktop and I tried to manually save Outlook email as PDF. But, during the conversion of emails, all attachments were lost. Also, the manual method was too tiresome. Can you please suggest to me a workable approach using which I can save an Outlook email as a PDF with attachments? Please help asap!

– Lucy, New York

Well, like the above query there are numerous customers who get hassled while working with Outlook and intending to save Outlook as PDF. You must be wondering do Outlook provides any option regarding print Outlook emails.

Yes of course! It does provide this option but in Windows 10 edition. If you have a Windows OS configuration other than Windows 10 on your desktop then it is quite tough to save Outlook email as PDF with attachments.

Regarding this problem, our technical team decided to develop a solution for saving Outlook email as PDF file.

BitRecover PST to PDF Converter is trustworthy as well as simplistic software that allows saving multiple Outlook emails as PDF along with associated attachments.

How to Save Outlook Email as PDF ?

Follow these simple steps to save Outlook as PDF format.

  1. Download and Launch the software on Windows OS.
  2. Choose Outlook mailbox data and enable desired mailboxes.
  3. Select “Convert email attachments as PDF” & “Black & White” mode.
  4. Enter a destination path for saving PST to PDF converted data.
  5. Press on the Convert tab to start saving Outlook email as PDF format.

This software will save multiple Outlook email as PDF irrespective of any Windows OS or Mac OS you are working on. Also, you don’t need to have MS Outlook on your computer.

In the following section, we will explain how to save Outlook as PDF format in simple steps.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

How Do I Save Multiple Outlook Emails As PDF ? 

In order to save an Outlook email as a PDF file, you can go through this stepwise solution as discussed here.
Firstly, download the setup file of the software and install it on your computer system.

Read the instructions carefully.


Now, the software will provide dual options to load Outlook emails into the GUI. You can choose either Select File or Select Folder option for picking multiple Outlook emails at once.

Note:- Use the “Recovery Mode” option if you have corrupted *.pst files


Then, the tool will automatically load all selected Outlook files. You can specify the folders that you want to save in PDF format.


Thereafter, enable the “Convert attachments as PDF” option if you are willing to save all Outlook email attachments as PDF documents too. (Please note that this feature is only available in Pro Edition). Also, click on “Black & White Mode” to create non-searchable PDF file in black & white mode.


Now, browse the desired location where you want to save the final converted data. By default, all the output data is saved at the desktop location. However, you can change the target path by clicking on the Browse icon.


The utility provides several file naming options for arranging the output. Choose the desired file name accordingly.

Note: Enable the checkbox Ignore System Folders Hierarchy if required.


Lastly, press on the Convert button to start the process to save Outlook email as PDF.


Once you have converted files, the tool will automatically open the default location where the PDF files are saved.


Manually Save Outlook Email as Adobe PDF

In MS Outlook, all emails are saved in .pst (Personal Storage Table) format on your desktop. It does not have any PDF as the default file saving type option. However, the Microsoft Print to PDF feature of Outlook has been integrated with Windows 10 platform. Due to this, one can save Outlook email as PDF on Windows 10 directly.

Save email as PDF format for Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 –

1. Open MS Outlook and select the emails that you want to save in PDF format.
2. Go to File on the Menu bar and scroll down to the Print option.
3. From the Print option, click on Microsoft Print to PDF option.
4. Choose the Print option and from the save print Output box, pick the destination folder.
5. Give a name to file and click on the Save option.


These steps are valuable if you have Windows 10. But, if you have any Windows version prior to Windows 10, then you can’t access this Print to PDF feature.

In such cases, an alternative solution is required to save Outlook email as PDF with attachments. The automated solution discussed in the blog is well suitable to save Outlook as PDF for any Outlook version.

Watch a Video tutorial of Saving Outlook Messages as PDF Documents

What Benefits Does This Software Holds ?

Some of the prime features and benefits of this software are mentioned here.

Batch convert Outlook emails: The user can bulk save all Outlook emails as PDF format in single processing.

Save Outlook data as PDF with attachments: The tool allows to save not only emails but also attachments associated with it. It permits to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF with attachments.

Retains data integrity of all emails: The software has been programmed in such a manner that it preserves all the email components throughout the conversion. It maintains email attributes like Subject, To, From, hyperlinks, images, etc.

Multiple file naming options: The utility provides so many file naming conventions for handling the Outlook to PDF migrated files.

Supports all Outlook versions: With this wizard, the user can save Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 email as PDF with attachments without any hassle.

Compatible with Windows OS: This software works in a smooth manner with all Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc.

Frequently Asked Queries

Ques1: Can I save Outlook 2016 email as PDF file with this software?

Ans: Yes, this tool can save an email as a PDF in Outlook 2016.

Ques2: How do I save an Outlook email as a PDF with attachments?

Ans: You can download the PST conversion utility and easily save Outlook email as PDF format with attachments.

Ques3: Are any file size limitations that this utility imposes while performing conversion?

Ans: No, it does not hold any file restrictions. You can save multiple Outlook emails as PDF format files.

Ques4: Do I need to install MS Outlook for saving Outlook mailboxes in PDF?

Ans: No, this wizard is an independent application. It does not require Outlook installation for saving emails in PDF format.

Client Reviews

A few days back, I left my job and shifted to another organization. I wanted to create a personal copy of all Outlook emails so that I can refer to the projects that I worked on. Now, the most desirable way out was to save Outlook emails into a portable format like PDF. Since there were lot of Outlook emails with various attachments, it was a rigid task for me. Using BitRecover Outlook PST Conversion utility, I was able to save Outlook email as PDF with attachments. The entire processing was so easy that it took hardly few seconds to save bulk of Outlook emails in PDF format. Thanks a ton!

-Ethan, USA

Let’s Conclude

Saving emails from Outlook account to PDF format seems difficult. However, the described solution in this write-up will help you to do conversion with ease. One can also try the software with the demo version which allows saving the first 25 Outlook emails to PDF. To save Outlook email as PDF without any limitations, you can activate the licensed key of the application. If you still have any queries regarding this, our technical support team is available for you to 24*7.