How to Convert Outlook Email to HTML Format?

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 8th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Several business professionals and home users want to convert Outlook email to HTML to take advantage of the HTML format. If you are also one of those who want to save Outlook email as HTML files, then this article is specifically written for you.

In this informative article, you will read a manual method and software to convert Outlook to HTML without losing any crucial information. Let’s continue reading it till the end.

Microsoft Outlook is a desktop-based email client that stores and exports its data in PST (Personal Storage Table) format. A PST file can store multiple emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journals, to-do lists, etc. so a PST file is also known as an Outlook data file.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language which can store text, color, style, images, styles, video, and multiple other items. HTML is primarily used for creating webpages and email templates. It has several benefits hence users want to convert PST to HTML format.

Reasons to Save Outlook Email as HTML Format

  • Universal Compatibility: HTML is a widely supported file format by several operating systems and devices.
  • Offline Access: Users wish to change Outlook email to HTML format because you can access them offline using several HTML and Text editor programs.
  • Compatible with Web Browsers: After exporting Outlook emails to HTML format. Double-click on an HTML file to open it using your default web browser program.
  • Preserve Email Formatting: An HTML file can contain original email formatting including fonts, colors, images, headings, text formatting, etc.
  • Editing Flexibility: HTML files can be edited using various web development tools. Hence, it seems flexible to make modifications to email content if needed.

Manual Way to Convert Outlook Email to HTML

  1. Start the MS Outlook client and open a specific email.
    Open a specific email
  2. Select File >> Save As option as shown in the figure.
    Select Save As
  3. Choose HTML (*.htm or *.html) from the dropdown.
    HTML (*.htm or *.html)
  4. Click the Save button to save Outlook email as HTML.
    Save Outlook email as HTML
  5. Here is a converted email in HTML format.
    Output data in HTML

Read Manual Method Limitations

This technique permits to change Outlook to HTML format one by one. Hence, it seems a perfect choice for home users who want to save a few Outlook emails as HTML formatting.

The manual method is suitable to change Outlook email to HTML format. But if you have orphaned PST files and you want to convert them into HTML then this technique doesn’t work.

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Professional Way to Convert PST to HTML in Batch

Download the PST Converter Software and get your work done in no time. Instantly change Outlook email to HTML format in a few simple steps. This is a reliable software to save Outlook email as HTML files. This PST to HTML Converter works without MS Outlook so this is well suitable to convert orphaned PST files to HTML.

Free Demo: You can use the PST to HTML Converter free of cost. The trial edition is useful to understand the complete functionality of the tool. After that, once you are satisfied, purchase the full version of the software to perform unlimited PST to HTML conversion.

How to Change Outlook Email to HTML?

  1. Run Outlook to HTML Converter tool, it will automatically pick up the PST files from the default storage location.
    Run Outlook to HTML Converter
  2. Choose PST folders from the product GUI and click on the Next button to transfer Outlook email text to HTML.
    Choose Outlook PST folders
  3. Select HTML as a saving format to convert Outlook email to HTML format.
    Select HTML format
  4. Select the file naming option from the multiple options, according to your need.
    File naming options
  5. Select the destination location and hit on the Convert button to export Outlook email to HTML format.
    Convert Outlook email to HTML
  6. The Outlook to HTML conversion process is running now, so please wait for completion.
    Save Outlook email as HTML

PST to HTML Converter Best Features

  • The tool to change Outlook to HTML offers many benefits and advantages for converting Outlook email to HTML format without any error issues. Some of the advantages are listed below. Let’s have a look:
  • This software offers several filter options to convert Outlook email to HTML by date, email address, and email subject.
  • The PST to HTML converter supports PST files of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.
  • MS Outlook installation is not mandatory to convert PST to HTML format as it requires only Outlook data files.
  • Convert individual and multiple PST files to HTML format at once without any size and quantity limitations.
  • Users can install BitRecover Outlook to HTML Converter on all the latest editions of Windows OS and Mac OS.
  • Check the option “Use recovery mode” if you want to convert damaged PST to HTML format with 100% accuracy. After selecting this function, the tool starts in-depth scanning of PST files.
  • Outlook to HTML Converter displays a progressive conversion report live during the conversion from PST to HTML counting the elements.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1: How to convert Outlook email to HTML format?

Above we have discussed 2 best methods to change Outlook email to HTML format. You can use manual or pro techniques as per your requirements to convert PST to HTML.

Q 2: I have an ANSI PST file that is the most important to me. Can I convert ANSI PST to HTML format?

Yes, it is the preferred utility to convert ANSI PST to HTML, as well as Unicode PST to HTML.

Q 3: Can I open the resulting HTML files with web browsers?

Yes,  web browsers can easily open the resulting HTML files.

Q 4: Can I bulk save Outlook email as HTML using manual method?

No, the manual method allows to change Outlook email to HTML one by one.

Ending Words

In the above blog post, we discussed the 2 most effective and trustworthy solutions to save Outlook email as HTML format i.e. Manual and Professional. With the help of Outlook to HTML Converter, you can easily batch change Outlook email to HTML at once. The software allows you to convert PST to HTML with all attributes and components.

We have elucidated the authorized manual approach for converting Outlook emails to HTML one by one, albeit acknowledging that this method works perfectly for exporting Outlook PST to HTML format, despite its time-consuming nature.