How to Convert Outlook Email to Word Document?

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 8th, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Overview: Do you have no idea how to convert Outlook email to Word document? If yes, then don’t worry. Here you will get the complete guide and information to save Outlook email as Word DOC format.

Export Outlook email to Word documents so that you can efficiently open them even if you delete them from your Outlook accounts. If you convert Outlook email to Word document, there could be a threat to your data, or you may lose formatting.

This article explains the 3 best and most effective ways to convert Outlook email into Word document. Each method comes with benefits and drawbacks that we will discuss below. You can complete this task using manual and professional techniques so let’s start now.

#1 Manual Way to Export Outlook Email to Word

MS Outlook does not provide any direct option to export Outlook emails to Word document. However, you can save Outlook email as Word DOC by completing 2 phases. Let’s look at them.

Phase 1: Export Outlook Email to Text File

  1. Open Outlook and then select the email that you want to export.
    Open Outlook and select email
  2. Now hit the File tab and choose the Save As option.
    Save As
  3. Select the Text Only (*.txt) option from dropdown.
    Select Text Only
  4. Browse the destination path and click the Save button.
    Save button
  5. See Outlook email exported in TXT format.
    Exported TXT file

Phase 2: Open Text File with Word and Save

  1. Right-click on the TXT file and choose Open with Word.
    Open with Word
  2. Now you can view Outlook email in MS Word.
    Read email in Word
  3. Choose File >> Save As option to continue.
    Save as option
  4. Select Word Document (*.docx) from the dropdown and save it.
    Save Outlook email as Word DOC

Important Note: This manual method can convert Outlook email into Word document one by one. This process shows you email text in Word like simple text format because rich text formatting will be removed.

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#2 Convert Outlook Email to Word Using VBA Script

  1. Open the Outlook email client and hit the ALT + 11 keys.
  2. Now a new prompt will show Outlook VBA Editor and then open a new Module here.
  3. After that, use this code and paste, what is mentioned below.
    VBA code to export Outlook email to Word
  4. Thereafter, add a new VBA project into the Quick Access Toolbar.
  5. Next, select an email, and from the Quick Access Toolbar hit the Macro icon.
  6. Lastly, your email will be saved as a Word document.

Note That: This technique is highly recommended only for experts who know VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) coding, macro, module, and quick access toolbar.

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#3 Save Outlook Email as Word DOC Using Software

The manual method requires technical knowledge, if by chance manual method does not work then use BitRecover PST File Converter. The software has many advanced features and capabilities. Users can batch-convert Outlook email to Word documents without any file size limitations. The software can automatically load the Outlook data directly from the application. Also, users can upload PST files manually. Some of the features and steps are mentioned below:

How to Convert Outlook Email to Word Document?

MS Outlook exports all emails into PST format while MS DOC saves the documents into DOC format. There is software available to convert PST to DOC format, after converting the email messages into DOC format, users can access them with MS Word.

  1. Start Outlook to Word Converter, you’ll see the starting screen as shown here:
    Start Outlook to Word Converter
  2. Now, choose single or multiple Outlook emails that you wish to export into Word.
    Add Outlook emails
  3. Then enable desired Outlook mailboxes to convert Outlook email to Word.
    Mark required folders
  4. Thereafter, select DOC as a file-saving option.
    Convert Outlook email to Word document
  5. Lastly, hit on the Convert button to start the conversion process.

Benefits of Outlook to Word Converter Solution

  • The tool allows exporting multiple Outlook emails to Word documents at once.
  • This software supports the conversion of large-sized Outlook files to DOC documents.
  • This application supports the conversion of Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc. exported files.
  • Gives the facility to export Outlook emails to Word document without any limitations.
  • The tool maintains attachments while exporting Outlook emails to Word documents.
  • Outlook to Word Converter maintains rich text formatting while saving Outlook emails as Word documents.
  • It has advance filter options to convert Outlook email to Word by date range, email address, subject, and other different criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1: Can I convert Outlook email to Word document without the software?

Yes, but the manual method requires deep technical knowledge which is not possible for non-technical users and the manual method allows converting an Outlook email to a Word document one by one, which is a time-consuming method.

Most professional users do not use the manual method for converting Outlook emails to Word documents because they want to export multiple Outlook emails to Word documents at once.

Que 2: Does your software support the latest Windows 11 OS?

Yes, this recommended software supports all the latest as well as old Windows OS and Mac OS successfully.

Que 3: My MS Outlook PST file has many important attachments, which are most important for me. Does your software extract attachments while moving emails from Outlook to Word?

Yes, don’t worry this application creates a separate folder for extracting attachments during exporting Outlook emails to Word document.

Ques 4: Can I convert Outlook 2010 email to a word document?

Yes, you can convert Outlook email to a DOC irrespective of its version.

Que 5: How to insert Outlook email in Word?

First export Outlook emails to any standard format and then open MS Word program. Thereafter, use the Insert option to insert Outlook email into Word document.

Final Words

After reading the above procedure anyone can easily export Outlook emails to word document including attachments. We have discussed the top 3 techniques to convert Outlook email to Word documents for home and business use.

Just download the recommended software free of cost for evaluation, free trial edition gives the facility to convert 25 emails from each folder of MS Outlook to Word documents, and after evaluating the tool, grab its license keys for saving unlimited Outlook emails as Word DOC.