How to Move Outlook PST File to Cloud Email Platform?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Various business professionals are looking for a trustworthy and reliable way to move Outlook PST file to cloud storage. This task becomes very important for MS Outlook users when they have decided to move Outlook data file to cloud platform i.e., Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Digital innovation is continually evolving. Furthermore, it’s essential to realize the effect such digital transformation has on your business, especially during the time of COVID-19. Are your rivals acquiring a benefit by taking on innovations before you? Within the blink of an eye, you may be too far behind if not catch up with the technology.

That is exactly why you want to move to the cloud. Whenever you’ve moved securely and effectively to the cloud, then all your data will be at your fingertips. After moving PST file to cloud, users get several types of benefits as mentioned in the upcoming section.

Why to Move Outlook Data File to Cloud

Nowadays working professionals are switching from traditional email services to trending email services. After the COVID-19 pandemic, various companies are following a work-from-home culture and opening multiple offices in different cities. Cloud email services allow you to access email accounts from any worldwide location. Hence, Cloud services (Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace) became the first choice of users due to the benefits.

  • Cloud email services can be easily accessed remotely from anywhere anytime using account credentials.
  • Like desktop-based email clients, there is no need to install and configure user accounts.
  • Cloud email platforms have the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade subscription plans as per business requirements.
  • These services come with multiple productivity applications, and you can use them without installing them.
  • Desktop-based email applications regularly release new updates while cloud emails always seem up to date.
  • Cloud platforms can be easily operable using any digital device and operating system.

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Move Outlook PST File to Cloud Using IMAP Configuration

  1. Start MS Outlook on your Windows Machine.
  2. Add your cloud account in Outlook using IMAP configuration.
  3. Use the inbuilt Import/ Export Wizard to import PST files.
  4. Sync PST file with a recently configured cloud account.
  5. Remove the configured cloud account from Outlook.

Note: Thereafter, login to your cloud account that you had configured in Outlook. Here, you can see PST file data in the cloud email account.

Shortcomings of the Manual Approach

Non-technical users may face the problem while migrating Outlook PST files to cloud account. Above we have mentioned only the main steps to move PST file to cloud. But in actual, you need to follow several subsequent steps. Hence, this is mandatory to get to know Outlook Import/Export Wizard, Account Configuration, Account Deletion, and IMAP Working before migrating Outlook PST to cloud account. If you have decided to move PST to cloud email account using IMAP configuration, then MS Outlook should be installed on your computer.

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Migrate Outlook to Cloud Email Using Software

Now, the question comes if you don’t have Outlook but have a bulk amount of PST files then how can you migrate Outlook to cloud? Well, the answer is very clear – BitRecover PST Converter Wizard. It is a painless solution especially recommended for all SMEs, business professionals, computer admins, and technicians all over the globe.

This software facilitates to move Outlook PST file to cloud storage directly. All you need to gather all PST files in one place on your computer and upload them to the toolkit. Next, select your destination cloud storage location and that’s it! The rest of the process is automated, sit back and enjoy unlimited transfer of Outlook PST files to cloud.

This is easy-to-use and expert-recommended software. The tool can move PST files to several cloud-based email accounts such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Gmail, Yahoo, Amazon Workmail, etc. Most Outlook users have the desire to opt for Microsoft’s own cloud platform, Office 365. Hence, this single software fulfills your all requirements.

How to Move PST Files to the Cloud?

  1. Browse PST files from your PC and upload them in the toolkit using the dual options (either choose configured Outlook mailbox data or manually select files/folder).
    Add PST files
  2. Next, mark those folders whose data you wish to move to the cloud.
    Mark required folders
  3. Then, choose any saving option from the tool according to your choice and requirement.
    Saving option
  4. Enter the email address and password of the selected cloud email service as shown in the figure below.
    Move Outlook data file to cloud
  5. Thereafter, click on the Convert tab. This starts the process to move Outlook PST file to cloud storage.
    Move Outlook PST file to cloud

Learn Software Features and Benefits

Supports bulk migration: One of the best things about using our tool is that you can move unlimited PST files to cloud email storage. Just choose any number of PST files and efficiently move Outlook PST file to cloud storage.

Preserves email properties: While you are doing the transfer of Outlook emails to cloud, this utility will keep intact all email attributes. It maintains the images, attachments, hyperlinks, formatting, email headers, sender and receiver details, etc.

Maintain folder hierarchy: It also keeps intact the on-disk folder structure while you move PST file to cloud email environment. Hence, you can understand the output data without confusion.

Use advance filter options: This software provides several advance filters to migrate Outlook to cloud email by date, email address, email subject, and other choices.

Compatible with the latest Outlook editions: One can use our software to move PST files of any Outlook version such as Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.


These are the things one should keep in mind while moving Outlook PST file to cloud storage. We have described the complete tutorial on how to move Outlook emails to cloud account. If you are trying to move PST file to cloud and wondering where to start from then this solution will help you out as here, we have mentioned the 2 best and easiest ways.

Exploring Common Questions

Q 1: How to move PST files to the Cloud?

Use IMAP configuration or third-party software to move Outlook PST file to Cloud.

Q 2: Can I install the suggested software on the latest Windows 11?

Yes, this utility is compatible with the latest Windows as well as Mac OS computers.

Q 3: Is MS Outlook required to perform your software?

No, this is standalone software that works without Outlook or other applications.