How to Convert Emails to PDF with Attachments ?

Convert Your Data, April 9, 2019

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If you are finding a well suitable solution to convert emails to PDF (Portable Document Format), then just read this complete blog post carefully. After reading this blog post, anyone can save multiple emails to PDF from different types of email services i.e. Desktop, Cloud, ISP, Webmail, Hosted, etc.

Basic Queries of Users

I am currently using Hosted email service of Godaddy and I want to print emails to PDF with attachments. Do you have any trustworthy solution to save Hosted emails to PDF Adobe format? If your answer is “YES” then please share it with me, I am an IT professional.

– Grayson, USA

Hi BitRecover Support Team, do you have any reasonable software to convert multiple emails to PDF format? Actually, I am currently using a desktop based eM Client email service from past 3 years.

– Nathaniel, Hong Kong

I am using default email service of ISP (Internet Service Provider) but I am not satisfied with this because of the difficult interface. I want to backup emails from ISP to PDF because Adobe documents can be easily open without internet connectivity with all devices. Do you have any software?

– Jackson, Brunei

Export Emails to PDF with Attachments

Convert Email Client Emails to PDF

BitRecover Software Company provides a complete solution to convert emails from desktop based email clients to PDF format in bulk with attachments and all important information.  Users can choose any solution according to need from the list of given solutions.

Save Cloud Based Email Accounts Emails to PDF

BitRecover Software also permits to save emails from cloud-based services to PDF documents without loss of any important information. After getting email messages in PDF format users can easily print them because PDF files are most relevant for completing the printing related tasks. Select any solution to backup emails from cloud to Adobe documents according to your need from the list of solutions.

Export Hosted Emails Account to Adobe PDF

BitRecover Software also gives freedom to export emails from hosted email services to PDF format. If you are using a hosting platform for your websites then you can also save their emails in Adobe document format. Select a relevant service provider for saving your mailboxes in Adobe PDF from listed providers.

Save Other File Types to PDF

BitRecover Software also allows to convert multiple file types to Adobe PDF documents so that users can easily print resultant portable documents. After converting specific files to PDF documents, users can easily access them in various types of devices.

Benefits of PDF Documents

  1. PDF documents are best for completing the printing related tasks.
  2. Adobe documents can be open in several devices without internet connectivity.
  3. Users can send PDF files as email attachments to other users for sharing the information.
  4. Users can protect Adobe file with user level and owner level passwords for security reasons.
  5. The court allows to submit digital evidences in PDF format so it is beneficial for forensics investigators.
  6. Users can easily edit the information of PDF documents according to their need.
  7. It is most beneficial for students, engineers, teachers, working professionals, etc. for completing daily needs.

Email to PDF Converter Features & Benefits

The tool gives permission to save multiple emails to PDF Adobe at once so users can save their important time and efforts.

Bulk Email to PDF Converter preserves emails attachments during exporting emails into PDF format.

Users can choose a particular product according to their requirements for converting desktop, cloud, ISP, webmail, hosted emails to Adobe PDF.

BitRecover Software Company provides 30 days money back guarantee for each product in case of software failure.

Each BitRecover software comes with a free trial version so that users can evaluate the tool before investing money on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – How to save emails to PDF inclusive of attachments?

Ans – Follow these steps to export emails to PDF Adobe.

  • Download Bulk Email to PDF Converter Software according to need.
  • Load emails from desktop, cloud, ISP, webmail, etc. to software interface.
  • Select PDF as saving format and also choose destination path.
  • Press the Convert button to start the conversion of emails to Adobe PDF.
  • After completion message, check the destination path for resultant PDF documents.

Que 2 – After saving multiple emails to PDF documents, can I print them?

Ans – Yes, of course, PDF format is best for printing related work.


In this blog post, we have recommended all in one solution to convert emails to PDF in bulk from different types of email services i.e. Cloud, Desktop, ISP, Webmail, etc. Now anyone can easily print emails to PDF with attachments by selecting a specific software from mentioned software. If are facing problem in selecting a best software, then feel free to ask with our support team.

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