How to Convert Emails to PDF with Attachments from All File Formats ?

Mark Regan | July 13th, 2021 | Convert Your Data

Convert Emails to PDF with Attachments

If you are finding a well suitable solution to convert emails to PDF (Portable Document Format), then just read this complete blog post carefully. After reading this blog post, anyone can convert large number of emails to PDF from different file extensions such as *.eml, *.emlx, *.msg, *.pst, *.ost, *.olm, etc.

What are emails and file extensions?

E-mail (Electronic Mail) is known as the system to exchange messages between users by using electronic devices. An email can store multiple email components and crucial information such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, Attachments, Message Header, Body, etc. At present time is growing day by day and there are different types of email servers available to exchange emails between users such as POP3 / IMAP / MAPI.

There are several email clients available in the online marketplace which allow downloading emails in multiple file extensions. Different email clients support different file extensions to store electronic emails such as Outlook (*.pst *.msg, *.ost, *.olm), Windows Mail (*.eml), Apple Mail (*.mbox or *.emlx), etc. Even cloud-based email services also permit to archive of electronic emails in several formats.

User’s queries about convert multiple emails to PDF

I am providing digital marketing services in the USA for past 10 years. I have a lot of emails stored on my computer in multiple file formats.  Now I am looking for a solution to convert batch emails to separate PDF files for printing-related needs. Do you have affordable software to convert emails to PDF Adobe documents?

– William, Washington

I was using Windows Mail client from past several years but not it is got crashed and unable to start. But I have its raw data available at the default storage location. Now I am trying to mass convert emails to PDF but I am unable to do that. Because I have no idea about this task. Can you please suggest to me the easiest method for solving my problem?

– Kenneth, Glasgow

Expert suggestion to convert the email to PDF

After reading the above information, you can understand that mainly electronic mails are stored in *.pst, *.msg, *.eml, and *.mbox file extensions. If you have any mentioned file extension emails on your computer and you want to convert them into Adobe PDF documents then you can proudly use the below software solutions.

  1. EML to PDF Wizard
  2. MSG to PDF Wizard
  3. MBOX to PDF Wizard
  4. PST to PDF Wizard

If in case, you are trying to convert different file extension emails to Adobe PDF files then don’t worry. Because BitRecover has a complete product range. You can choose the right software to convert emails to PDF format.

Get Bundle Offers – If you have several email files stored in various file extensions then you need to use multiple tools. In this case, you can get several BitRecover Software at a discount price to mass convert emails to PDF with 100% genuineness. You can contact to our support team and get emails to PDF Converter at a discount price.

How to Convert Emails to PDF Files?

  1. Launch Email to PDF Converter on your computer and choose one option from Select Files or Select Folders for inserting emails in the software window.
    Email to PDF Converter
  2. Check required electronic mail files from software GUI and press the Next button to continue.
    Check required files
  3. Emails to PDF Converter offers multiple file naming options to store resultant emails at multiple professional styles.
    file naming options
  4. Select advance settings from the software panel according to your need and choice. Browse the destination path and hit on the Convert button.
    advance settings
  5. The process to convert large number of emails to pdf is running with the live progressive report. Please wait for a while.
    convert large number of emails to pdf
  6. At last, it will automatically open the destination folder, get resultant PDF documents.
    resultant PDF documents

Benefits of PDF Documents

  • PDF documents are best for completing printing-related tasks.
  • Adobe documents can be open on several devices without internet connectivity.
  • Users can send PDF files as email attachments to other users for sharing the information.
  • Users can protect Adobe files with user-level and owner-level passwords for security reasons.
  • The court allows to submit of digital evidence in PDF format so it is beneficial for forensics investigators.
  • Users can easily edit the information of PDF documents according to their needs.
  • It is most beneficial for students, engineers, teachers, working professionals, etc. for completing daily needs.

Email to PDF Converter Features & Benefits

  • The tool gives permission to convert multiple emails to PDF Adobe at once so users can save their important time and efforts.
  • Bulk Email to PDF Converter preserves emails attachments during exporting emails into PDF format.
  • Users can choose a particular product according to their requirements to convert multiple file extension emails to Adobe PDF files.
  • Multiple file naming options are helpful to manage resultant documents by date, time, year, subject, etc.
  • BitRecover Software Company provides 30 days money-back guarantee with each product in case of software failure.
  • All BitRecover software comes with a free trial version so that users can evaluate the tool before investing money on it.

Frequently asked questions

Que 1 – How do I convert email to PDF with attachments ?

Ans – Follow the below instructions to convert the email to PDF.

  1. Run Email to PDF Converter on your computer.
  2. Insert electronic mails in the software GUI.
  3. Select email files and press the Next button.
  4. Choose advance settings and browse destination.
  5. Hit on the Convert button to start conversion.

Que 2 – Can I convert batch emails to separate PDF files ?

Ans – Yes, of course, by default it creates separate PDF file for each email.

Que 3 – After convert large number of emails to PDF documents, can I print them ?

Ans – Yes, of course, PDF format is best for printing-related work.

Que 4 – Can I convert emails to black & white PDF ?

Ans – Yes, check Black & White Mode from the software control panel and complete the task.

Final words

In this blog post, we have recommended all-in-one software to convert emails to PDF in bulk from different types of file extensions. Now anyone can easily complete this task by selecting a specific software from mentioned software. If you are facing a problem in selecting the best software, then feel free to contact our support team.