How to Convert Mac Mail to PDF Documents?

Mark Regan | October 6th, 2021 | Convert Your Data


Abstract- This blog post explains the methods to convert Mac Mail to PDF for a single email message or batch emails at the same time. Read the blog till the end to find out the right way to print Mac Mail emails to PDF with the attached files.

There is a growing number of computer users and businesses preferring Mac Mail over anything. With the flurry of innovations and the barrage of new exciting features that Mac Mail has been adding, there are now more reasons than ever to select Mac Mail.

There is no requirement to check the inbox folder constantly as the Apple Mac Mail does this for users automatically by alerting them when a new message arrives.

Though Mac Mail offers solid reliability still it does not permit to print Mac Mail emails as PDF directly. Thus, to make this process easier for end-users we have elaborated the best solution to convert Mac Mail to PDF. But, before jumping to the solution, first, understand the actual user query:

Being a manager in a reputed company, my first business task is dealing with the online mailing service. Due to multiple operations, I use both Windows and Mac OS. But, sometimes there arises a strong urge to represent the required information in read-only documents from Mac Mail. Thus, for such business dealing projects, I want to convert Mac Mail to PDF from Mac to Windows. Now, the problem is, I have no idea how to process these hundreds of Mac Mail emails print to PDF. Please share a valuable solution to troubleshoot this issue.

Acknowledging this issue, it is precisely clear that this Mac Mail to PDF conversion is a daunting task for normal users. Thus, read the easy techniques described in this blog to convert Mac Mail emails to PDF format.

Possible Reasons to Convert Mac Mail to PDF Documents

The users may decide to convert emails from Mac Mail to PDF due to these reasons:

✔️Portability- All PDF files are independent of Operating System, hardware, software.

✔️Apply restriction with Password- PDF file gives you the option to protect it from accessing without admin’s permission. So, you can apply a strong password on PDF files and save it for future references and for legal projects.

✔️No Alterations- One major benefit of a PDF file is that it preserves the correct information, color, formatting, print documents as it shows on your screen.

✔️Universally Compatible- It is used for representing files all over the globe. Also, shown as documents in governmental works.

Different Ways to Print Mac Mail to PDF

Here, we have come with some very simple tips and tricks for users who intend to export Mac Mail emails to PDF file format.

#1 Save Mac Mail Emails as PDF Manually

In order to convert Mac Mail to PDF, you first need to save the Mac Mail messages as files on the system. Follow these steps,

  • Firstly, open Mac Mail and the desired email message which you want to print into PDF.
  • Now, go to File>> Export as PDF option from the Menu bar.
  • Lastly, in Save As a list, choose a saving location to save the Mac Mail file with the desired name. Click on the Save tab.

But, the Standard Approach has some limitations too….

Although the above manual method can be used without paying any fee there is a major limitation with this approach too.  Read this:

  1. You can’t batch convert Mac Mail to PDF with this manual method.
  2. This makes the entire process of printing Mac Mail mailboxes to PDF as long and time taking.
  3. Also, you need to be tech-savvy to work with this approach.
  4. Not suitable for large database conversion.
  5. May result in information loss or improper outcome.

Thus, it very important to automate this process in order to keep intact the originality of Mac Mail emails and attachments.

#2 Convert Mac Mail Emails to PDF Automatically

One more way to convert Mac Mail files to PDF is broadly divided into two steps:

Step 1. Export Mac Mail Emails

  • First, open the Apple Mac Mail on your machine.
  • Now, choose the desired mailbox which you want to export and select the Mailbox tab.
  • From this menu bar list, choose the Export Mailbox option for Mac Mail print to PDF process.

  • Then, select a destination folder for saving the output and click on the Choose tab.

  • Go to the destination location to view the exported Mac Mail emails in .mbox format.

Step 2. Convert Mac Mail to PDF File Format

Mac Mail Converter is the most trustworthy choice to convert Mac Mail emails to PDF. It is an error-free application and gives 100% precise results. Follow these steps to convert Mac Mail to PDF.

  • Download and launch the utility on your system.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Now, use the Add Files or Add Folder option to import Mac Mail exported MBOX files into the toolkit.

  • Then, select an email from your computer and hit on the open button.

  • Now, you can preview entire Mac Mail data with attachments. Snap-on the Convert tab to continue.

  • Then, choose PDF as a saving option from the tool.

  • Also, pick a desired file naming option as per your need.

  • Thereafter, setup a destination location for saving the resultant files at a user-friendly location. Also, click on the Convert tab to start the processing.

  • The process of Mac Mail to PDF is running.

  • Once the entire process finishes, the tool will give a “Completion message”. Click on OK to confirm.

Final Verdict

By concluding, we can say that the conversion of Mac Mail emails to PDF is quite tiresome using manual ways. So, it is quite desirable to select the suggested automated solution for the same. Now, use the email conversion tool as described above to convert Mac Mail to PDF format. We recommend you first use the free trial version to test the tool’s potentials. Later you can switch to the license version for unlimited printing of mac emails to PDF format. If further, you have any queries, please contact our support team.