How to Save Outlook Email as MSG File? Do It Yourself

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 21st, 2023 • 6 Min Read

Are you looking for an excellent solution to save Outlook email as MSG file in batch? If yes, then here you will read the complete step-by-step guide. This write-up discusses 3 DIY manual and professional ways to export Outlook email to MSG file with all email items.

Microsoft Outlook users are accustomed to having all their email messages saved in an individual place. This blog talks about how a user can save multiple Outlook emails as MSG to save messages on an external hard drive, or a pen drive, keep all emails together with other documents, share data, or move emails between computers.

Microsoft Outlook allows to export of its individual email, contact, calendar, tasks, and appointments in *.msg file extension. An MSG file can store a single object including complete associated attributes. Various users wish to save email as MSG from Outlook due to several reasons.

Explore Benefits to Export Outlook Emails to MSG Files

  • Sometimes users want to share some individual Outlook messages for specific reasons. That can be possible after saving Outlook email as MSG file.
  • Exporting Outlook emails to MSG files helps to maintain a structured storage format for individual emails, aiding in efficient organization.
  • An Outlook data file (PST) stores thousands of unnecessary emails, contacts, and other items. However, sometimes users wish to save only crucial Outlook emails to .msg format.
  • Outlook users can double-click on MSG file to open it directly using Outlook interface. They can also send it as an attachment due to its smaller size.
  • Sometimes users want to reduce PST file size, so they archive old Outlook emails in MSG format and later delete them from the Outlook database.

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Manual Methods to Save Outlook Email as MSG File

Microsoft Outlook provides 2 different ways to save Outlook email to .msg extension for exporting single and multiple files at once. Upcoming sections discuss the steps to convert Outlook to MSG file with all email items and properties.

Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010 users can follow the below-mentioned upcoming steps. This blog post does not provide details to save email as MSG from Outlook 2007 because MS Office 2007 is no longer supported.

Important Note: If your Outlook is installed properly, without any corruption, then you can easily use these methods.

Method 1: Export Outlook Email as MSG Using Save AS Option

  1. Start Outlook and open an email to export.
  2. Then, select File >> Save As an option.
    Save Outlook email as MSG File
  3. Select any saving location and provide a file name.
  4. Hit on Save as Type and select Outlook Message Format – Unicode.
    Outlook Message Format - Unicode
  5. Tap on the Save button.
  6. Go to the destination path to get a specific MSG file.
    Convert Outlook to MSG file

Method 2: Save Multiple Outlook Emails as MSG Using Drag and Drop

  1. Open MS Outlook and choose an email folder to export.
  2. Thereafter, press CTRL+A to select all emails from the folder.
    Save multiple Outlook emails as MSG
  3. Now, drag and drop Outlook emails to a specific folder.
  4. See Outlook exported MSG files at the selected location.
    Export Outlook email as MSG

Drawbacks of Using Manual Methods

  • Since with method 1, you have to choose emails one by one thus it’s a long and tiring process.
  • Method 2 does not guarantee any transparency and accurate results by maintaining the hierarchy.
  • While you save Outlook email as MSG, you don’t have the file naming options.
  • Due to the absence of file naming options, if you have many emails with the same subject then the stored MSG files will have inconsistency.
  • MS Outlook should be configured and installed to perform these manual methods.

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Pro Method to Convert Outlook Emails to MSG Files

If you are a small, medium, or large-scale business enterprise and wish to have a safe method to save Outlook email as MSG then a professional solution is required. BitRecover PST Converter Wizard fulfills this condition because it provides a definitive and trustworthy solution to export Outlook email to MSG file.

There are no limitations to exporting Outlook email in MSG format. An additional benefit is that even if you do not have Microsoft Outlook installed on your machine, still you can implement the conversion hassle-free to save Outlook email to .msg extension.

How to Save Outlook Email as MSG File?

  1. Firstly, download and install the software on your computer.
    Run software
  2. Use dual modes for adding Outlook emails in software GUI.
    Configured account
  3. Then, enable selective email folders from where you want to save emails.
    Mark required folders
  4. Thereafter, choose MSG as a file saving option.
    Select MSG file
  5. Pick any file naming option and select a destination location.
    Destination path
  6. After that, click Convert to save Outlook email as MSG file.
    Save Outlook email as MSG file
  7. The process to export Outlook emails to MSG files has been completed.
    Export Outlook emails to MSG files
  8. Lastly, it opens the destination path so you can easily get output results.
    Opens the destination path

Advantages and Features of Software

We hope that you have got the idea regarding how to export Outlook email to MSG file extension. This utility comes with useful features for the users. Have a look:

  • The tool has dual options for adding Outlook data from configured profiles and orphan PST files.
  • Users can store the Outlook exported email as MSG with many descriptive file naming options.
  • It is totally up to the users to save the resultant data at any location on Windows or Mac PC to save Outlook Email to MSG File.
  • After exporting Outlook email to MSG file, one can share the output information with other people and can store the same in a pen drive, or external hard drive.
  • Facility to export selective folders from Outlook to MSG format with all associated components.
  • The tool provides several advance filtration options to save selective MSG files from Outlook clients.

As a Final Point

No doubt, PST files may be utilized to organize the data effectively. But it generates several complications when just saving crucial emails are to be sought for a lot of emails. So, it is advisable to save Outlook email as MSG file. The manual procedure has been explained to export Outlook emails to MSG files. Moreover, an automatic tool is also offered to convert Outlook emails to MSG files.

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Regularly Asked Inquiries

Q 1: Can I save Outlook 2021 email as MSG using manual method?

Yes, Outlook 2010-2021 users can perform the above-mentioned steps to save Outlook email to .msg file extension.

Q 2: Can I save multiple Outlook emails as MSG via manual way?

Yes, you need to use the drag-and-drop technique to save multiple Outlook emails as MSG format.

Q 3: Is your software compatible with the latest Windows 11?

Yes, our software supports all the latest versions of Windows as well as Mac Operating Systems. You can install it on both Windows and MacBook machines.