How to Convert JFIF to JPG & JPEG Format in Windows 10 ?

Mark Regan | June 22nd, 2021 | Convert Your Data

Have images in JFIF file format ?

Need to convert JFIF to JPG ?

You can take the help of an automated solution. Grab all-in-one JFIF to JPG converter to open JFIF raster images with all properties.

Images have always attracted humans. We easily download the image we like. Most images are saved in JPG, JPEG, and PNG file formats. These are the popular digital image formats for storing photographs.

But sometimes images are saved or downloaded as JFIF format from many web browsers. You cannot directly open JFIF images on the Windows platform. So, to open and view JFIF images, convert it into JPG & JPEG file format.

Converting JFIF to JPG is a simple, easy and fast process. Choose the desired JFIF file and save it as JPG format. The best thing is that you can accomplish the conversion on your own, without any expertise.

Read this blog to know the easy way to save a large number of JFIF files to JPEG format. Here, you will get detailed knowledge with a step-by-step process. So, let’s get started.

How to Convert JFIF to JPG in Batch ?

You can perform the given steps to convert JFIF to JPG format on Windows.

  1. Run JFIF to JPG Converter.
  2. Upload JFIF files/folders using dual options.
  3. Choose the necessary JFIF files.
  4. Set JPG as saving option. Enter the destination path.
  5. Click Convert. The process to change JFIF to JPG began.

If you still have doubts, download the free trial version. It allows you to convert JFIF to JPG. But, you can only move 5 JFIF files to JPG.

JFIF to JPG Converter – Best Solution For Windows

JFIF File Converter is a 100% secure utility. It directly converts JFIF to JPEG. The image, color, background, size, and almost everything is maintained during the conversion process. The software interface is simple. Any user can access it to move multiple JFIF files to JPG format. It supports all versions of Windows. Now, let’s explore the benefits of choosing the best JFIF to JPEG conversion utility.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

1 – Run JFIF to JPEG Converter and click on Select Files or Select Folders button for uploading JPEG File Interchange Format images in the software window.

Run JFIF to JPEG Converter

2 – Select .jfif files from the software interface and click on the Next button.

Select .jfif files

3 – Choose JPG as a saving format from multiple formats.

Choose JPG

4 – Browse or confirm the destination path and press the Convert button to continue.

confirm the destination path

5 – JFIF to JPEG conversion process completed successfully.

JFIF to JPEG conversion

6 – After completion of the task, it will automatically open the destination path so that users can easily get their resultant files. (Here you can see 5 converted files as the trial edition allows to convert 5 .jfif files to .jpg).

resultant files

Main Features of JFIF to JPG Converter Tool

1. Open JFIF file in Android Phones – You can simply open and view JFIF file. Convert JFIF to JPG allows you to open the JFIF image on your android phone.

2. JFIF to JPG Batch Conversion – The utility allows you to convert hundreds of JFIF files to JPG format at once. This saves user effort and time.

3. Open JFIF Raster Image in all Windows: JFIF to JPG converter tool allows us to open JFIF raster images. You can view those raster images on all the Windows platforms.

4. Popular & Accurate Solution: The tool to convert JFIF to JPG is professionals designed app. It received 5/5 ratings for ease and user-friendly in nature. You will not get any error during JFIF to JPG conversion process.

5. Maintains Image Properties: The utility completely preserves image properties. Color, Background, and image orientation remain secured.

6. File Naming option: You will find multiple file naming options to convert JFIF to JPG. Choose that fit your needs.

7. Store Resultant data at Desired Location: The tool allows you to save JFIF files to JPG at your desired location. Also, the software by default save resultant data on the desktop.

8. Simple & consistent Graphical UI: You can convert JFIF to JPG on your own. No need for any expertise to move multiple JFIF files to JPG on Windows.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Q 1 – I downloaded thousands of images from the web browser. Most of my images are not downloaded in JPG. It is a JFIF file format. How can I convert JFIF images to JPG?

A – Converting JFIF to JPG is quite simple. Follow the given steps.

  1. Run the software and load JFIF files.
  2. Choose the required JFIF image file.
  3. Select JPG as a saving option.
  4. Click on the Convert button.

Q 2 – Does my JFIF image color gets changed after conversion?

A – No, JFIF to JPG converter tool maintains all the properties of the image.

Q 3 – Can I run this tool on Windows 8.1 version?

A –Β  Yes, you can run the utility on all the possible Windows platforms.


Now, you know how to convert JFIF to JPG in a few minutes. The tool is safe even for large JFIF image files. It has no limitations and works with total precision. Therefore, grab the utility and open your JFIF files on Windows and Android phones.