How to Convert TIFF to JPG without Losing Quality on Windows and Mac ?

Mark Regan ~ November 7th, 2021 ~ Convert Your Data

Every image format is of a different purpose – both TIFF and JPG being the popular ones. On top of all the image formats, JPG is a standard format that streamlines workflows and pleases most individuals due to its ease of use feature.

If you are looking to convert TIFF to JPG image format, you have landed up at the right place. In this blog post, we are going to describe to you how to save TIFF as JPG without losing image quality. For this we recommend you use BitRecover TIFF Converter utility.

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This multipurpose application is well suited to convert multiple TIFF to JPG images at once. Also, if you have a large number of TIFF files, then you can change a TIFF file to JPG in batch.

Steps to Convert TIFF to JPG 

Follow these steps to convert a TIFF file to JPG:

  1. Run TIFF to JPG converter.
  2. Choose .tiff files or folders.
  3. Select required TIFF images for conversion.
  4. Pick JPG as a file saving option.
  5. Enter destination path and start TIFF to JPG conversion.

How to Convert Multiple TIFF to JPG Images ?

First of all, download the TIFF file to JPG Converter and run it properly on your Windows or Mac machine.

Then, there will be two options to import TIFF files into the software panel i.e. Select files/ Select folder option.

Thereafter, select the .tiff file folders from your database.

Now, the software panel will show the selected folder path, click on the Next tab, to choose single or multiple TIFF. In this way, you can convert multiple TIFF to JPG images.

Now, enable all the checkboxes whose data you want to convert into JPG/ jpeg format.

Thereafter, go to the saving options list and pick JPG as saving option.

After this, select a destination path for saving the resultant TIFF files to JPG format.

Lastly, press on the convert tab to extract TIFF to JPG format.

The software will give a completion message at the end of conversion.

Once you have accomplished to export TIFF images to JPG, the tool will automatically open the resultant folder containing the output.

Done! In this way, one can change TIFF to JPG files easily with the help of a bulk TIFF to JPG converter.

Highlighted Features of Software

  • Batch convert TIFF files to JPG:- This automated software offers the option to you to change TIFF picture to JPG files in bulk. In this manner, one can convert multiple TIFF to JPG images in a few seconds.
  • Dual options to choose data:- With this wizard, you can choose both a single or large number of TIFF images for converting into JPG/JPEG format. For this, you can pick either of option Select files or the Select folder option.
  • Selective conversion of images:- Among various benefits of this utility, one more feature which makes it the most desired one to convert TIFF to JPG is its selective conversion feature. With this feature, you can choose only some specific TIFF images that you intend to migrate into JPG format.
  • Freedom to choose destination path:- The software offers you a facility to choose any target file-saving path. You can also change the saving path by clicking on the browse icon.
  • Create separate resultant JPG image:- While you extract TIFF to JPG format, you can create the separate resultant file for each TIFF image. This means that if you have 100 TIFF images, then after conversion, the software will create 100 JPG files.
  • Preserves the quality of the image:- The tool assures to maintain the quality of TIFF images throughout the conversion of TIFF to JPG. It preserves the image resolution perfectly.

Client Reviews

Hello! I was looking for a reliable application to change a photo from TIFF to JPG format. After a complete Google research, I got to know about this utility. Amazed to see the useful benefits of BitRecover TIFF file to JPG conversion tool. I must say that this product maintained the resolution of images throughout the process to export TIFF images to JPG.

-Robert, Argentina

Highly recommendable software! Earlier, I was really anxious about how to save TIFF file as JPG. My friend suggested me this software, I am completely amazed at its functioning. It helped me to convert large TIFF file to JPG without any hassle. Thank you!

-Stanley, USA

Summing Up Together

Download the free demo version of TIFF to JPG converter utility. This demo edition will let you convert the first 5 .tiff files from each folder to the selected file format. Once you are completely satisfied with the tool’s performance, now you can migrate to the tool’s licensed version.

In this blog post, we have described how to change a TIFF file to JPG format. The suggested software is very user-friendly and permits to convert TIFF to JPG with accurate details. It can be used by any technical or novice user.