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  • Allows to View JPEG files from anywhere which have Trouble Opening.
  • BitRecover JPEG Viewer is one of the Best and Secure Software to View JPEG Files.
  • Able to view JPEG Image Offline Without any Restrictions.
  • Permits to view JPEG Thumbnails Using Several Navigation options.
  • Supports to View Damaged JPEG files and Raw images.
  • Separate Option for Deleting Joint Photographic Experts Group Images.
  • Option to View and Print JPG Files on a Letter or A4 paper.
  • Next and Previous Options to View JPEG Extension Pictures, Logos.

Why JPEG Reader?

Learn Why to Choose the One-Stop Solution to View JPEG Files

BitRecover JPG Viewer is a stable software that let user to view images of JPEG file format. Users consider using offline tools to view and print jpg files and this JPEG file reader is developed to Work offline. This tools also consist of rename image option so that the user could rename the file freely without the help of any other software. The tool also permits to set JPG file as desktop wallpaper using a separate option.


Open JPEG Images

In some case user won’t be able view JPG/JPEG file due to some reason thus with the help of this software anyone can easily view Joint Photographic Experts Group without any hindrance. The tool is capable to open JPG files, pictures, thumbnails, icons, banners, 3 D photos, text and all.

Offline Software

Offline Software

BitRecover JPEG image Viewer is an offline software that is designed in such a way that security is a major reason. Users in Business and Organization don’t want to use pivotal files on online because of security reasons hence, BitRecover developers have decided to develop this offline for Windows OS user.

Simple Print Option

Simple Print Option

JPEG viewer helps to view image as well as print the image easily. This tool is developed in such a way that user could easily find the print option by not looking in menu bar. Hence print option is at the bottom and can be seen just by hovering below. You can also set Orientation, Size, Margins, Scaling Mode, Alignment, etc.

Easy to use

Easy to use

For Viewing a JPEG Photo / Image user must go through different steps or sometime use browser to view the image. Thus with the help of BitRecover JPEG Viewer, users can easily open JPEG images in a simple way. Just run the tool and choose Open Image option from menu bar.

Specifications of JPG Viewer Tool

JPEG Viewer Tool Allows to View All Types of JPEG Files in Various File Extensions

Help to View JPEG Image

BitRecover FREE JPG Viewer is an excellent product that is able to view Images of JPEG file extensions so that users can save their time and effort without browsing and following various rules. The tool comes with advanced setting like print, navigation, rotate, zoom, fit to screen, delete, etc.

View Single Photo

View Single


Open Multiple


Read Raw


Open 3D

Open JPEG Images in Different Ways...

  • View single JPEG extension file
  • Open multiple JPG photos
  • Read Raw JPG pictures
  • Preview 3D .jpg images

About Pro JPG Reader Tool

BitRecover developers care of professional and corporate users, so they have developed a pro edition of this software. Pro version is also known as JPG Converter that is authorized to store Joint Photographic Experts Group images in multiple saving formats such as PDF, JPG, JFIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, EMF, WMF, PSD, WebP, etc.

Saving Formats in Pro Edition



Joint Photographic Experts Group


Portable Document Format




Other Saving Formats

Photoshop Document











Simple to use, easy to carry out.

30 days money-back guarantee according to the policy.

Gets a free image preview of JPEG file.

No limitation on image size

Print the image here itself.

Set your favorite photo as desktop wallpaper.

Views the image without losing its quality.

What JPEG Viewer Come Up With

Firstly, gets a preview option to simply view the JPEG image.

Allow to view jpeg extension easily.

Rename options is available right in the index.

Contain Next and Previous option for JPG.

Delete option is right in the index.

Allows to store JPEG image format to another file format.

Has limited option and effective one.

Key Features of JPEG Viewer for Windows

Know the software functionality to read JPG files.


Adaptable to Open JPG Image

Photo viewer for jpeg is the best JPEG Extension Reader which can be carried out easily. Any user can use this tool easily as it doesn’t consist of any complex step to follow, you just need the downloaded tool and after that click on the Open Image to continue.

safe and secure

100% Safe and Secure

Users in organization or business sector won’t use web browser to view any file due to security reason or will follow different steps to view a single file due to time issue. It is an offline software that works without internet connectivity so it is more safe and secure.

filter options

Bundle of Options for Different Purpose

JPEG photo Viewer for Windows 10 consist of different types of option for different Purpose. The tool comes with several navigation options, delete specific images, set JPG as desktop wallpaper, print JPEG files with advance settings, and different preview options.

desired path

Freedom to Browse JPG Photos from Any Path

This toolkit offers facility to open JPG file extension photos from any destination path. After clicking on the Select Image option, users can browse .jpg photos for previewing. Even it is authenticate to open JPG Thumbnails from external storage devices.

maintain quality

Maintains the Quality of the Image after Printing

BitRecover JPEG Image Viewer consist of printing option by which user can easily print the file. As per printing most of the file loses its resolution. Thus, using this tool for printing doesn’t affect the images resolution as it will keep the quality of the image unaffected.


Preview JPG Photos in Different Styles

This application offers different preview options while opening JPG photos in the software interface. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Darken Highlights, Deep Shadows, Lighten Shadows, Color Correction, Contrast Correction, etc. Users can apply these parameters accordingly.

JPEG Viewer Free Download

Here are the System Specifcation to Download & Use the App with Ease

Software Download

Download Now

Take a Trial - Just download this application to open unlimited JPG images free of cost.

File Size : 1.58 MB

Version : 1.0

Free Demo Version

There are no restrictions for the trial version. The JPG Reader software has been verified to open unlimited JPG files and raw images for free. However, business users can update this toolkit to get business-oriented functions.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

Minimum 2 GB is required

Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)

Supported Editions

  • Win 11 & All Below Windows Versions

Comparison of Free & Pro Version

Feature Comparison of JPEG Viewer App for PC - Free and Pro Version


Free Version

PRO Version

View JPEG Image

View JPEG Components

Open Unlimited JPG Files

Windows 11 & All Other Previous Windows Version Supported

Export Options No Yes, Multiple
24*7 Tech Support & Secure 100%




Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked User's Questions and Answers

Go with these steps for previewing JPEG images.:

  • First of all, download and install JPEG Reader on your Windows PC.
  • Start the tool and click on Open Image button from File menu.
  • Choose a JPG picture from your computer and click on the Open button.
  • Now you can read JPG image text in the software interface with Navigation menu.

Yes, of course, it has a separate option to delete and rename JPEG photos.

BitRecover JPEG Viewer Software is a well-suitable program which helps to print JPEG Image files easily.

Yes, the tool supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008, 2003, etc.

No, this utility only allows to view JPG / JPEG images. However, you can proudly use JPEG Repair Software to fix all corrupt JPEG related problems.

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