CR2 to JPG Converter – How to Change CR2 Images to JPG Format ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


CR2 is a RAW version2 created by Canon digital cameras. Due to large file size and incompatibility issue, CR2 is not that much popular. Hence, you need to save CR2 files as JPG pictures. CR2 is undoubtedly not supported everywhere, so it is difficult to find a proper CR2 to JPG Converter.

So, this article explains to you how to convert CR2 to JPG format without losing image quality.

I was exporting pictures from a memory stick to my computer. Later I found that all those images are of CR2 image format. Since my photo gallery does not supports this format, I want to change a CR2 to JPG. Please tell me a reliable solution to convert pictures from .cr to .JPG in PC. – Santino, Russia

A few days back, I did my project shoot with my Canon digital camera. Every picture was shot in RAW CR2 format. Though, on the camera all the pictures were just perfect. However, when I transferred them to my PC, and tried to open the files, they were showing unreadable. My friend suggested me to convert a CR2 to JPG so as to open those pictures. Can you please suggest me a trustworthy CR2 to JPG converter for this! – Juan, USA

Addressing this issue, here we have come up with the most efficient CR2 to JPG converter. BitRecover Image file converter is an excellent application that enables users to change a file from CR2 to JPG.

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How to Convert CR2 to JPG ?

Follow these steps to convert CR2 images to JPG format:

  1. Run BitRecover CR2 to JPG Converter.
  2. Go to File Menu from the menu bar on top of screen.
  3. Choose Open Image option to upload CR2 image in GUI.
  4. Preview CR2 pictures using navigation bar.
  5. Right click on image for changing CR2 to JPG image extension.

Change CR2 to JPG Pictures on Windows using Prime Solution

In order to save CR2 files as JPG pictures, one need an automated solution. The suggested BitRecover CR2 to JPG Conversion tool is one such prominent utiity that permits to convert CR2 to JPG format with no change in the image quality. With this wizard, one can change a CR2 to JPG file format with complete accuracy and details. This product is an offline software which does not uploads any picture on the World wide web. The users can convert .CR2 to JPG without any file size limitations.

Convert Pictures from CR2 to JPG – Benefits of Software

Highly secured software: Thus conversion tool is an advanced application that can transform CR2 to JPG without uploading them on the web.

Destination path: With this utility, you can turn CR2 pictures to JPG and save it at a desired destination path. This can be done by clicking on the browse icon for saving the CR2 documents into JPG format.

Ability to save corrupted CR2 images: The tool has the proficiency to convert CR2 file into JPG pictures even when you have corrupted data. It scans the entire document and change the output in a healthy format.

Batch conversion: The software can easily convert multiple CR2 images to JPG format in a single processing. This in turn reduces users time and efforts during the conversion process.

Selective image migration: This software permits to selectively choose CR2 files for the conversion. You can choose any number of CR2 images folders to migrate into JPG file format.

Create separate resultant file for each image: It has the capability to generate separate output file for each single image. This helps to users for understanding the exported images.

Why Transform CR2 to JPG ? – Reasons Explained

Have you ever imagined when you should use a JPG instead of CR2? JPEG (or JPG) wich is the most widely used file type across the web. It is known for its “lossy” compression, means that the image quality reduces with decrease in file size.

Irrespective of this factor, it is very common across web users. Well, JPEG’s can be used for projects on the web, in MS Office documents, or the files that requires printing of high resolution.

CR2 image extension is created by Canon for the pictures taken from digital cameras. These are actually based on TIFF file specification. Hence, these are usually of high quality, large and uncompressed.

RAW images like CR2 can capture every element of a picture. Still, you have to package them into a raster format like JPEG so as to transform and resized for varied purposes.

Client Testimonials

I was searching for an efficient solution for converting images from CR2 to JPG format. After lot of Google searches, I got this expert solution. I would like to owe a thanks to BitRecver CR2 to JPG migration tool for launching such an innovative product for image conversion.

-Nicolas, UK

Highly recommendable software! I have unlimited CR2 images and want it to convert into JPG format so that I can open them in my laptop. The best part of the software is that irrespective of having so many files, it converted all CR2 files into JPG images within a few mouse clicks. Thanks a lot!

-Thiago, Germany

Wrap Up

In this blog post, we have described how to convert pictures from .CR2 to .JPG without losing quality. The recommended solution can be used by any technical or non-technical user. There are no restrictions for converting the images with this software. You can also download the free demo version of software which allows to convert first 5 items from each CR2 folder to selected format. Please switch it to full pro version for countless file migration.