How to Convert Outlook Email to JPEG Image Format ?

Mark Regan ~ April 22nd, 2020 ~ Convert Your Data

Worldwide, thousands of users are using MS Outlook. Well, you can certainly extract emails from Outlook as a text file, document file, etc. But, what if you want to save Outlook email as an image format such as a JPEG file. In this article, we will elaborate the method about how to convert Outlook email to JPEG format.

The most reliable way to share your Outlook documents with your colleagues and friends is to convert Outlook email messages to JPEG format.

JPEG file type was produced by Joint Photographic Experts Group in 1992. The main idea about JPEG images was to make large photographic images smaller, hence can be efficiently shared. It is an excellent option to show complex photographs including many colors. So, if you have a bunch of Outlook emails and want to save Outlook email as JPEG, we have the best solution for you!

BitRecover Outlook PST Converter is a comprehensive tool which can transfer Outlook email to JPEG format in seconds. You don’t require external installation of any software to export Outlook data to JPEG format. Even if you don’t have Outlook in your home desktop but have Outlook emails, then this software will convert Outlook email to JPEG.

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How to Convert Outlook Email to JPEG ?

Follow these steps to convert Outlook emails to JPEG:

  • Launch BitRecover Outlook to JPEG Converter.
  • Choose required Outlook emails to convert into JPEG.
  • Enable only desired Outlook mailboxes for conversion.
  • Select JPEG saving option from tool.
  • Enter destination path and start to convert Outlook to JPEG.

How to Save Outlook Email as JPEG Image File in Batch ? – Detailed Solution

To get started, first download the suggested software on your Windows machine. Then, quickly follow these simple steps:

Start the Outlook to JPEG Migration tool on Windows OS.

Check on the convert configured Outlook mailbox data to automatically detect Outlook emails from a profile.

If you want to manually select data to convert Outlook email to JPEG, then choose this option “let me select my Outlook mailbox data” as shown in the screenshot.

Now, select the required Outlook mailbox folder and click on the Next tab.

Thereafter, choose JPEG as saving option to save Outlook email as JPEG image format. Then, enter a target destination location for saving the converted data.

Finally, click on the Convert tab to start migrating Outlook emails to JPEG format.

Please wait as the conversion of Outlook data to JPEG is running. It will give a completion message at the end of conversion.

After getting the final results, the tool will open the mentioned location where your JPEG files are stored.

Important Note:- You can try the demo version of Outlook to JPEG conversion tool. This can easily convert Outlook email to JPEG format but with certain limitations. It allows to convert first 25 items from each Outlook folder to the selected file format with attachments. The working process is similar as mentioned below. Thereafter, upgrade to the licensed version to transfer all Outlook folders to JPEG format without any restrictions.

Read the Outlook to JPEG Migration Tool Key Features

1. The software is capable to convert Outlook email to JPEG format in batch.

2. This tool will save Outlook email as JPEG images with all attachments easily.

3. It allows to transfer selective Outlook folder to JPEG with complete accuracy.

4. It is very easy to migrate unlimited emails from Outlook to JPEG without any data loss.

5. The users can export Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 emails to JPEG format with great ease.

6. It provides amazing speed and best performance during the Outlook to JPEG conversion.

7. This utility preserves all the email properties preserved during the process to convert Outlook email to JPEG.

8. You can save Outlook email as JPEG without installing Outlook on computer system.

9. The user can download and install the software on all Windows OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2019, 2016, etc.

Some User Queries and Expert Reply

Ques1:- I am using Outlook for many years. Now, I need to convert Outlook email to JPEG format. Which software should I choose?

Ans: We recommend you Outlook to JPEG migration utility. With this wizard, you can effectively transfer selective Outlook emails to JPEG format with precision.

Ques2:- I don’t have Outlook installed on my computer system. Can I use this utility to export Outlook 2019 emails to JPEG format ?

Ans:- Yes, why not! Download and install the suggested software on your computer. This software gives both manual and automatic file selection options using which one can convert outlook email to JPEG easily.

Ques3:- Can I save the Outlook to JPEG converted emails with a file name of my choice?

Ans:- Yes, this software gives a bunch of file naming conventions. You can choose any of them to arrange your email data as per choice.

Let’s Conclude

Do you want to convert Outlook email to JPEG format? Then, read the above write-up carefully. It describes a complete solution to save Outlook email as JPEG with attachments. We have mentioned the proper stepwise solution for migrating Outlook emails into JPEG format. Since the application is user-friendly, it can be used by any technical or novice user.

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