How to Convert Outlook Email to JPG Images? [Answered]

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Worldwide, thousands of users use MS Outlook which has inbuilt options to export emails in its native file extensions. But what if you want to save Outlook email as an image format such as a JPG file. In this article, we will elaborate on the top 2 methods about how to convert Outlook email to JPG format.

JPEG file type was produced by the Joint Photographic Experts Group in 1992. The main idea about JPEG images was to make large photographic images smaller and, hence can be efficiently shared. It is an excellent option to show complex photographs including many colors. So, if you have a bunch of Outlook emails and want to save Outlook email as JPEG, we have the best solution for you!

What Is the Motive Behind to Save Outlook Email as JPEG?

The most reliable way to share your Outlook messages with your colleagues and friends is to convert Outlook email to JPEG images. There are different possible reasons to do this task let’s read some of them:

  • Sometimes users want to share Outlook emails on social media websites, and we all know that JPG image format is ideal to do this.
  • The process to convert Outlook email to JPEG allows for a visual representation that is useful for creative projects.
  • JPEGs are compatible with printing hence they enable you to create hard copies for documentation or reference purposes.
  • JPEG is a universally recognized image format; you can open and edit them using different types of devices and applications.
  • After saving Outlook email as JPEG, you can easily access them offline to read essential information quickly.
  • Web developers can use JPEG images to preview email content on websites, graphic design, and other multimedia projects.

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How to Convert Outlook Email to JPG Manually?

  1. First, save Outlook email as MSG file in a folder.
  2. Double-tap on the MSG file to open it with MS Outlook.
  3. Next, press Ctrl + Print Screen to take a screenshot.
  4. Open Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot.
  5. Next, select File > Save As > JPEG Picture from Paint.
  6. Browse destination folder to store JPEGs and click Save.

Explore the Downsides of the Manual Procedure

  • The manual method is only suitable for saving Outlook email as JPG image one by one.
  • It takes much longer time if someone wants to batch convert Outlook emails to JPG.
  • Outlook should be in proper working condition to get it done with a manual approach.
  • It requires a third-party application like Paint to perform this task manually.

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Pro Method to Convert Outlook Email to JPEG

BitRecover Outlook PST Converter is a comprehensive tool that can transfer Outlook email to JPEG format in seconds. You don’t require external installation of any software to export Outlook data to JPEG format. Even if you don’t have Outlook on your home desktop but have Outlook emails, then this software will convert Outlook email to JPEG.

How to Save Outlook Email as JPEG?

  1. Start the Microsoft Outlook Email to JPG Converter on your machine.
    Start Outlook Mail to JPG Converter
  2. Enable convert configured Outlook mailbox data to add Outlook profile data automatically.
    Add configured Outlook data
  3. Select the required Outlook mailbox folders and click on the Next tab.
    Select required folders
  4. Thereafter, choose JPEG as a saving option to save Outlook email in JPEG image format.
    Select JPEG format
  5. Click on the Convert tab to start converting Outlook emails to JPEG format.
    Convert Outlook email to JPG
  6. Outlook Mail to JPG Converter gives a completion message at the end of conversion.
    Save Outlook email as JPEG
  7. Lastly, the tool opens the mentioned location where your JPEG files are stored.
    Resultant data in JPG format

Important Note: You can try the demo version of Outlook Mail to JPG Converter. This can easily convert Outlook email to JPG format but with certain limitations. It allows to convert the first 25 items from each Outlook folder to the selected file format with attachments. The working process is similar to that mentioned above. Thereafter, upgrade to the licensed version to transfer all Outlook folders to JPEG format without any restrictions.

Outlook Mail to JPG Converter Merits and Features

  • The software is capable to convert Outlook email to JPG format in bulk.
  • This tool will save Outlook email as JPEG images with all attachments easily.
  • It allows to transfer selective Outlook folders to JPEG with complete accuracy.
  • An excellent utility to export Outlook 97-2021 emails to JPEG format with ease.
  • It provides amazing speed and the best performance during the Outlook to JPEG conversion.
  • This utility preserves all the email properties when converting Outlook email to JPEG.
  • You can save Outlook email as JPEG without installing Outlook on a computer system.
  • Outlook Mail to JPG Converter comes with multiple file naming options which is most effective.

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Some User Queries with Expert Reply

Q 1: I am using Outlook for many years. Now, I need to convert Outlook email to JPEG format. Which software should I choose?

We recommend you Outlook to JPEG Converter. With this wizard, you can effectively transfer selective Outlook emails to JPEG format with precision.

Q 2: I don’t have Outlook installed on my computer system. Can I use this utility to export Outlook 2019 emails to JPEG format?

Yes, why not! Download and install the suggested software on your computer. This software gives both manual and automatic file selection options using which one can convert Outlook email to JPEG easily.

Q 3: Can I save the Outlook to JPEG converted emails with a file name of my choice?

Yes, this software gives a bunch of file naming conventions. You can choose any of them to arrange your email data as per choice.

Q 4: What is the main limitation of using the manual method?

The above explained manual method is fully tried and tested but it can convert a single Outlook email to JPG at once. However, you can repeat the same steps for converting multiple emails.

Let’s Conclude

Read the above write-up carefully to get the 2 best techniques to convert Outlook email to JPG format. It describes the complete details of saving Outlook email as JPEG with attachments. We have mentioned the proper stepwise solution to get this task done with 100% accuracy since the application is user-friendly, so it can be used by any technical or novice user.