Learn How to Import Outlook Contacts to Hotmail Account

Rollins Duke   
Published: January 16th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Sometimes home users and business professionals want to import Outlook contacts to Hotmail account for better integration of contacts and cloud benefits. If you are finding a top solution to resolve this issue, then don’t worry. This blog post describes the best manual and pro ways to sort out problems like How to Import Contacts from Outlook to Hotmail Account.

We know that Hotmail is now Outlook.com which is a cloud-based email service by Microsoft. Hotmail supports emails, contacts, calendars, and task services. You can add a Hotmail email account in desktop-based email clients using POP and IMAP protocols. However, Hotmail was replaced with Outlook.com in 2013 but still a lot of users use it because they don’t want to change their old email addresses.

Users prefer to export Outlook contacts to Hotmail account because Hotmail is a web-based email service that offers various benefits as listed below:

  • They can access Hotmail accounts from anywhere anytime globally using account credentials like email addresses and passwords.
  • There is no need to install Hotmail because it can be accessible using a web browser. Hence, it provides better performance.
  • All Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and other OS users can use Hotmail using different types of devices like Computers, MacBooks, iPhones, smartphones, and tablets.
  • After importing Outlook contacts to Hotmail account, users can sync Hotmail contacts with different programs.

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How to Import Contacts from Outlook to Hotmail Account Manually?

You can effortlessly import Outlook contacts to Hotmail manually by following two simple steps. Just follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Export Contacts in CSV Format

  1. Open MS Outlook and click on “File“.
  2. Select “Open & Export” and then choose “Import/Export“.
    Import Export
  3. Choose “Export to a file” and click “Next“.
    Export to a file
  4. Pick “Comma Separated Values” and tap “Next“.
    Comma separated values
  5. Select “Outlook Contacts” and press “Next“.
    Select Outlook Contacts
  6. Use “Browse” to pick a destination path.
    Browse a location
  7. Optionally, map custom fields.
    Map custom fields
  8. Click “Finish” to export Outlook contacts to CSV.
    Exporting Outlook contacts
  9. Open the destination folder to access your contacts.
    Exported contacts

Step 2: Import Outlook Contacts to Hotmail

  1. Log in to Hotmail and go to “People“.
  2. Choose “Manage Contacts” and then “Import Contacts“.
    Manage and import contacts
  3. Click “Browse” to select the CSV contact file.
  4. Pick the CSV file and click “Open“.
    Select contact CSV
  5. Tap “Import” to start the task.
    Import outlook contacts to Hotmail
  6. The import process is underway.
    Import contacts from Outlook to Hotmail
  7. Once the contacts are imported successfully, click “Close“.

Note That: If you want to export Outlook contacts to Hotmail account using manual way. Then this is mandatory that Outlook should be in working condition. If your Outlook is unable to start, then you can’t follow the manual steps.

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Pro Method to Import Outlook Contacts to Hotmail

If your Outlook crashed and stopped working, then don’t worry you can still use Outlook Data File (PST or OST) which is available at the default storage location. In this scenario you need to use BitRecover PST Contacts Converter Wizard. This software comes with a recovery mode option, you can enable recovery mode to transfer contacts from corrupted Outlook data files.

This is a standalone utility that requires only Outlook data files to get this task done. MS Outlook installation is not compulsory to export Outlook contacts to Hotmail account. The tool is available with a free demo version so you can test its working process before activating its license.

How to Import Contacts from Outlook to Hotmail Account?

  1. Run this utility and add Outlook data files to software.
    Add Outlook data file
  2. Next, select Outlook Contacts folders from software GUI.
    Select Outlook contacts
  3. Then, choose CSV as a saving option from the listed options.
    Saving option
  4. Set a destination path and UTF-8 as encoding as shown.
    Set destination and encoding
  5. Click the Convert button to convert contacts in CSV format.
    Export outlook contacts to Hotmail
  6. Last, login to your Hotmail and import resultant contacts.
    Import contacts

Why Use Software Over Manual Method?

  • The tool can transfer contacts from PST to Hotmail account without Outlook.
  • If your Outlook data file got corrupted, then enable Use Recovery Mode.
  • This software permits to import all Outlook address books to Hotmail at once.
  • Best choice to import PST to Hotmail including emails, contacts, and calendars.


This blog post explained top manual and professional methods to import Outlook contacts to Hotmail account. You can opt for any preferred technique according to your scenario. Both methods work successfully and allow to export Outlook contacts to Hotmail without losing any important information.