Batch Export Outlook Contacts to CSV File Quickly

Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 27, 2023 • Export Contacts • 5 Minutes Reading

Often contacts retain crucial information including email addresses, contact numbers, and other vital data. Moreover, it is a significant way of communicating with potential leads or contacts without any hindrance. Besides this, when it comes to export Outlook contacts to CSV file, there are several reasons such as backup, migration, and so on. In this article, we will elaborate on those factors incorporated behind extracting the Outlook contacts in a .csv file format. Further, we shed light on both manual and expert approaches. 

User Query:- Hey! I’ve 10,000 contacts in My Microsoft Outlook account. Recently, I wanted to take a backup of my contact addresses. Now, I have been searching for methods to export Outlook contacts to CSV file without any loss of data. So, suggest the best go-to solutions that can save time and effort effectively. 

Since it is just one query behind the downloading of the contact addresses, however, there are many similar reasons. Before delving into solutions, let’s first unfold some of the most prominent purposes behind exporting contacts. 

Need to Export Contact Group from Outlook to CSV 2021, 2019, and All Versions 

There is no doubt many users of Outlook frequently search- Can I export Outlook contacts to CSV file due to several reasons? Since there are multiple factors. So, we will walk through to uncover the need for export Outlook contacts.

  • Recovery or Backup:- Sometimes due to accidental deletion of data users face unprecedented issues. Also, whether you’ve configured POP3 and IMAP protocol, unintentional or accidental deletion remains the prominent factor behind the loss of confidential information. For the same, saving the mockery of contact information for backup helps professionals or businesses in many ways.
  • Data Migration:- Often professionals move from one email service to another for different reasons. Some of them are security, flexibility, data recovery, etc. With this, export contact group from Outlook to CSV can help users to do these tasks without any issues and risk factors.
  • Bulk Sharing:- There are several instances where users need to bulk share the contact list. For the same, it is necessary to export the contact addresses in bulk for easy and quick transmission.

Overall, exporting the contact file provides users with more flexibility for easy transmission and analysis of data without any loss or hindrance. Besides the aforementioned points, the reasons behind export Outlook contacts to CSV file includes errorless integration, sharing, and keeping the record for analysis. 

With this, you might have a broader understanding of the need to export or create a contact list. Now, we will head to learn the methods. 

Expert Method to Batch Export Contacts Without Outlook Environment

In this subsection, we will talk about the highly preferable and professionally suggested solution for export. Use the BitRecover PST Converter Tool; it is considered the best way to manage emails, contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, attachments, etc. Moreover, it provides the privilege for users to export the file into different file formats such as EML, PST, CSV, vCard, and more. 

Further, the extensive features of this robust tool include batch conversion, maintaining the folder hierarchy, and taking the backup of contacts. Further, it is among the best go-to methods to export Outlook contacts to CSV file. Now, move forward to learn the steps.

  1. To begin the method, first, install and run the above-mentioned tool in your system.
  2. In the current window, move the cursor on “Select Files” > Next.
    select the file
  3. Now, click on the Contact checkbox and click on Next.
    select contact checkbox
  4. Here, select the CSV file format from Select Saving Option then, Next.
    choose the CSV file format
  5. With this, the procedure to export Outlook contacts to CSV after selecting Convert. Therefore, in a few minutes, you can check out the resultant file in the chosen destination. 

(ProTip:- With the lesser complexity and time-saving factor, this tool remains the top-notch choice for businesses and professionals to export contact group from Outlook to CSV file format. Interestingly, users can apply the data filter options to add more robust functionalities while exporting the contact addresses.)

Use Manual Solution to Export Outlook Contacts to CSV File

In the earlier section, we have already mentioned the intuitive and user-friendly way to export email contacts using a professional software application. Here, we are going to unleash the free solution or in-house method in Microsoft Outlook to download the contact addresses. 

  1. Open Outlook in your system > click on File tap.
  2. Select “Open & Export” then, move the cursor to the Import/Export option.  
  3. In the pop-up dialog box, Choose the option Export to a file > Next.
  4. Select Comma Separated Values i.e. CVS and press Next.
  5. In the next dialog box, choose Contacts and click on Next. 
  6. After this, check out the destination path of the resultant file via Browse >> Next. 
  7. Now, select the checkbox of Export “Contacts” from folder: Contacts > Finish.

Often users find the above-mentioned manual steps tricky, complex, and tiresome. And, if you’re experiencing the same then, you aren’t alone. Moreover, using these steps, there is a high chance of blunder or error. And, it will result in major loss or disruption while exporting Outlook contacts to CSV. 

The Bottom Line 

In summary, we have shed light on the importance and the need to export Outlook contacts to CSV file. Besides this, we have mentioned both expert and free solutions for exploring Microsoft Outlook contacts in bulk. However, using the manual can cause further issues such as more hindrance, less security, and time-consuming, etc.

On the other hand, the aforementioned tool is a one-time investment for any individual or business to batch export the contact list while maintaining the folder hierarchy and hassle-free data export. 

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